Managing content across many tools

How to connect siloed systems and data sources into a single source of truth

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The Problem

Valuable company knowledge lives in all sorts of places—from the minds of experts to shared drives to various software systems. While each source serves a purpose, this decentralization makes it tricky for employees to efficiently find what they need. Instead of a simple search, they resort to interrupting subject matter experts (SMEs) with shoulder taps. This creates duplicate work for SMEs answering common questions over and over.

The Solution

Guru brings scattered company information together into a centralized, searchable hub, no content migration required. With easily-discoverable answers via AI-powered enterprise search and Answers, employees get the information they need delivered in their workflows rather than repeatedly asking SMEs. This enables SMEs to focus on higher-impact work. Plus, any new questions are simple for them to answer and instantly transform into lasting resources.

Find what you need fast without migrating your scattered content

Guru is a wiki, intranet, and knowledge base in one platform. Sounds complicated, but you can actually start using it right out of the box to get verified answers in your workflow. Just connect your existing sources (think Box, Google Drive, and Dropbox) and start using Guru’s secure AI enterprise search to get the information you need instantly—no context-switching. Or, ask Guru a question in natural language, and let Guru’s AI handle the answer. Plus, Guru periodically checks for new edits and files in your connected sources throughout the day, so you can feel confident that your team is getting the right information.

Identify knowledge gaps effortlessly

Once all of your sources have been connected to Guru, you’ll probably want to figure out what information you’re missing. Thankfully, you don’t need to conduct an extensive audit—Guru’s reporting shows you your teams’ unanswered questions and searches with no results so you can identify knowledge gaps at a glance. And for the times when you’re not sure who should fill those gaps, let Guru’s AI identify the right expert on your team.

Build your knowledge base just by using it

You already know your information doesn’t need to live in Guru to be part of your searchable source of truth. But for mission-critical or frequently-updated content, it’s worth adding to Guru for effortless maintenance and verification. Take compliance documentation, for example. With frequently-changing laws and regulations, your compliance documentation must be continually updated. Guru has built-in verification reminders to ensure your information is up to date, plus notifications to alert employees whenever there’s been an update to the content they use most. And when it’s time to create new documentation, use Guru’s AI writing assistant to do the heavy lifting, from creating your first draft to summarizing, improving, or translating what you’ve written.

Key Stats

Teams who use Assist create their knowledge base in 30% less time

Guru Executive Business Review Team

Customers report creating 27% more knowledge with Assist

Guru Executive Business Review Team

Guru customers report a 60% time savings with Answers vs. conventional methods

Customer Testimonials

"I found Guru Answers to be transformative. It is incredibly cool and enormously useful."
Christopher Reeves, Managing Partner, Idyllwild Group
“For me, the biggest win with Answers is not just that it gives you a fast response, but that the information is more accessible. As a content creator, it’s challenging to predict the keywords people will use to search for information. Answers gives agents the flexibility to phrase a question in whatever way their brain works while still receiving a consistent and accurate answer.”
Kendall Sipp-Paris, Sales & Support Effectiveness Lead, Branch
"It's just beneficial...let AI do that heavy lifting of finding stuff for you and giving you the answer without having to go search for it on your own."
Ross Early, EdPlus at ASU

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June 7, 2024
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