Google Drive & Guru: Integrated Knowledge For Modern Teams

Make Google Drive work harder for you. Bring your team’s existing knowledge and assets into Guru to unify fragmented and siloed knowledge. Here’s how easy it is to bring Google Drive together with Guru’s unified knowledge base to get verified answers wherever and whenever you need them.
With Guru’s flexible Chrome extension, you can find or add knowledge from any page in Google Drive. You can even embed Google Drive files within Guru Cards to create a truly seamless experience.

How Guru works with Google Drive

Our Guru browser extension easily brings our team collaboration software right where you are in Google Drive.

Want to make sure the right doc, deck or spreadsheet is always easy to find? You can quickly embed and link the most up-to-date Drive files and folders right in Guru Cards, allowing you to search for, update, and contextually push the right information every time.

Guru’s verification engine helps your team build confidence in your integrated knowledge base by allowing your team’s experts to actively verify Cards and make sure they’re kept current. This helps Guru serve as a trusted single-source of truth for your team.

Support your team with trusted information as soon as they need it

Keep your team in-workflow and prevent them from wasting time searching for information by using Guru to share the right Google Drive files and folders. Allow your team to find both internal and external knowledge verified by your team’s experts whenever they need it, all from one place.

Guru works with the tools you already use