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Guru and Zendesk Love

Zendesk and Guru: Collaboration and Knowledge Base Integration

Guru’s Zendesk integration unifies your company’s knowledge and empowers your agents with contextual knowledge everywhere they work - in Zendesk, and beyond.

Suggest knowledge in Zendesk Chat or Ticket Consoles with AI Suggest
Unify your enterprise-wide knowledge with Guru’s Zendesk Sync
Access your Zendesk knowledge in Slack and in any web application
Guru brain

Let Knowledge Find You.

With Guru's AI Suggest, the knowledge you need to do your job finds you. More on that in a minute.

Guru shoulder taps

End shoulder taps.

For every interruption, it takes an average of 30 minutes to get back into "the flow."

Guru rocket

Onboard like a champ.

Decrease ramp time by 40% – you'll feel like you're cloning your best employees. Ethically.

Used and loved by some awesome companies