The Problem

Onboarding is often decentralized, relying on siloed systems and the time and expertise of individual managers and experts. This makes vital information difficult for new hires to access, resulting in frustration and wasted ramp up time. Without a trusted source for information, they struggle to get up to speed quickly.

For managers, poor knowledge management causes frequent interruptions as they field the same basic questions over and over. Instead of performing the high-value work they were hired to do, they’re stuck on redundant tasks, limiting their productivity.

The Solution

With secure AI enterprise search to connect existing systems and deliver instant answers, a knowledge base to centralize information, an intranet to connect teams, and smart automations, Guru helps organizations reduce new hire ramp time while decreasing manager workloads. The result is unified, enabled teams that drive greater productivity regardless of location.

Get organized

Group information at the company, team, and personal levels in Guru to avoid overload. Leverage permissioning to ensure new hires can access all of the knowledge they need and nothing they don’t. And thanks to personalized, AI-suggested content, employees are served relevant information they didn’t even know they needed.

Enable self-serve onboarding

With Guru as their single source of truth, new hires can learn at their own pace. Create learning paths using folders and Cards, and let your Guru sidekick answer any questions they have. AI Answers instantly provides information to employee questions without shoulder taps. When a worker asks a question in natural language, Guru searches across all of your company’s connected tools and sources to provide the right answer, right when they need it.

Showing Answers in the Guru Dashboard — learn more about this feature here.

Eliminate redundant training and wasted time

Managers can create reusable materials once in Guru, eliminating duplicate work. And they don’t need to spend a lot of time doing it—Assist, Guru’s AI writing assistant, creates drafts for them, or summarizes, improves, or translates what they’ve already written. Built-in verification reminds managers when it’s time to update content, so they don’t have to think about it.

Leverage personalizations and automations

Guru gives each employee a personalized homepage with content suggestions relevant to their new role. When they have questions, the AI-powered Ask An Expert feature identifies the right SMEs to answer. Set up knowledge triggers to automatically push critical information to employees based on what web page they’re viewing.

Showing a Knowledge Trigger being created in the Guru Chrome extension — learn more about this feature here.

Give new hires the lay of the land on day 1

Sync your HRIS with Guru to automatically populate a profile for every employee. This way, new hires can get up close and personal with their colleagues even if they haven’t met face to face yet. And for a bird’s eye view of the whole team, Guru’s org chart helps people learn how your company functions and their place within it.

Use analytics to identify knowledge gaps

Use detailed analytics to understand how your content is being used and who’s using it. Guru even shows you what questions and searches produced no results for your team, making it easy to fill knowledge gaps and give new hires what they need to succeed.

Key Stats

24% of companies have no strategy to onboard internal promotions

Companies with a structured onboarding program keep 58% of employees for three years

Comprehensive onboarding makes employees 33% more engaged at work

Customer Testimonials

“It is the perfect tool for centralizing information. It really is useful for new employee onboarding because it can be self-paced. We document all our training session recordings and materials in Guru for reference and new hires."
Jonathan Bowen, Senior Director, Customer Experience, Svetness
“We use Guru, extensively, for the training of new members of the team. By reading through all the cards, users can easily learn all there is to know about our team and the organization as a whole. If there is something they are unsure of and cannot find a card for, they can ask a question and our team will be able to answer and create a Guru card for future use.”
Chauncey R., Senior Renewals Account Executive, mid-market company
“As an employee, Guru has made the onboarding process much easier. With its clear and simple interface, I can quickly find any material or information I need to get up to speed in my new role with ease.”
Teresa W., Executive Assistant, enterprise company

Key Takeaways

Guru Capabilities Leveraged

Advanced permissioning
AI Answers
Automatic verification reminders
Ask an Expert
AI-suggested content recommendations
Knowledge Triggers
HRIS sync
Employee profiles/
org chart
Published on 
April 5, 2024
January 2, 2024