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Add trust to your company knowledge with Guru’s verification engine

Our verification engine enhances your company's knowledge by making it more secure, accessible, and accurate.
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Transparent insight

Readers can easily see what information has been verified, when it was verified, and who verified it.

Timely verification

Verifiers can choose how often content comes up for review to ensure your most important content gets the right levels of attention.

Automatically enhance knowledge

Answers sourced from outside Guru can automatically get turned into verified content for reuse, so your content builds itself.

What is verification?

Verification provides a binary trust state (verified or unverified) and a date so that users can ensure that content is accurate and up-to-date at a glance. When users open Guru Cards, they’ll be able to easily see whether the content is verified and the last day it was verified by checking the color-coded verification icon that appears on every piece of Guru content. 

How does verification work?

Every Guru Card is tied to a verifier—a subject matter expert who helps guarantee that the content is accurate and up to date. Authors have the option to choose themselves as verifiers when they create content, or can opt to select other verifiers manually or via AI Suggest Expert. Verifiers can pick specific days to verify knowledge or can choose to verify content weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, and annually.

Unlike other verification systems, Guru’s is designed with extra insight to help combat information overload and ensure that verifiers work on their most important content first. Our verification table splits content into four categories based on content popularity, verifier status, trust scores, and length of time overdue to help people know what to prioritize.

Why do I need verification? 

At Guru, we understand the amount of work it takes to keep knowledge accurate and up to date. That’s why we designed a system to make verification as effortless and effective as possible. Verification adds an essential level of trust to your organization’s most important shared knowledge. 

By using verification, you can ensure your teams always have access to the most current information, whether it's following the latest guidelines, referring to updated documentation, or relying on the most recent instructions. This not only fosters trust but also enhances efficiency across your organization.

Disclaimer: Due to the nature of machine learning and the technology powering our AI tools, outputs may occasionally be inaccurate.
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