Workato Connector for Guru

Integrate your tech stack and automate your work–no code required
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Workato’s Guru Connector makes it easy to automate complex onboarding, internal communication, and product enablement workflows across your entire organization

Workato’s Guru Connector makes it easy to automate multi-step onboarding, internal communication, and product enablement workflows across your entire organization. Connect Guru with over 1,000 apps to automatically capture, share, and keep knowledge fresh without writing a single line of code. Create and update information automatically, instantly provision users and Groups, and receive real-time notifications on events and engagement.

How Guru works with Workato

Integrate with 1,000+ apps

Easily integrate Guru with Workato’s library of pre-built connectors and automate workflows for apps like Salesforce, HubSpot, ServiceNow, and Workday, without having to write a single line of code.

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Build triggers based on your team’s activities and events within your Guru Collections

Take the “management” out of knowledge management by building Workato Recipes that can provide real-time notifications, seamlessly capture and publish information, or alert stakeholders based on your team’s Guru engagement and activity.

Automate repetitive, manual tasks using Guru Recipes

Context switching hurts productivity. With Guru and Workato, you can automate repetitive tasks you’d otherwise have to do manually, without having to switch between apps. Your knowledge will be fresh, your users will be up to date, and you can focus on the business of doing your job.

An example breakdown of what it looks like to connect an app like Greenhouse with Guru using the Workato user interface

3 reasons to use Workato’s Guru Connector

  1. Build instantaneous notifications on critical product information
  2. Create faster onboarding by automatically adding users to Guru via your HR Management tech stack
  3. Develop real-time updates on changes to Card content, Card comments, and your Collection’s Trust Scores to remove the “management” from Knowledge Management

How do I install Guru’s Workato Connector?

The Guru Connector can be installed by individuals via the Workato Community Marketplace. You will need an API User Token to authenticate into the Guru Connector. Learn more about Guru's Workato Connector here.