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May 9, 2024
May 3, 2024
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The 10 Best AI Software You Need to Know in 2024

Are you searching for the best AI software for your needs but haven’t found it yet? Your journey stops here as this guide offers a comprehensive view of the 10 best AI solutions you probably haven't heard of. 

Artificial intelligence (AI) changed the way businesses operate. For example, according to Statista, companies adopting AI tools can expect a 6% to 10% increase in revenue.

AI platforms can help your business innovate in multiple ways, such as automating various tasks that enable your teams to work more efficiently. 

You can only achieve greatness with the right tools, though. That’s what this guide is all about, so dive in to discover what AI software can do, the 10 best tools currently available, and how to choose the right one. 

Disclaimer: This blog post was last updated on April 29, 2024. 

What is AI Software?

AI software refers to a computer program that uses AI and machine learning to simulate human intelligence and solve highly complex tasks like image recognition, decision-making, video analytics, voice and text recognition, etc. 

Why do companies use AI software? 

Mostly because it increases productivity and a company’s effectiveness in solving problems. However, it also gives you a competitive advantage that allows you to innovate, enhance your workflows, and find new areas for improvement. 

We can talk about its benefits later, though. For now, let’s focus on the best AI software that you should consider. 

What are Some of the Best AI Software Tools?

According to one survey, 54% of companies had started using generative AI to automate their tasks by November 2023, a year after ChatGPT was released. Are you ready to join the AI software crowd?

If the answer is yes, then take a look at our list of the best AI tools:  

  1. Guru — Best AI knowledge management base for businesses. 
  2. Synthesia — Best AI video generation platform. 
  3. Grammarly — Best AI assistant for improving writing. 
  4. ElevenLabs — Best AI voice generator and text-to-speech. 
  5. — Best generative AI for enhancing customer support. 
  6. Framer AI — Best AI-powered tool for designing and publishing sites. 
  7. DataRobot — Best machine learning platform for data scientists. 
  8. — Best AI meeting assistant for automated summaries. 
  9. Rytr — Best free AI writer and content generator. 
  10. Adobe Firefly — Best free generative AI for creating images.  

Let’s discuss more about each of them and show you what they’re made of. 

1. Guru

Guru is like the smart friend in your group. It gives you instant answers to all user queries right in your workflows. But also creates a single reliable source of truth for all your company’s knowledge. 

In a nutshell, Guru offers AI-driven enterprise search that delivers accurate and timely results wherever you’re working, cutting down on time spent searching for the right info. 

Moreover, it has powerful integrations with all your favorite tools, such as Slack, Box, Salesforce, and Google Drive, to connect all your scattered info in a single place. 

Guru also has all security measures in place. It’ll never use your data to train the AI model, nor will it be used by third-party large language models (LLMs). 

See Guru in action by watching this on-demand demo video

I greatly appreciate the convenience of having all the relevant information grouped together in a single location.” 

Top features

  • Private AI model: You’ll have your own unique AI model that you can train in private based on your team’s data and search queries. 
  • No context switching: With its powerful integrations, Guru keeps your people and workflows connected with the tools they already use. 
  • Automated clean-up: Guru schedules periodic archiving to maintain the accuracy of your knowledge base. 

Use cases

Guru is perfect for sales, marketing, or HR teams in industries like retail, education, finance, or IT services. 

2. Synthesia

Synthesia transforms your text prompts into high-quality videos, making this tool an AI video generation platform that makes video production cheaper. 

Source: G2

With this tool, you can create videos in minutes for your social media posts or if you want to explain a concept to a new employee. Moreover, Synthesia has a media library filled with royalty-free images, videos, and icons you can add to your videos. 

If you’re out of ideas, the AI video assistant will help you transform your docs, websites, and PDFs into videos. 

It has reduced the amount of time it takes me to create content. I am able to transfer information to our field staff much faster. The content itself is [short], to the point, and entertaining.” 

Top features

  • AI avatars: You can select from over 160 diverse AI avatars to create the perfect video and make it more engaging. 
  • AI voices: With Synthesia, you don’t have to record yourself. Choose from one of the hundreds of voices and languages and turn any script into a voiceover. 
  • Video templates: Synthesia has over 300 templates you can select from for different use cases.

Use cases

Synthesia is great for businesses in need of quick video editing to power their marketing campaigns. 

3. Grammarly

Grammarly is a responsible AI assistant that helps find the right words, style, and tone when writing your copy. 

Source: Capterra

It does more than fix your spelling mistakes or correct your grammar — this tool also adjusts the mood and tone of your writing, making sure you appeal to the audience you’re writing for. 

You can also find Grammarly on mobile devices. It’s compatible with iOS and Android so you can easily improve your writing on the go. 

It offers constructive suggestions, enhancing my writing’s clarity, coherence, and overall quality. The user-friendly interface and integration with various platforms make it convenient.” 

Top features

  • Generative AI: This AI feature allows you to customize the tone, formality, etc., so that you generate text in your voice and brand style.
  • Rewriting features: If the paragraph you’ve written sounds boring, don’t worry. Grammarly’s AI can give you new versions to consider. 
  • Correctness: Worrying about typos is a thing of the past with Grammarly. It catches any glaring mistakes before they reach your readers. 

Best for

Grammarly is for everyone. It means that it’s great for personal use, but also for enterprises and teams of all sizes that want to optimize their writing. 

4. ElevenLabs

ElevenLabs is an AI voice generator and text-to-speech software that lets you create high-quality spoken audio in any style and language. 

Source: G2

By using generative AI, you can convert text to speech for free and create natural AI voices in any language: English, Chinese, Spanish, Danish, French, etc. 

It’s a perfect match even for beginners, as it’s easy to bring your stories to life in audiobooks, engage listeners with real-time narration or NPC dialogue, and create a more pleasant customer experience with AI chatbots. 

What stands out most prominently about ElevenLabs is the exceptional quality of the voice synthesis. The range of available voices is impressive, catering to diverse needs and preferences.” 

Top features

  • Voice API: With advanced text-to-speech API, you can quickly create AI voices in multiple languages and elevate your projects. 
  • Voice cloning: You can clone your voice in just a few minutes, perfect for videos, video games, etc.
  • AI dubbing: You can translate any content into 29 languages with speaker detection and audio dubbing. 

Best for

ElevenLabs is great for video creators, developers, gaming devs, and businesses. 

5. is a tool powered by generative AI that lets you improve customer interactions and contact-center performance with conversational intelligence. 

Source: G2

Using that conversational intelligence capability, you can unlock hidden insights from your customer chats. does that by transcribing and analyzing the agent-customer interactions. With these insights, you can drive more revenue growth, improve CX, and boost efficiency. 

I like that we can review our calls whenever we need to. One can read along with the call; it is mostly pretty accurate.” 

Top features

  • Contact center LLM: With this purpose-built LLM, you can better understand customer interactions and accurately identify key actions and events that unleash continuous innovation. 
  • Knowledge AI: Save your agents’ time by providing answers when the customer needs them most. The Knowledge AI has all the documents and info ready. 
  • Summarization AI: eliminates manual work by automatically generating call summaries. 

Best for is suitable for customer service, sales performance, operational efficiency, and compliance. 

6. Framer AI

Framer AI is a prototyping tool that helps your team design websites, build layouts, and craft interactive designs. 

Source: Capterra

Framer’s AI-powered tools help you generate new pages by using advanced localization techniques. Moreover, it has AI translation features that let you write content in different languages. 

Don’t forget about Text Rewrite which lets you improve your content easily; you can also write in your brand’s tone and style whatever the language. 

The best thing about Framer is that it is very easy to use; you can build an entire website just by drag and drop. I built my entire portfolio in just 4 hours [...] All the options are very easy to use.” 

Top features

  • Flexible layout: Framer lets you design sites faster using its free-form canvas, which makes it more responsive. 
  • Localization: You can quickly tailor the website to as many languages and regions as you want with just a few clicks. 
  • Effects: If you want to make your websites more expressive, use Framer’s animations to capture your audience’s attention. 

Best for

Framer AI is best for designers and web developers. 

7. DataRobot

DataRobot is an artificial intelligence platform that uses open-source machine learning algorithms to create advanced applications. 

Source: Capterra

This tool drives business value by offering a complete 360-degree view of the model’s performance at any scale. You’ll get real-time alerts and insights that’ll help you continuously optimize your processes. 

Moreover, through generative and predictive AI, you can enable agile flows that adapt and evolve along with your needs. 

DataRobot is a dream-come-true to a data scientist when it comes to modeling [...] DataRobot presents you with a good avenue of ways to connect to your data…” 

Top features

  • Custom vector database: Build your vector databases from scratch to optimize your performance. 
  • Regulatory compliance: Data scientists can now be compliant with industry-specific regulations easily and standardize model documentation. 
  • Integrations: Choose from AI APIs and frameworks such as Pinecone, Hugging Face, and OpenAI. 

Best for

DataRobot is suitable for the healthcare, manufacturing, retail, and financial services industries. 

8. offers a GenAI meeting assistant that lets you summarize video and audio calls and get transcripts for them. 

Source: G2

But aside from automatically transcribing lectures and summarizing meetings, also makes it easy to recall action items for the next steps and other valuable insights.

Whenever you have a Zoom, Google Meet, or Microsoft Teams meeting, the OtterPilot automatically joins it and starts taking notes. Moreover, it can condense long meetings into 30-second summaries. 

What I appreciate most about is its exceptional accuracy in transcribing lectures. The ability to capture every word accurately is a game-changer, especially during fast-paced or technical discussions.” 

Top features

  • Integrations: integrates with your everyday tools like HubSpot, Egnyte, Amazon S3, etc. so you can benefit from it wherever you are. 
  • Notifications: This tool automatically shares the meeting notes and summaries on dedicated Slack channels for easier access. 
  • Action items: Save more time with, as it automatically assigns and identifies action items for your team members. 

Best for is excellent for sales, marketing, and recruiting teams. 

9. Rytr

Rytr is your personal AI assistant that aids your content creation process, being able to write anything from emails to blog articles to social media posts.

Source: G2

And don’t worry; the AI-generated content will sound like you. Rytr achieves this by analyzing a sample of your writing and copying its style when generating new content. 

Rytr also makes sure the AI writing you generate is original by checking for plagiarism; plus, you can create custom tones to suit different customers, projects, and scenarios. 

I use Rytr for everything I do. I can write naturally, but I often combine my writing style with Rytr to get that perfect post or content.” 

Top features

  • Automatic editing: You have plenty of editing options including an AI paragraph generator, sentence shortener, and rewording generator to improve your writing. 
  • Idea generator: Need new ideas for your next article? Rytr has an AI blog generator that outlines articles from scratch. 
  • AI song generator: Rytr lets you create song lyrics in the style and tone you’re looking for. 

Best for

Rytr works best for writing emails, SEO meta titles, paragraph content, etc.  

10. Adobe Firefly

Adobe Firefly is a free generative AI tool for Photoshop that brings all your ideas to life with a single prompt. 

Source: Capterra

Adobe Firefly generates images from text descriptions in over 100 languages, so it’s easy to find the right picture for your idea. Moreover, you can add reference images so Adobe Firefly nails the style you’re looking for. 

I like how you can use Firefly for free to create all kinds of images; almost anything you can dream, the tool can create. Compared to other similar tools, I really like how you can re-style the images with pre-set filters.” 

Top features

  • Generative fill: With Adobe Firefly, you can use the brush to remove unwanted objects from your AI images and even ask it to fill the space with something new. 
  • Text-to-vector graphic: Are you missing a vector graphic you desperately want? Generate SVGs from a simple description. 
  • Text effects: Stylize your words and phrases with different textures to make them more fun. 

Best for

Adobe Firefly is suitable for Adobe Creative Suite users. 

What are the Benefits of Using AI Software?

Aside from automating our daily tasks, what else is AI software good for? According to Harvard Business Review, AI algorithms offer valuable insight into a client’s purchasing habits, which leads to a 50% increase in leads.

However, it also enables: 

  • Better decision-making: Since AI technology carefully analyzes your data and uncovers patterns and trends, you’ll make smarter decisions regarding your business processes. Which inevitably leads to better efficiency. 
  • Enhanced customer experience: AI tools address customer concerns faster than human agents, through natural language processing capabilities. As a result, it’s able to generate personalized messages for each client and find the best solution for their problems, which frees your agents’ time. 
  • Task automation: One of the biggest advantages of AI software is that it automates mundane and repetitive tasks, freeing human workers to focus on more strategic tasks.
  • Human error reduction: While AI tools can make mistakes, they are less likely to encounter and create problems when processing data, although you might still need a human eye to ensure complete accuracy. 
  • Efficient data management: Through predictive analytics, AI tools can analyze large amounts of real-time data quickly and understand client trends better. It can also offer personalized recommendations to improve customer experiences. 

Convinced yet? Then, go to the next section to discover how to choose the best tool for your needs.

How to Choose the Best Artificial Intelligence Software for Your Needs

When choosing AI software, consider the following factors: 

  • Why you need this software: It might seem obvious, but you need to think carefully about your objectives and needs and choose a solution that solves your problem. Consult with your team and identify what you’re trying to achieve with such a tool.
  • Possible alternatives: It’s best if you don’t settle for the first tool that comes your way. Make a list of all the tools you’re interested in and compare their features, plans, etc. 
  • The software’s features: To help you out, create a list of your must-have features and search for tools that tick all (or most) of the boxes. 
  • Integrations: Look for tools that integrate well with your existing systems to avoid unnecessary disruptions. Those integrations make sure you stop switching between apps every time you want to use the AI software. 
  • Pricing: Before you start your research, talk with your team and settle on a budget. This way, you ensure that you won’t pay more than you planned.
  • Limitations: AI tools, like anything else in this world, are not perfect. You’ll still encounter limitations that you have to carefully take into account before investing. 
  • What you can automate using the software: This ties in with why you need this software. Think about what you’re trying to automate. For instance, you might want to boost your customer service. Look for tools that do just that.
  • Learning curve: Is the AI tool user-friendly? Or does it require a bit of getting used to? These aspects are important since they determine how fast you’ll get back on track with your business operations. 

There are many different AI software programs for different use cases, such as video and image generation, note-taking, knowledge management, etc. 

So, if you feel ready to invest, now’s the perfect time to do it. 

The Bottom Line

This is it! We’ve shared everything we know about the best AI software tools and how to choose the right one. 

So, are you ready to make the first step into a world of innovation? Then take Guru with you. 

Guru is one of the best AI tools around because it keeps your data, chats, and employees connected to your company’s objectives. And makes your workspace more productive by giving you relevant and timely information right where you need it. 

In a nutshell, it’s a friend you can always rely on.

See for yourself— sign up today to experience Guru. 

Key takeaways 🔑🥡🍕

What is the best AI software for small business?

Small businesses don’t need much when it comes to AI software. In essence, the tools need to simplify tasks like chatting with customers. That’s why chatbots, assistants, etc. are exactly what small businesses need to simplify their workflow. 

Think tools like ChatGPT, Grammarly,,, Midjourney, Claude, and Google Gemini.

What is the best AI software for enterprises?

Enterprises might need more than an AI chatbot, so they should invest in more complex solutions that offer more functionalities and can scale as the company grows. 

Some examples include Guru, Microsoft Azure AI, Google Cloud AI Platform, IBM Watson, Amazon AWS AI Services, OpenAI GPT-3 and GPT-4, etc.

Is there free AI software?

Yes, there are several free AI software tools (or they offer free plans and trials) such as Synthesia, Grammarly, ElevenLabs, Framer AI,, and Rytr.

Be aware that free plans mean limited features. Premium paid versions offer more capabilities and can truly change the way you operate your business.

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