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How to create better, faster RFP responses with Guru as your sidekick

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The Problem

Responding to complex RFPs tends to be an inefficient, manual process that requires “all hands on deck,” with teams starting from scratch each time. Sales staff often don’t have access to accurate, centralized information about their companies' offerings and qualifications. Subject matter experts get constantly interrupted to answer recurring questions. Content teams end up rewriting statements based on fragmented information and best guesses from their separate divisions. Without an optimized response process—like a shared knowledge base and collaboration platform to avoid constant back-and-forth—companies put unnecessary effort into recreating aspects of previous successful bids for each new response.

The Solution

Create an RFP knowledge base and eliminate redundant work

Don't start from scratch every time you need to respond to an RFP. Guru makes it easy to create an RFP knowledge repository so you can respond quickly, comprehensively, and correctly. Create an RFP collection to house everything you need: related collateral like one pagers, white papers, and slide decks; templates to help you get started (use Guru's templates or create your own); image files for your logo and other brand assets; and more. And thanks to built-in verification, employees can trust that the information they’re providing prospective clients is up to date and accurate. With the time you save by eliminating some of the up-front work, you'll have more time to focus on telling a compelling story and winning that deal.

Don't forget to add past RFP responses to your collection, along with results and learnings. Use them to create case studies and other collateral to share with potential clients with similar needs.

Easily collaborate across teams

Guru supercharges RFP response collaboration with capabilities like collaborative editing, commenting for discussions, customized access permissions, and more. Teams co-author seamlessly without chaos from fragmented drafts or revisions. Subject matter experts and reviewers provide input, and you maintain complete transparency around who contributed what.

Need additional information? Guru’s secure AI enterprise search and Answers features deliver the info you need instantly. And for information that doesn’t yet exist in Guru or your connected, searchable sources, Guru's AI Suggest Expert feature identifies the right expert on your team to fill in the blanks. No more wild goose chases to find the person with the answers!

Write efficiently and effectively with Guru’s AI assistant

For many people, the worst part of writing RFP responses is...the writing. Don't forget about the ultimate collaborator—Guru's AI Assist feature is like having your very own writing assistant. Assist can create, summarize, improve, and translate content, so you can speak to potential clients all over the globe in their language (and in your brand's voice). Writer’s block shouldn’t get in the way of a prompt response. Assist helps you move quickly and increase your chances of landing that contract.

Key Stats

On average, companies invest 40 hours into every RFP response

Companies involve an average of 7.3 staff members in the RFP response process

Guru customers report a time savings of 80% for filling out RFP responses

Guru Executive Business Review Team

Customer Testimonials

“Guru has helped us solve our technical enablement needs. We now use Guru for EVERY RFP/RFI that is submitted, which has transformed our WinRates on RFPs and RFIs!”
Raju J., Director of Global Strategic Programs
“Guru allows for almost instant access to our company's collective information. We no longer have to rely on key team members that may or may not be available…It allows us to be more efficient in all aspects of the sales and marketing process, specifically RFP completion.”
Brett W., Business Development Specialist
“Guru was a game changer for us. During our hyper scaling it transformed how we brought real time enablement to our sales org.”
Rich Adams, Sales & Enablement

Key Takeaways

Guru Capabilities Leveraged

Knowledge Triggers
Enterprise search
Collaborative editing
AI Answers
AI-suggested content
AI Assist
Ask an Expert
Published on 
June 11, 2024