Meet Enterprise Search in Guru, Combining AI With Expert Verification to Give Teams Instant Answers They Can Trust

Last verified Sep 18, 2023

It’s an exciting day at Guru—we’re bringing accuracy to enterprise search with a series of major upgrades to our AI capabilities.

From today, teams can ask questions in Guru and get instant answers sourced from apps including Box, Confluence, Dropbox, Google Drive, Sharepoint, OneDrive, Salesforce Knowledge, and Zendesk Guide, with more apps (including Slack) coming soon.

Now for the best part: when Guru generates an answer to an employee’s question, that information can be seamlessly captured in Guru’s knowledge base and connected to experts for verification, adding a layer of trust sorely missing from many AI workflows.


We’ve also added Answers (the feature that powers this functionality) to our Chrome extension and Slack integration, so teams can find the information they need without leaving their workflow.

With this release, companies can achieve the productivity gains promised by AI-powered enterprise search—without the risk of employees acting on inaccurate information.

How enterprise search works in Guru

We released Answers into private beta in May, and since then it has been used by over 2,100 customers to answer more than 120,000 questions, reducing the time their employees spend searching for information and lowering the volume of repeat questions their experts face. I want to say thank you to every customer who participated—your feedback has been incredibly valuable in developing the enterprise search offering we’ve announced today.

Here’s how it works: Employees can ask a question and get an answer that has been sourced from Guru’s knowledge base or any app that has been connected to Guru. They can ask questions in their native language and get results in that language, even if the source content is in a different language. Every answer is accompanied by a list of sources, whose permissions settings are enforced in Guru, so employees only have access to information they’re allowed to see. 


If the sources that appear with an answer are verified Guru Cards, employees know that’s an answer they can trust. It has been generated by AI, but the underlying data has been verified by an expert. We see this combination of AI and human experts as absolutely critical to the success of these types of workflows.

If the sources that accompany an answer aren’t verified (say they’re documents in Google Drive), it’s simple to connect the answer to experts who can verify it in Guru. In this scenario, valuable information that was previously untrustworthy and buried in a silo, has been verified as accurate and made it accessible to everyone—all in one frictionless workflow.

As teams use Guru to generate answers, they create an automated flywheel that continually improves the quality and accuracy of their enterprise knowledge. It’s our way of giving companies the instant value of trusted AI-powered enterprise search, as well as the long-term value of a robust knowledge base in one product.

Companies are already seeing significant increases in productivity and decreases in the volume of repeat questions with Guru’s enterprise search offering. Two such companies are Branch and Thinkific, who have used Answers to answer over 9,000 questions combined.

How Branch and Thinkific use enterprise search in Guru to boost efficiency

After only three months of using Answers, Branch has seen a 30% reduction in the number of training questions asked. (Branch defines training questions as ones that could be answered by existing documentation.) 

Kendall Sipp-Paris, Sales & Support Effectiveness Lead, said, “As a content creator, it’s challenging to predict the keywords people will use to search for information. Answers gives our team the flexibility to phrase a question in whatever way their brain works and still get a consistent and accurate answer. Since implementing Answers, employees are finding answers more easily and not having to ask for help.”

When Thinkific got access to Answers, its customer support team ran a test to see if it could help employees find information faster than before, and found that teams using it were able to find accurate answers at the first time of asking.

Katerina Graham, Director of Support Operations, said: “When our team can find accurate information quickly, it not only results in faster response times for customers, it also frees up employees to work on other things that can have a bigger impact. We’re excited to see how Guru’s latest improvements can help our teams increase their productivity even further.”

Reinventing enterprise search for the AI era


For employees to do their best work, they need the ability to access accurate information—fast. But too often when they have to find the answer to an urgent question, they have no choice but to ask a teammate. This not only causes a delay in them getting the answer they’re looking for, it also interrupts the teammate. This is a hugely inefficient way of exchanging knowledge, and it drags down efficiency company-wide.

Traditional enterprise search tools attempted to solve this issue by giving employees the ability to search across their company’s information sources and get a list of relevant docs and files. But employees still need to dig through those search results to try to find what they need. And when they do find the relevant information, they often have no way of knowing if it’s accurate and up to date. So they either run the risk of acting on inaccurate information or resort to double-checking with a teammate.

We think a new approach is needed.

With recent advancements in AI, there’s an opportunity to reinvent enterprise search and give employees fast access to accurate answers. At Guru, we believe the only way to do this is to bring together AI’s ability to surface information instantly with the accuracy that only an expert can provide. This is our vision for the future of enterprise search, and we’re thrilled to bring that vision to life today. I can’t wait to see what our customers achieve with our latest enhancements.

Answers is now in open beta, and all customers on Builder and Enterprise plans have access. All of Guru’s generative AI capabilities, including Assist, are available at no cost until December 31, 2023.