Create better internal comms with Google Drive and Guru

Supercharge employee communications when you turn the docs in your Google Drive into a searchable company wiki with Guru. Free templates make it super easy to get started!
With Guru’s flexible Chrome extension, you can find or add knowledge from any page in Google Drive. You can even embed Google Drive files within Guru Cards to create a truly seamless experience.

How Guru works with Google Drive 

Keep your whole team informed of what's important by adding Guru to your internal communications toolkit. With Guru + Google Drive working together, you unlock the power of knowledge management. Guru’s Chrome Extension allows your company knowledge to live where you work by integrating your company wiki with your workflow. Simply install the extension to begin quickly embedding and linking the most up-to-date Drive files and folders into Guru Cards. 

Access company knowledge in Guru without navigating away from where you’re already working–just click the Chrome extension and search. Don’t want to leave your chat app? Guru has you covered! Just use Guru’s powerful Slack and Microsoft Teams integrations to search, capture, and verify information right within your chat app.

Guru is your company’s single source of truth, with built-in resources to keep information fresh and accurate. Guru’s verification system lets you know when it's time (at an interval set by you!) to refresh or reverify information, and instills confidence that your team is using current information. 

Guru streamlines your internal comms by storing information that’s readily available all the time and pushing information to the entire company with the click of a button. You can forget fragmented or siloed information–Guru’s unified knowledge base allows your team to get answers anywhere and anytime by being the go-to single source of truth. 

Companies use Guru with Google Drive to

  • Establish a reliable single source of truth for all company knowledge
  • Reduce context switching to find the answer to a single question 
  • Share Drive files and folders across the company with the click of a button
  • Verify that teams are using up-to-date information 
  • Improve company-wide internal communication
  • Get transparency into the state of information in their company wikis

How companies get better knowledge sharing with Guru than with a Google Drive wiki alone

  • Guru’s verification system erases doubt, so people know information is accurate and relevant
  • Employees can stop digging through countless folders to find one piece of information
  • Fewer interruptions of subject matter experts
  • Everyone can easily information without navigating away from their workflows, reducing context-switching 
  • Bite-sized knowledge makes it easier to search for and surface information, no more lengthy documents
  • Guru reduces information overload by giving everyone access to information anytime, anywhere

3 reasons to integrate Google Drive and Guru for a better wiki

  1. Store and share information by using an intuitive content hierarchy and ditching lengthy documents.
  2. Keep knowledge up to date with Guru’s verification system that alerts you when it's time to reverify or revamp your knowledge in Guru.
  3. Establish a single source of truth to make it easy to find information without navigating away from where you work. 

How do I integrate Guru with Google Drive?

You can embed assets from Google Drive into Guru by following a few simple steps:

  1. Open the Google Doc or Google Sheet you’re trying to embed. Click the File dropdown menu and click Publish to the web.
  2. Review the Published content & settings before clicking Start publishing.
  3. After publishing, you can Link or Embed code. If you Link, insert an iFrame block to the Guru Card and paste the generated link. If you Embed code, paste it directly into the Guru Card and the iFrame will automatically generate.