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Fast, intuitive drafting and AI-powered editing to make adding and updating knowledge easy

The Guru editor is the best possible way to collaborate on and document knowledge. And with built-in AI-powered assistance, you can ensure you’re making content that’s as engaging and informative as possible, without a ton of manual work.
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Start quickly

Begin drafting in seconds with an easy-to-use, intuitive interface.

Create rich content

Embed videos, PDFs, and docs for extra context.

Use built-in AI

Quickly improve, summarize, and translate your content.

What is the editor?

The Guru editor is where you add or update information in Guru. It’s part of the Card functionality, and allows you to document and edit rich text-based (or markdown-based) knowledge. It’s intuitive and offers the familiar features of modern web text editors that make documentation simple using rich text or markdown formatting plus the ability to embed content. And with Assist built right in, it’s faster than ever to create engaging and easy-to-read knowledge.

How does Guru’s editor work?

Just start writing! You’ll have the option to choose header sizes, colors, and special formatting, and add internal and external links, tables, and more. Don’t worry about being too wordy or adding jargon, Assist’s generative AI functionality can shorten, simplify, and spell-check everything for you without ever leaving the Card you’re drafting.

Can I embed external content like videos or slides into my Guru content?

Yes! You can embed anything that offers an iframe code, including videos, documents, slides, dashboards, and even other Guru Cards.

Can I create a table of contents?

Guru will automatically create a table of contents for you. All you have to do is add headers before Card sections and the editor will generate a table of contents for all readers to use.

How do drafts work?

Guru’s draft capability gives you the freedom to draft content, share it with stakeholders and hold off on publishing until the perfect moment. Whether you prefer to work on a Card intermittently or just accidentally close the wrong tab in the middle of drafting, autosave will make sure you can always start back up exactly where you left off. You have full control over when content goes live, giving you the peace of mind and confidence to refine and perfect your Cards until they're ready for your company to see.

Can I create templates for reuse?

Yes! Want to make sure all of your job descriptions capture the right info? Have to standardize the look of company SOPs? Need to create consistency in your competitive battle cards? Guru’s editor lets you create a reusable template so your authors will be able to plug in the right info, every time. And they can even get AI-powered editing help from Assist to make sure the info they write is clear and digestible (no red pen needed!).

Can I use ChatGPT in the editor?

No need to add ChatGPT—that’s what Assist is for! We don’t want you to have to interrupt what you’re doing to load up yet another tab. Assist has the functionality that you need to produce the best informational content possible. Learn all about Assist.

Disclaimer: Due to the nature of machine learning and the technology powering our AI tools, outputs may occasionally be inaccurate.
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