All Guru pricing plans include:

Web app, browser extension, Slack integration, mobile app, content import from external sources, access to our very personable and very helpful support team, and more!

Features breakdown by pricing plan

Knowledge Features


Ensure that your content is always up-to-date, accurate, and trusted.


Sync your pre-existing internal and external knowledge bases into Guru.

Google Auth

Messaging Integration with Slack
Guru's Slack integration brings Guru Cards right into the place where work happens. Using Slack actions, users can create, search for, and answer questions with Cards right in Slack.

Messaging Integration with Microsoft Teams
Search for and share information, receive Knowledge Alerts, and reply directly to comments in Guru — all without leaving the Teams chat interface

Email Integration with Microsoft Outlook
Bring your team's collective knowledge right to your Outlook inbox.


Guru public cards eliminate some of the friction of sharing limited knowledge from Guru with individuals in your company, partners, prospects, etc. who are without access to the company Guru instance.

Powerful Management and Organization

Import tools for rapid onboarding

Perform simple, yet powerful bulk actions to maintain a clean Guru environment


Draft content prior to publishing it live. With Drafts, you can edit and publish private drafts of knowledge to ensure everything is good to go before widely available.

Flag duplicate knowledge on Guru Cards and synced Guru knowledge to easily maintain and scale knowledge as your organization grows and changes.


Guru suggests relevant tags on Cards based on Card contents to organize and retrieve knowledge faster and better than ever.


Share individual boards with users across collections through advanced permissions capabilities.


Knowledge Finds You

Related Cards

Ask your internal experts, and save their answers as content in Guru.

Allow users to easily create knowledge from any page and search your Guru knowledge base in just two clicks.

Knowledge triggers allow teams to map knowledge to specific fields on any webpage to simply and intelligently push the right knowledge to their team in the right moments.


Notify your team of critical new or existing knowledge they need to read (and certify that they've actually done so) all within the Guru workflow.



Guru suggests relevant content to you as you work, in common apps like Gmail, Zendesk, and Salesforce.

Custom AI Integrations



Gain insight into how your knowledge is used, and understand its impact on your performance.


Associate Card use to a support ticket. When viewing the ticket, Guru will show all knowledge used on that ticket for the purposes of reviews.



Easily maintain Guru content in your LMS so that your teams have everything they need to put their training to work.

Build powerful customer knowledge experiences with Guru’s API.


Roles and Groups
Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML)
User provisioning & deprovisioning (SCIM)

Customer Success

99.99% Uptime
Education and Implementation Services

* Change is hard. We are here to help. Let us know if you'd like to purchase our Education or Implementation services to help boost your team's time to value.

We've got a team to help your team

Our customer experience team offers a few different levels of service. Whether you have the occasional question or are looking for a dedicated CSM who will be by your side every step of the way—we’ve got you.

Learn more about Guru Support
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Five, friendly members of Guru's customer experience team

Frequently Asked Q's

The Starter plan is free for up to 3 Core users, what happens when I add my 4th Core user?

Once you add your 4th Core user, you’ll be asked to pay $7 per Core user for all Core users, so 4 Core users would be $28/mo.

What is the difference between a Core user and Light user?

A Core user is a primary team member who requires a robust knowledge experience and needs to access Guru regularly to do their job. Core users come with a price per user which varies by plan.

A Light user is an occasional knowledge consumer 
who does not need to access Guru regularly to do 
their job. There is no price or cap on Light users. 
Learn more here.

How secure will my knowledge be with Guru?

Very secure.  We take security quite seriously. Check this out for more info.

Do you have non-profit pricing?

Why yes, we do. Check it out over at Guru for good.  👼

What languages does Guru support?

Guru can support content in all languages (yes, even Pig Latin), but as of now the app itself cannot be translated.

Does Guru offer external knowledge sharing?

If you are on the Builder, Expert, or Enterprise plan of Guru you can publish your Guru content externally using our Developer Network's open API. See here for detailed API documentation on exporting Cards from Guru to a third-party app or website.

Does Guru have a self-hosting or on-premise option?

No, we do not have a self-hosted or on-prem solution. All of Guru’s servers are hosted by Amazon Web Services, which maintains a number of globally recognized compliance certifications, to include Cloud Security Alliance, ISO 27001, PCI Level 1, SOC 2 and SOC 1. Guru has implemented firewalls and access restrictions to secure our network, and multipoint monitoring of key metrics alerts operators to both critical and ongoing maintenance issues.

Does Guru integrate with ... ?

Take a look at our integrations. If something you need isn't there yet, let us know — we're always adding new flavors to our integrations lineup.

Can I give quizzes and tests in Guru?

No / Yes - While Guru doesn't have quizzes or tests built in, we do integrate with LMS and other apps that do offer quizzes and tests. (Or you can print some Guru cards out, study them like flashcards, and take a Scantron to see how much of an expert you are. We won't stop ya.) 🤓

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