The problem

For subject matter experts (SMEs), getting knowledge out of their heads and into consumable content is a major pain point. It's difficult and time-consuming to piece together elegant, structured information, and the writing process gets in the way of actually sharing their expertise.

At the same time, keeping your brand voice consistent across numerous SME authors is challenging to do at scale. No matter how thorough your guidelines, the subjectivity of written language makes steady consistency an uphill battle.

From the readers' side, lengthy or fragmented docs make absorbing key takeaways a heavy lift when they just need specifics.

Now throw global teams and multilingual pain points into the mix—without easy translation, huge swaths of an organization waste time decoding docs rather than learning.

The solution

Give your teams a custom AI writing assistant

For the subject matter experts (SMEs) on your teams, documenting the knowledge that comprises your company’s single source of truth can be time consuming and daunting. Eliminate the pressure of the dreaded blank page with Guru’s AI Assist feature. Think of Assist as a writing partner for SMEs. Creating content from scratch is a thing of the past—Assist uses generative AI to write a draft for you, or summarize, improve, or translate your existing text. And Assist doesn’t just make it easier for SMEs and leaders to create and share content. It also helps readers quickly absorb information by creating an instant summary of the content they’re accessing.

Automatically create content in your brand’s voice

A steady brand voice is key for strong brand recognition and trust, but maintaining consistency across your entire workforce can be a challenge. Enter: custom AI prompts for Assist. The possibilities for custom prompts are (literally) endless, but we’ll focus on how you can create a custom prompt for writing in your company’s voice. Let’s say you’ve defined your brand voice as conversational, professional, and helpful. Just write a prompt that tells Assist to “Make the writing in this text more conversational, professional, and helpful.” Now, any employee with access can use this custom prompt on something they’ve written in their own voice and effortlessly translate it into your brand’s. You can further refine content with a custom prompt for tone. Need to share communications about a sensitive topic? Prompt Assist to write in an empathetic tone.

Control custom prompts and actions

For admins who want more control over how users interact with Assist, we’ve got you covered. Admins can easily toggle on or off any of Assist’s out-of-the-box actions (improve, summarize, adjust tone, translate). They also have granular control over custom prompts and actions in their Guru instance. Below is a basic overview of admin controls and capabilities:

  • Modify existing text. The brand voice prompt discussed in the previous section is a great example of a prompt used to modify existing text.
  • Generate new text. Let Guru’s AI help you get started—prompt it to generate an outline for your new content.
  • Edit an existing prompt. Whether your needs for a specific prompt have changed, or you’ve just had a great idea for a helpful tweak, it’s easy to update custom prompts (or delete them altogether).
  • Test new prompts. Admins may test any new action before deployment to ensure everything is working as it should.

Admins can give each custom action a name and category, and control which users have access. For example, your marketing team might have a custom brand voice prompt adjusted to have a witty tone, but you’d never want your support team using it when communicating with customers looking for help. Restrict access to the prompt and never worry about accidental misuse. 

Break down language barriers with AI translation

If your company has teams or customers all over the globe, let Assist’s translation capabilities keep everyone on the same page (even if they’re not speaking the same language). Say au revoir to making multilingual employees spend hours manually translating content—Assist can handle the job in seconds. You can even ask Assist to translate confusing, insiders-only corporate jargon into something everyone can understand.

Key Stats

Customers report creating 27% more knowledge with Assist

Guru Executive Business Review Team

Customers using Assist create content 30% faster

Guru Executive Business Review Team

Professionals who use AI write 59% more documents per hour

Customer Testimonials

“Having Assist in Slack is making the worst part about writing content as easy and simple as possible. This will prevent pushback and hesitation to creating and updating content as things change.”
Casady Brown, CX Training Manager, Trusted Health
“Assist really helped make things easier. I just grabbed important pieces from the deck, added them to a draft, and then it just put it together for me. I felt like I was cheating”
Linda Moore, Senior Sales Enablement Specialist, Realtor.com
"The AI Assist tool is amazing. It's helping me so much in reviewing all our copy wording in our internal content and helping me revise our external content. It is a godsend since I am not a copywriter."
Chris Aleman, Knowledge Program Lead, Favor

Key Takeaways

Guru Capabilities Leveraged

AI Assist
Published on 
June 11, 2024