Guru's Factorial integrations

Automatically synchronize and update employee profiles and organizational charts in Guru with data from Factorial, simplifying access and reducing manual HR tasks. Boost productivity with Guru's extension on Factorial, offering instant knowledge and contextual suggestions without leaving your workflow.
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HRIS integration

Guru's HRIS Sync integration with Factorial empowers users to seamlessly sync employee data, enhancing profiles and generating org charts instantly. 

  • Effortlessly maintain up-to-date employee profiles with accurate HR information
  • Enable easy access to expert insights and roles across your organization
  • Streamline operations and boost efficiency by automating data sync processes

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Single Sign-on (SSO)

Chrome Extension + Factorial

Guru's seamless Browser Extension integration with Factorial allows users to access instant AI answers, trusted info, and connected apps without disrupting their workflow. 

  • Unified Knowledge Experience: Enhances productivity by streamlining knowledge access and creation within existing workflows.
  • Enhanced Productivity Tools: Offers tailored content recommendations and quick access to pertinent information.
  • AI Answers Feature: Empowers users with an AI-powered search engine for precise knowledge discovery.
  • Knowledge Triggers: Automatically delivers context-specific information to enhance user efficiency without interrupting tasks.
  • Knowledge Security: Ensures data privacy and security by keeping company knowledge proprietary and confidential.

Connect Guru to thousands of apps with Factorial

Security 🔒

Your privacy matters. Your data is never used to train, nor retained by, third-party LLMs and your team’s AI model is unique and privately trained only in your Guru instance. Learn more on our security page.

One Search, Endless Sources

Guru is an enterprise AI search solution that connects all your company's scattered information from various apps, chats, and documents, making it easy to find the answers you need without switching between multiple platforms.

Someone searching for "What's the status of the database migration?" and Guru returning an instant AI answer based on content from Asana and Slack.

Personalized answers, in your workflow

By understanding natural language questions and considering context such as user roles, search history, and current projects, Guru generates personalized answers while preserving source permissions right in their workflow.

A product shot of Guru's AI training center

Continuous Improvement

Train Guru’s AI by reviewing the questions team members are asking and the answers Guru provided to improve answers over time. As employees use Guru, it transforms disparate information into a single, evolving source of truth, creating an effortlessly built wiki and intranet.

Guru's AI Assistant and Browser Extension making a content suggestion over Rippling

An AI assistant for every employee

With Guru, every employee has their own AI assistant that anticipates and delivers the information they need before they even ask, empowering teams to achieve more with the power of accessible, contextual knowledge.

Seamlessly sync Personio with Guru for efficient HR management
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Enable AI searches in Yes with Guru for instant, contextual knowledge.
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Streamline HR tasks and enhance workflow
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AI-powered, contextual knowledge access
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Streamline HR tasks & enhance productivity
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Boost productivity with Guru's AI search extension on Front.
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Boost GitHub productivity with Guru's AI-powered instant search.
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Guru's AI-powered search enhances HelpScout for immediate insights.
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Integrate Guru's AI Search with Aha for seamless productivity
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Microsoft ADFS
Integrate MS ADFS with Guru for secure Single Sign-On.
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Seamlessly integrate Rippling with Guru for enhanced HR efficiency.
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Boost Zendesk with Guru's AI-powered, instant knowledge search
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