Zendesk & Guru: Integrated Knowledge For Customer Support

Guru’s Zendesk integration brings you the information you need to help your customers, right where you’re already working. Our Sync lets you pull all of your Zendesk Guide articles into a centralized knowledge base -- creating one source of truth. And, we go one step farther by proactively surfacing information so your agents can respond faster and with more confidence.
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Knowledge Sync
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AI Suggest
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Knowledge Triggers
Guru’s Zendesk integration brings you the information you need to help your customers, right where you’re already working
Knowledge Sync
AI Suggest
Knowledge Triggers
Customer Support
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How Guru works with Zendesk

Zendesk Guide Sync 

We pull help center articles into Guru and automatically update them when any changes are made in Zendesk. You can access internal and external knowledge from wherever you’re working.

AI Suggest + Zendesk Tickets

Guru will dynamically suggest content to your support agents as they're responding to inbound requests. 

Knowledge Trigger + Zendesk Chat

You can set up specific knowledge to pop up for your agents based on the content of their tickets - kind of like coaching at scale.

5 reasons to integrate Zendesk and Guru

  1. Resolve customer issues faster
  2. Deliver better customer experiences
  3. Spend less time searching
  4. Decrease new hire ramp time by 40%
  5. Access Zendesk knowledge anywhere

How do I integrate Guru with Zendesk?

There are multiple ways to integrate Guru with Zendesk:

Zendesk Sync

In the Guru Web App, select “Team Settings” from the dropdown menu. Then, select “Knowledge Sync” in the left sidebar, and click “Sync a New Collection” and “Zendesk Sync.” After authorizing the account, Guru will allow you to set a Collection within Guru to house the Zendesk Knowledge. You’ll then be able to view your Zendesk Articles as Guru Cards in Guru’s Knowledge Tab.

AI Suggest for Zendesk Support and Chat

To setup AI Suggest, all you need to do is go enable AI Suggest via the Team Settings button. Then, select Zendesk as the app to turn “On” Authorization. You have the option to limit which knowledge AI Suggest pulls from, as well as which users you’d like to have access.

Knowledge Triggers

Any user can setup Knowledge Triggers by first opening the Guru extension and selecting Knowledge Triggers. Then, you’ll “Assign a Card” to surface when certain key words are present in the field. When this happens, the Guru extension icon will flash a purple icon in the bottom right with the specified Card.