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May 10, 2024
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The 10 Best AI Tools for Business in 2024

In this guide, discover how AI tools for business will transform the way you operate by enhancing productivity and giving you a competitive edge over your rivals. 

Nowadays, around 4 in 5 executives consider artificial intelligence (AI) to be a priority in their business strategy. 


Because AI-driven tools have the power to enhance your productivity, streamline your workflows, and drive innovation at a faster pace.

But how do you choose the right platform? This guide will do all the work for you. 

Dive in to find the benefits of AI tools for business, tips for selecting one, and the 10 best options currently available on the market. 

Disclaimer: This blog post was last updated on April 25, 2024. 

What are Business AI Tools?

Business AI tools are a variety of software apps that use AI, machine learning (ML), and natural language processing (NLP) to streamline various business processes.

In simple terms, these tools improve different workflows, assisting teams in completing various tasks. Businesses use AI tools to: 

  • Predict customer behavior
  • Provide 24/7 customer support
  • Deliver personalized recommendations
  • Prevent fraudulent activities
  • Generate high-quality content

For example, Netflix’s recommendations technology that uses AI is worth $1 billion in revenue. Many consumers like this feature, which personalizes watch suggestions based on their interests. 

Now that you understand what a business AI tool is, let’s go through our options. 

What are The Best AI Tools for Businesses?

The best AI tools have the potential to drive business innovation, streamline your operations, and transform the way you work. 

That’s why we’ve made sure to choose solutions that do all that — and more. 

Let’s look at them by use case: 

  1. Guru — Best knowledge management and AI search software for businesses. 
  2. ChatGPT — Best AI chatbot for receiving answers to search queries. 
  3. — Best AI platform for summarizing real-time meetings.
  4. — Best AI-powered note-taking tool. 
  5. Grammarly — Best AI writing assistant. 
  6. Plus AI — Best AI tool for designing presentations. 
  7. Lavender — Best AI tool for managing emails.
  8. Optimove — Best AI platform for building personalized marketing campaigns. 
  9. Jasper — Best AI content creation tool. 
  10. Tidio — Best AI tool for enhancing customer service. 

Sounds interesting? Then, let’s dive deeper into what these tools can do. 

1. Guru

Guru is your smart friend that brings you any info across any app, without you having to switch platforms. 

But how does Guru work, exactly? Well, first of all, Guru can be the home of your whole team. Through AI-powered enterprise search, you can connect all apps, chats, and docs in one place, and get instant answers effortlessly.

Guru also takes your collective knowledge and provides timely info where your team works, which enables a more collaborative environment. 

In a nutshell, Guru elevates the productivity of your business and helps you search across multiple platforms easily. 

Or you can just watch this on-demand demo video and see for yourself.

The most helpful aspect of Guru is its streamlined organization and accessibility of knowledge, coupled with its collaborative features, facilitating efficient information sharing and team collaboration.” 

Top features

  • AI-powered answers: This feature allows you to navigate through all your company’s knowledge easily. Plus, it’s able to deliver trusted info when you need it most. 
  • Personalized dashboard: Your users can personalize the tool however they want, bringing the most important announcements front and center. 
  • AI-powered search: Guru uses AI and ML to improve your search experience. What’s even better is that it learns and improves after each query. 

Best for

Guru is great for businesses of all sizes. 

2. ChatGPT

ChatGPT is a conversational chatbot that provides instant answers to all your questions and helps people learn something new every day. 

Source: OpenAI

The latest GPT-4 model lets you generate content through text prompts and voice recognition. But you can even express your thoughts through images. No matter the method you use, ChatGPT will search its vast collection of knowledge and give you quick and relevant answers. 

Moreover, ChatGPT gives you complete control of your data. 

ChatGPT has been a revolutionary chatbot as it is very fast and generates our text and codes with great accuracy.” 

Top features

  • Image generation: ChatGPT comes paired with DALL-E, an AI image generator. With a simple prompt, you can bring your ideas to life easily. 
  • Multiple language options: This tool can understand various accents and dialects due to its NLP. 
  • Summarize: Need to summarize long and complex docs or topics? This tool pulls insights from files and analyzes the data easily. 

Best for

ChatGPT is best for everyone, as you can use it both personally and professionally. 

3. is an AI notetaker, able to transcribe, summarize, and analyze any voice or phone conversation. 

Source: G2

This platform instantly records meetings across different conferencing tools like Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams. Fireflies is always with you as it can automatically capture recordings. 

But it can also transcribe these live meetings and even pre-recorded audio files. If you need a summary, can do it for you, and it can also provide a detailed meeting overview, notes, action items, and keywords that you can easily skim through. 

The plugin attends all our calls and spits out accurate and brilliant summaries, key objectives and points, and a transcript from the call. It’s easy to send this on to clients or refer back to it with the search tool.

Top features

  • Integrate: Fireflies automatically syncs all your notes, transcripts, and recordings with your existing systems, such as Slack, HubSpot, Zapier, etc. 
  • Search: This AI platform lets you search for relevant information via filters based on metrics, dates, keywords, etc. 
  • Analyze: Fireflies analyzes notes to uncover new topic trends, employee sentiment, etc. that’ll help you optimize your meetings. 

Best for

Fireflies is best for marketing, sales, and recruiting teams. 

4. offers your very own AI assistant that takes your meeting notes, automates summaries, and generates new content. 

Source: G2

Otter has AI chat which allows users to give prompts based on what’s discussed on a call. For example, you may want to ask Otter AI to craft a follow-up email to all participants with key notes. Plus, its iOS and Android apps make it super easy to record and summarize mobile meetings. 

And don’t worry — you can import pre-recorded video files to the platform and transcribe them. 

I was blown away by not only the accurate transcripts but the ability to click anywhere on the transcript and hear the actual recording. It was fast and easy and Otter even provided chapters and summaries.” 

Top features

  • Slack notifications: Otter automatically shares meeting summaries on dedicated Slack channels. 
  • Action items: Otter captures action items straight from the meeting’s context, so your team members can start working on the next steps. 
  • Integrations: Otter plays nicely with different tools you use, such as Salesforce, HubSpot, Snowflake, etc. 

Best for

Otter is great for multiple use cases and can perform in industries such as education or media. 

5. Grammarly

Grammarly is an AI writing assistant that works to improve your writing skills by correcting your spelling and grammar. 

Source: G2

This tool works on all platforms and devices, helping a lot of businesses stay on brand with their marketing materials. You’ll also get tone suggestions and guidance to adjust the style and mood of your writing so you can make the right impression.

Grammarly keeps your brand consistent and empowers your team members to write in a unified voice. 

Grammarly’s ability to elevate written communication lends a level of polish, professionalism, and precision to our written work and [saves] a great deal of time in the process.” 

Top features

  • Plagiarism detection: Grammarly compares your text with web pages on the Internet to ensure it’s original. 
  • Rewrite sentences: Are your sentences too convoluted for your audience to understand? Grammarly offers suggestions that make your copywriting easier to grasp. 
  • Generative AI: Through the power of AI, Grammarly can write, ideate, and rewrite full sentences and paragraphs with a single click of a button. 

Best for

Grammarly is suitable for personal use, but it’s highly useful for businesses of all sizes.

6. Plus AI

Plus AI is an intuitive AI presentation maker that allows you to create, edit, and design presentations in Google Slides. 

Source: G2

With this handy tool, you can easily generate presentations by starting with a prompt. You can describe the topic in your own words or use one of the templates provided. 

In addition, you can convert any PDF, Word document, or text file into a presentation. Sharing existing content and assets among your team is super simple, as well as creating slide decks from scratch. 

It’s so simple to make complete Slides presentations with Plus. Easy to learn and easy to use. It’s like having an Associate Marketer or Business Analyst that lives right inside your web browser…” 

Top features

  • Handcrafted templates: Plus AI has hundreds of comparative templates you can edit and reformat to your liking. 
  • AI editing tools: Use Plus AI’s editing tools to add different layouts and slides, improve phrasing, or export directly from Google Slides. 
  • Translate: Plus AI has different language models, meaning you can translate your Google Slides in any language, such as Spanish, French, German, Italian, and more. 

Best for

Plus AI is suitable for teams of any size, in any industry. 

7. Lavender

Lavender is an email assistant and a browser extension that’s able to write the most effective emails for your readers. 

Source: Capterra

This AI tool also helps you write emails faster through a mix of the latest data, AI, psychology, and science. If you ever draw a blank, Lavender will generate the email copy really quickly and you can edit and personalize it as you wish.

Moreover, it’s easy to personalize your emails for each reader. Lavender provides instant news, insights, and personality data that’ll help you maximize customer engagement. 

Lavender has completely changed my email writing workflow. The email coach is great as it clearly highlights the score of the email along with detailed ways to improve it.” 

Top features

  • ChatGPT: Lavender uses ChatGPT directly in your email window to plan your emails, so you can reach new levels of customer experience. 
  • GIFs: Your emails don’t have to be dull; use Lavender’s GIFs to add fun to them. 
  • Mobile editor: We all open emails on our mobile devices. Lavender makes sure all your emails are easy to read on the phone to increase reply chances.  

Best for

Lavender is best for all businesses. 

8. Optimove

Optimove is an AI-powered tool that ensures all your marketing campaigns are customer-led.

Source: G2

Optimove provides native marketing channels that complement its CRM capabilities, such as mobile push notifications, web pop-ups, etc. 

With this AI model, you’ll be able to drive growth and optimization and craft hundreds of marketing campaigns that build and nurture relationships. 

Its innovative features and personalized approach are helping our businesses build lasting relationships with their customers, driving growth, and maximizing our ROI.” 

Top features

  • Multichannel decisioning: With this feature, marketers can take care of customer communications at scale. 
  • OptiGenie AI: Optimove helps you create personalized messages with AI product recommendations and valuable insights. 
  • Real-time CDP: Since this marketing tool organizes all your customer data in a single view, you can make sense of your data so you get to know your audience better. 

Best for

Optimove is great for entrepreneurs in the i-gaming, retail, marketing, and mobile apps industries. 

9. Jasper

Jasper is a content creator’s best friend. It’s an AI writing assistant that helps teams with generating content in over 30+ languages. 

Source: G2

With this useful AI tool, you can write all kinds of content, from social media posts to marketing emails and full articles. Besides, Jasper can also translate your content in multiple languages. 

What’s best about Jasper is that it doesn’t take the knowledge from a single source, but scours the Internet for multiple sources to ensure the generated content is original and plagiarism-free. 

Jasper comes with over 50 templates, so everything in content creation gets covered. [...] If you need to write a product description later, you use the next template.” 

Top features

  • Brand voice: Jasper makes sure to capture your unique brand voice and style in the generated content. 
  • AI chat: If you need help generating ideas or revising your content, you can ask Jasper’s user-friendly chat to aid you. 
  • Art generator: Aside from content generation, Jasper also turns any idea into a unique image or photo. 

Best for

Jasper is best for enterprises, but also small businesses in the real estate, media and publishing, and e-commerce industries. 

10. Tidio

Tidio is a live chat and chatbot plugin that provides multichannel support for your customers. 

Source: G2

What can you do with this tool? Well, this live chat widget means you’re available for your clients 24/7. It can also engage your customers in real time, convert more leads, and increase your revenue. 

As a result, the Tidio chatbot frees your agents’ time so they can focus on more demanding requests. Plus, it’s able to communicate in a human-like language and answer in six seconds. 

If you are looking for a solution that supports functions, website visitor interactions, and chat staff, this platform will probably solve many challenges in a simple format.” 

Top features

  • Reply assistant: You’ll stop worrying about syntax or grammar with this feature, as it allows you to turn basic responses into ones that sound professional. 
  • Help desk: With this intuitive software, you can provide a greater client experience through live chat, video calls, ticketing, etc. 
  • Actionable insights: Tidio analytics lets you understand customer behavior better and keeps track of all your business data. 

Best for

Tidio is suitable for growing businesses, such as startups. 

What are the Benefits of Using AI Tools in Your Business?

Data from PWC suggests that GenAI is expected to improve knowledge workers’ productivity by 30 to 40% but this is not the only benefit AI tools provide. 

Let’s take a look at the others: 

  • Better decision-making: AI tools help businesses make data-driven decisions and understand what customers really want. 
  • Personalized customer service: Through AI and ML algorithms, you can uncover what tickles customers’ fancies and cater to their preferences, interests, and needs. 
  • Human error reduction: With AI, you can automate repetitive tasks and speed up processes, such as project management, without worrying about costly mistakes. 
  • Increased profitability: AI offers high levels of personalization and innovation that reduce your costs, but also boost your efficiency. As a result, you’ll spot new growth opportunities that’ll lead you to success. 

If you want to experience these benefits, you’ll have to try a tool for yourself. But how do you choose the right one for your business needs?

We’ve got the answer! 

How to Choose the Best AI Software for Your Business

Choosing the right AI software for your business isn’t that easy, but we know exactly what you need to take this next step. 

When choosing which AI tools and software you should use in your business, consider the following: 

  • What you need the tool for: Think about what you’re trying to achieve with this tool. Maybe you need it to make better data-driven decisions. Or you want to give your customers more personalized suggestions. Either way, look for tools that solve these problems. 
  • How the tool compares with other alternatives: When researching AI tools, make a list and compare their features. You’ll see what each platform excels at and what’s missing from its repertoire. 
  • The tool’s features: Chances are you won’t need all the features the AI tool offers. Look closely at each of your options and choose one that most closely matches your list of must-have features. 
  • The tool’s integrations with other tools: Does the tool easily integrate with your existing systems? You should look for software that plays nicely with other tools so you can resume your operations seamlessly. 
  • The tool’s pricing: AI tools, in general, are rather costly, but well worth the investment. Choose a tool suitable for your budget; some even have free trials or plans with limited features. 
  • The tool’s limitations: Not all tools are perfect. Each has its limitations, so be sure to consider them when evaluating your options. 

There are many different AI-powered tools businesses can use, such as email management assistants, content generators, knowledge management, and even AI marketing tools. 

The right one depends on your goals and requirements — so choose wisely. �

The Bottom Line

Your search for the best AI tools for business has come to an end. Now tell us: have you found the perfect one for you

If it’s Guru, you won’t regret it!

Guru is a 3-in-1 tool that helps streamline the way you work and brings all your collective company knowledge to your fingertips.

With this AI-powered tool, it’s a piece of cake to keep everyone in the loop and connected to your goals. 

But it’s best if you test Guru for yourself. Try it today

Key takeaways 🔑🥡🍕

How is AI used in business?

AI tools help businesses:

  • Generate content in less time 
  • Enhance market research and improve personalization 
  • Automate manual tasks
  • Identify relevant insights about customers 

Are there any free AI business tools?

Yes, some AI business tools have free plans or trials, such as Guru, ChatGPT,, Grammarly,, Plus AI, Lavender, and Tidio. 

But if you opt for a free plan, you’ll get limited functionality, which might mean you won’t use the tool to its full potential. Investing in a paid plan offers more features that’ll help your business in the long run. 

How to use AI for business productivity?

AI tools help businesses improve productivity by:

  • Organizing your company knowledge
  • Generating images and art through text prompts
  • Taking meeting notes and transcripts
  • Summarizing complex topics
  • Writing content

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Becca Dierolf
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