Guru best practices for human resources

Learn how HR teams use Guru to boost productivity, build culture, and keep employees happy

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The Problem

HR information is often scattered across multiple systems and staff members' heads. This not only makes it hard for employees to find what they need, it means HR workers are getting shoulder-tapped for answers constantly. And since HR is one team that every employee interacts with, this adds up to a lot of repeat questions, leaving HR leaders with overworked, inefficient teams.

The Solution

By combining AI enterprise search, an intranet, and a knowledge base in one platform, Guru provides a unified hub for HR knowledge that improves access for employees and productivity for HR staff. Below are some best practices for eliminating common HR headaches and helping your team (and your company) run more efficiently.

Centralize knowledge in one source of truth

Guru acts as a single source of truth for company knowledge—even if all of your company knowledge isn’t stored in Guru. Secure AI enterprise search connects all of your tools and information, so HR can organize policies, guidelines, FAQs, and more in one centralized source instead of scattered PDFs or docs. Information is easy to update, employees can easily access what they need, and HR saves time from answering the same questions repeatedly.

Supercharge your HRIS and bring your teams together

Guru connects with over 40 top HRIS systems. With an easy sync, eliminate slow, manual work and automatically generate employee profiles and keep information consistent across platforms. Use Guru’s org chart and create a company directory so employees understand their role within the organization, and make it easy for them to connect and collaborate with their colleagues.

Streamline internal communications

Communicate important updates, policy changes, and other critical information with Guru’s announcements feature. With announcements, leaders can ensure that employees have read their communications, easily send a reminder to those who haven’t, and use the comments section to facilitate feedback and discussions. All employees can stay up to date and get real time updates on frequently-used information by following the Cards (Cards are pieces of content in Guru) and authors whose information they use the most.

Create documentation effortlessly

HR information can be complex and time-consuming to document—let Guru be your sidekick and never start from scratch again. Use Assist, our AI-powered writing assistant, to draft new content, summarize long or dense materials, adjust your tone, or translate content for global teams. Collaborative editing makes it easy for HR teams to work together or cross-functionally. Use Guru’s existing templates or create your own to simplify recurring content types and keep things consistent.

Keep your finger on the company pulse

Guru’s robust analytics dashboard gives leaders detailed insights into how employees and teams are consuming information. Guru even provides a list of unanswered questions so HR leaders can fill knowledge gaps effortlessly.

Enhance efficiency

Leverage Guru’s integrations and browser extension for easy access to knowledge in employees’ workflows. Enable Answers in Slack and let Guru’s AI answer employee questions in your HR channels for you. Use verification reminders so your teams will never have to ping you to ask if information is up to date.

Key Stats

Knowledge workers spend 19% of their week searching for information

47% of digital workers struggle to find information or data needed to effectively perform their jobs

Authors using AI Assist create trusted content 30% faster.

Guru Executive Business Review Team

Customer Testimonials

“[W]e're excited to have a source of truth for all employees. We know we will get notified when cards need to be updated, so we can keep our HR information current and beneficial for all employees.”
Madelana E., Director of People
"Our knowledge constantly changes as our team expands and evolves. Announcement Cards allow us to bring attention to new and updated information that directly impacts select roles across the team. [...] Paired with the announcements feature, our team can stay up to date on the knowledge they need to do their job."
Taylor Paschal, Knowledge Manager
“I primarily use [Guru] for benefits/HR-related questions for our employees. I can quickly send a Guru card via email rather than writing out an entire response to an employee. I also can Slack Guru cards which saves lives!!!”
Ely C.

Key Takeaways

Guru Capabilities Leveraged

HRIS sync
AI Assist
Collaborative editing
Analytics dashboard
Browser extension
AI Answers
Employee profiles/
org chart
Favorite and 
Follow a Card
Unanswered questions reporting
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June 11, 2024
November 29, 2023