Cross-train agents for multi-product support with Guru

How to enable efficient multi-product support with AI

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The Problem

Customer support agents often start out focused on just one product. They dive deep to soak up specialized knowledge and become trusted subject matter experts.

However, scaling that niche expertise across your entire product suite is an immense challenge. When it comes time to transition agents into a multi-product support role, they run right into those rigid knowledge silos that have developed around each product.

Suddenly, agents need to rapidly get up to speed on multiple tools and technologies. They now have to answer customer questions across a range of products, without unified access to information sources. Instead of interconnected data, you end up with fragmented knowledge stored in many locations. This makes it difficult for agents to access accurate, up-to-date information, and the lack of a single source of truth hinders their ability to provide consistent and high-quality customer support across your product portfolio.

The Solution

Getting agents up to speed on multiple products is no small feat, but Guru makes it happen by streamlining cross-training, putting comprehensive product knowledge at their fingertips, connecting cross-functional teams, and continuously improving content.

Let agents train their way

Guru’s knowledge base acts as a repository for all of the information your reps need, allowing them to get up to speed and become productive team members faster. Rather than one-time, one-size-fits-all training, they can revisit training materials as often as they need. They also retain knowledge better. Managers can use Guru’s analytics to gain insights into the training process at the user and team levels, understand what knowledge is being used the most, and see what questions trainees have.

Put all the information they need at their fingertips

With its flexible content structure and robust permissioning, you can use Guru to organize content about your product portfolio in the way that works best for your team. But you don’t have to build your entire knowledge base to make Guru work for your agents. Just connect the apps and tools they’re already using, and let Guru’s AI enterprise search deliver the answers they need instantly. When agents have questions, all they have to do is ask—AI Answers serves up the right information when asked a question in natural language. Set up custom Knowledge Triggers to surface relevant content based on the website an employee is viewing. Wherever they’re working—their browser, Slack/Teams, Zendesk, Intercom, and more—Guru is right by their side, no context-switching required. AI Suggest Text will even generate relevant content suggestions based on the work they’re doing.

Offer a tailored support experience for every product

To provide the best possible experience, agents must understand not only the products you offer, but how to speak to each product’s unique customer base. Using AI Assist (think of this feature as an AI-powered writing partner for everyone on your team), create a custom prompt to rewrite any text in your brand voice or any other custom voice and tone. Assist can also help reps document learnings from customer interactions so they can be incorporated into team processes and scripts. Just ask Assist to summarize your chat or call transcript and instantly turn it into a reusable resource.

Guru also makes it easy to collaborate cross-functionally. For example, support reps handling multiple products will need to work closely with both the product and product marketing teams at their company so they can fully understand both product functionality and how they should be talking about those products. If they don’t know who to connect with when they can’t find the answer to their question, they can use Guru’s org chart functionality or AI Ask An Expert feature, which will identify the right SME for them. And when creating content cross-functionally, shared drafts and collaborative editing make working together a breeze.

Continuously improve knowledge

Prevent your knowledge from becoming stale, inaccurate, or incomplete. Guru’s analytics offers insights into how knowledge is being used and who’s using it. Built-in, automated verification reminders ensure that content is always kept up to date, so reps feel confident in the information they’re sharing with your customers. Use the provided list of unanswered questions and searches with no results to effortlessly identify and fill knowledge gaps, with duplicate detection to prevent redundancy.

Key Stats

Answers has helped teams reduce noisy Slack channel inquiries by 30%

Guru Executive Business Review Team

Guru customers report a 60% time savings with Answers vs. conventional methods

Guru Executive Business Review Team

Every question answered by Guru saves 8 minutes

Guru Executive Business Review Team

Customer Testimonials

"Guru is very well suited for knowledge search especially when you have a product with a big range of functionalities. It does allow you to quickly search for knowledge topics and get yourself up to speed, giving you confidence when talking and instructing customers, all of which I can do with a few clicks."
Christtian Pinto, Zoom Video Communications
“The product that we support is fairly complicated, and though we have great documentation, there are huge amounts of one-off questions which have answers that are only stored in our brains. Guru has enabled us to do a "brain dump" into its easily searchable interface. It allows us to curate that content and make sure it is always up to date."
Morgan Imel, Product Operations Analyst, Looker
"With Guru, we have decreased response time, bridged internal knowledge gaps, streamlined internal communications, and bolstered our external help center through the use of verification on mirrored knowledge in Guru."
Natalie Mercuri, Remote Supervisor and Learning & Development Manager, Clever

Key Takeaways

Guru Capabilities Leveraged

Enterprise search
AI Answers
Knowledge Triggers
Browser extension
Slack integration
Teams integration
Zendesk integration
Intercom integration
AI Suggest Text
AI Assist
Employee profiles/
org chart
Ask an Expert
Unanswered questions reporting
Collaborative editing
Published on 
April 5, 2024