Enterprise knowledge management

Cut through the noise of communication apps by giving employees a source of truth for company knowledge: verified, secure, and easy to search — everywhere people are already working.
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One resource for all teams

Forget outdated intranets and doc storage black holes. Guru is the one place workers can go for important announcements and verified info for every job.

Powerful analytics

Quickly understand engagement with your shared knowledge and how info is used. See who’s reading announcements and make sure leadership messages resonate.

Security and reliability

Guru takes security and reliability seriously, protecting your company information with robust technology, policies, and procedures, plus an enterprise SLA.
“Guru is a big part of our knowledge management strategy. We spend a lot of money on facilitating human conversations, so we want to ensure that those conversations are as powerful as possible. If we can make those conversations better, more knowledge-filled, and shorter, then we save a lot of money and we create a lot more value. Guru is a big part of that process.”
Toby Shannon
Senior VP

One source of truth to distribute across the company

End information silos in your tech stack once and for all with a knowledge management solution built for company-wide information sharing. Plus, built-in import features make it easy to move your existing information.

Granular permissions

Use Guru’s permissions to create groups and make sure teams retain dedicated spaces to share job-specific information while also making the most of widely-shared company information.

Powerful (easy!) integrations

Guru’s browser extension, Slack and MS Teams integrations ensure knowledge is accessible everywhere teams work. Use Guru’s  API and IPaaS automations to customize workflows for every team.
“Using Guru insures that no matter who is awake in a particular timezone, everyone has access to what they need to successfully do their jobs."
Nicole Hicks
Support & Operations Manager

Scale expert knowledge

Forget outdated intranets and doc storage black holes. Guru is the one place workers can go for important announcements and verified info for every job.

Verified information

Information collected in Guru is curated and kept fresh using our verification feature. Guru automatically reminds experts to check the information they’ve stored in Guru and make sure it’s still accurate.

Automated knowledge

Guru has features that push knowledge to people based on the context of their everyday tasks. It’s like having all of your company’s experts right alongside every team member all day, every day!
“We now have a lot of teams at Slack using Guru, and we’ve seen adoption shoot up in the past year. New teams are using Guru as a place to inform other parts of the organization about specific things that they’re doing or working on. I can’t tell you how many times we hear people say, ‘I want to get a Guru collection set up so I can share information with X team or Y team.’”
Kelly Pearce
Former Learning Operations Manager

Improve efficiency

Nobody likes wasting time searching for information. With Guru as a single source of truth, employees spend time working on what matters (not digging through outdated documents or begging for logons).

Increase connectivity

When people across the company share the same information, it means everyone is on the same page—literally. Keep people connected to what’s most important with trusted knowledge.

Works in the workflow

People can easily access information stored in Guru, no matter where they’re working. Guru’s browser extension, Slack, and MS Teams integrations mean everyone can find what they need, when they need it.
"Guru is my business best friend. I can't be everywhere all at once, so publishing easy to find policies and procedures to my decentralized workforce is incredibly powerful and useful to me, my staff, and the larger enterprise."
Scott Young
Director of Compliance
☝️ Your company after implementing Guru

Guru: knowledge management built for the enterprise

Enterprise orgs need to be certain their software meets the demands of a large, distributed workforce. Guru offers a fresh approach to knowledge management that complements the needs of the enterprise.

Advanced search and automated suggestions

Guru’s smart search features use AI to make sure employees find what they need, without having to know specific keywords. In addition to smart search, Guru automatically delivers in-context information to employees based on the websites they work in—without even needing to search.

Industry-leading reliability

Guru delivers 99.99% uptime as part of our enterprise license, so you never have to worry about your team losing access to trusted company information. Whether your employees are in a live customer chat or have a late-night question about PTO, the knowledge never stops flowing with Guru.

Scalable knowledge management

Guru is designed to scale with your company. Simply invite users to Guru, assign them to the right groups, and they’ll have access to trusted company information right away. Powerful Slack, Teams, and browser integrations mean Guru is always available where people are working.

Data governance

Guru is purpose-built to bust down data silos, making it easier to manage knowledge across the company. Built-in data governance features like verification, version history, and visibility into knowledge ownership help make implementing your standards a breeze.

Detailed analytics

A crucial part of turning static info into actionable knowledge is the ability to track who’s actually engaging with your company’s shared information. Guru comes with built-in analytics to show who’s read it and what they’re reading, all while verifying the trustworthiness of the knowledge you're storing.

Enterprise-ready security

Guru takes a multi-faceted approach to data security so you can rest assured that what you store in Guru stays in Guru.

Benefits of using Guru for enterprise knowledge management

Standardize policies and procedures

Your company designs policies and procedures to keep the business running smoothly, but people need easy access that information to be able to use it. Use Guru to make policies and procedures accessible and actionable.

Simplify and scale processes

By making SME knowledge an on-demand resource with Guru, you can scale your best experts while optimizing efficiency. Capture and retain company knowledge—and keep it trustworthy—using Guru’s built-in features.

Reduce “work about work”

Interruptions and inefficiencies come from people wasting time asking repeat questions and giving repeat answers. With Guru, your most critical company knowledge is always on tap, wherever it’s needed.

Maintains compliance records

Need to see the latest policy or track what’s changed over time? Guru has you covered with a change log and a clear history of who’s verified specific information and when.

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