The Problem

Thanks to the towering tech stacks many workers use to do their jobs, the information they need to perform their roles can be scattered across numerous systems and difficult to find. Employees today constantly switch between an ever-growing array of apps and windows to access this distributed knowledge. This continual context-switching severely disrupts productivity and focus, making it nearly impossible for workers to achieve a flow state where they feel fully immersed in their work.

The Solution

Guru seamlessly delivers answers across your tech stack, embedding knowledge directly in employee workflows. This allows workers to stay focused, avoiding disruptive context-switching, and primes them to achieve flow state.

Connect all of your existing tools and apps

Guru's AI enterprise search capability allows you to connect all your organization's knowledge sources, apps, and tools, and search across them from within your workflow. No more toggling between multiple systems. Plus, Guru's robust permissioning ensures that everyone has access to the information they need and nothing they don’t.

Use Guru in your browser

The Guru Chrome extension puts your knowledge base directly into your browser, giving you the info you need as you work. Knowledge Triggers automatically detect sites you visit and suggest relevant cards to view, delivering information in perfect context without disrupting flow. AI-powered Suggest Text analyzes emails and docs and recommends knowledge to add as you draft Gmail messages, Google docs, and more.

Use Guru with your favorite chat tool

Guru seamlessly integrates with the popular chat tools your team already uses, like Slack and Microsoft Teams. You can access, search, ask questions, and more without ever leaving your conversations. AI Answers for Slack even listens to conversations and proactively chimes in with relevant knowledge when it spots a question in an enabled channel. (But never fear—Guru only views the channels you allow it to.)

Build custom integrations

Guru integrates with Zapier and Workato, enabling no-code automation to connect knowledge management capabilities to over 3,000 business apps. Users can build zaps embedding real-time Guru updates into any workflow. Workato recipes integrate advanced functions with platforms like Salesforce and ServiceNow. These options make Guru the customizable backbone of your knowledge ecosystem—streamlining onboarding, synchronizing projects, or providing instant notifications on changes. Need an even more custom option? Build powerful, personalized integrations with Guru’s API.

Key Stats

Teams who use Assist create their knowledge base in 30% less time

Guru Executive Business Review Team

Customers report creating 27% more knowledge with Assist

Guru Executive Business Review Team

Guru customers report a 60% time savings with Answers vs. conventional methods

Guru Executive Business Review Team

Customer Testimonials

“It is so easy to find what I am looking for within seconds. The interface is extremely easy to use and I now have no trouble finding what I am looking for…I no longer have to ask managers or teammates for information that I previously had to, it is right there in one easy to find…place.”
Sales Account Manager, enterprise marketing and advertising company
“I like that it not only encapsulates all the information that i need in one place, but clicking on links within Guru won't redirect me away from where i am - I can stay on the same page to read further or watch another video, which is an excellent navigation feature for better efficiency.”
Caroline M., Sales Development Representative, Mid-market company

Key Takeaways

Guru Capabilities Leveraged

Enterprise search
Browser extension
Knowledge Triggers
AI Suggest Text
Slack integration
AI Suggested Answers in Slack
Teams integration
Published on 
June 7, 2024