Supercharge efficiency with Guru for Microsoft Teams

How to leverage Guru to make Teams a productivity powerhouse

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The Problem

Microsoft Teams is an indispensable communications center in many workplaces, where employees exchange information and ideas. But workers can quickly get overloaded with too-busy channels and DMs asking repeat questions. Valuable information surfaced in conversations gets lost or doesn't reach the right people, subject matter experts are forced to answer the same questions again and again, and valuable time is wasted as employees switch context to search for what they need among all of their scattered tools and apps.

The Solution

Guru seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Teams to capture vital institutional knowledge right within your workflow. Without ever leaving a Teams chat, employees can reference relevant company documentation or add new knowledge straight from the conversation into Guru with just a few clicks. This tight integration empowers teams to benefit from their shared wisdom both immediately and down the road. Guru enables Microsoft Teams to serve as more than just a communication tool, but rather a launchpad for accelerating productivity through collective knowledge sharing.

Search for and share content without leaving Teams

We all know the feeling: you’re in the zone, fingers flying across your keyboard as you collaborate with your colleagues in Teams—when, suddenly, the flow comes to a screeching halt as you switch context to find a piece of information. With Guru’s Teams integration, you can search for and view Guru Cards directly in Teams, and easily share with your colleagues, no context-switching required. And thanks to Guru’s built-in verification, you’ll always know you can trust the answers you find.

Turn conversations into reusable company knowledge

When you start noticing repeat questions arising in one of your channels, or when a great idea has surfaced in a conversation, you’ll want to document this information. But don’t just add it to your to-do list and forget about it—it’s easy to turn it into reusable content in Guru directly from the conversation you’re having. Later, use Assist (Guru’s AI writing assistant) to summarize, expand on, improve, or translate what you captured.

Stay in the know with notifications

With Guru’s notifications in Teams, you can keep the conversation going and still stay in the loop. Get alerts for important company-wide announcements, new verification requests and comments on content you’ve created, and even get a digest of your verification queue delivered on your schedule so it’s easy to maintain your content. (Much more efficient than trying to check your email every 15 minutes.)

Key Stats

It takes workers an average of 23 minutes, 15 seconds to refocus after an interruption

On average, knowledge workers are interrupted 15 times per hour

Interruptions cost companies over $65 billion globally per year

Customer Testimonials

“I think it's really awesome that my employers can send me "required reads" and I can click right on it that I've read the information. What a great way to get information out to several thousand people without weird email threads or messaging. Super helpful feature! :)”
Guru Customer, enterprise health/wellness company
"It's just beneficial...let AI do that heavy lifting of finding stuff for you and giving you the answer without having to go search for it on your own."
Ross Early, EdPlus at ASU

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June 7, 2024