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June 6, 2024
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Breathe vs UKG Dimensions


Choosing the right HRIS tool can significantly impact the efficiency and effectiveness of human resource management in an organization. Breathe and UKG Dimensions are two leading HRIS tools widely used by businesses to streamline their HR operations.

Breathe is a multi-award-winning simple and secure people software that helps UK and Australian SMEs move their core people processes online. It aims to save time, provide peace of mind, and enable businesses to operate efficiently, regardless of where their employees work.

UKG Dimensions, on the other hand, is a cloud-based timekeeping solution that helps businesses streamline their processes and improve payroll accuracy. It is designed to enhance time management and ensure precise payroll processing.

When comparing HRIS tools like Breathe and UKG Dimensions, it is essential to understand their similarities, differences, pros, cons, and unique features to determine which one is the best fit for your organization.

Breathe Overview

Key Features

Breathe offers a comprehensive suite of features designed to simplify HR processes for SMEs:

  1. Employee Management: Maintain detailed employee records, track performance, and manage development plans.
  2. Leave Management: Streamline leave requests and approvals with a user-friendly interface.
  3. Performance Management: Conduct regular performance reviews and set objectives for employees.
  4. Training Management: Organize training sessions and track employee development progress.
  5. Recruitment: Manage job postings, track applications, and simplify the hiring process.
  6. HR Reporting: Generate detailed reports to gain insights into HR metrics and trends.
  7. Document Storage: Securely store and manage HR-related documents and policies.
  8. Employee Self-Service: Empower employees to update their information, request leave, and access documents.
  9. Compliance Management: Ensure legal compliance with automated reminders and documentation.
  10. Integration: Seamlessly integrate with other business tools and platforms for a cohesive workflow.

UKG Dimensions Overview

Key Features

UKG Dimensions provides robust features focused on timekeeping and payroll accuracy:

  1. Time Tracking: Capture accurate time data through various means such as biometric devices, mobile apps, and web interfaces.
  2. Scheduling: Create and manage employee schedules to optimize workforce efficiency.
  3. Absence Management: Handle employee absences and leave requests with automated workflows.
  4. Payroll Integration: Ensure precise payroll processing by integrating time data directly with payroll systems.
  5. Analytics: Gain insights into workforce trends and performance with advanced analytics.
  6. Compliance: Maintain compliance with labor laws and regulations through automatic updates and alerts.
  7. Mobile Access: Allow employees to clock in/out, view schedules, and request time off via mobile devices.
  8. Task Management: Assign tasks and track completion to improve operational efficiency.
  9. Employee Engagement: Foster employee engagement with communication tools and feedback mechanisms.
  10. Integration: Integrate with various other HR and business systems for a seamless experience.


Breathe and UKG Dimensions share several common features as HRIS tools:

  1. Employee Self-Service: Both tools empower employees to handle various HR tasks on their own, reducing administrative burdens.
  2. Leave Management: Streamline the process of requesting and approving leaves to maintain operational efficiency.
  3. Compliance Management: Ensure businesses stay compliant with relevant labor laws and regulations.
  4. Integration Capabilities: Both platforms offer integration options with other business systems, enhancing workflow efficiency.


While Breathe and UKG Dimensions share some similarities, they also have distinct differences:

  1. Focus Areas: Breathe focuses on comprehensive HR processes including performance, recruitment, and training management. UKG Dimensions primarily concentrates on timekeeping and payroll accuracy.
  2. Target Audience: Breathe is tailored for SMEs in the UK and Australia, whereas UKG Dimensions is suitable for businesses of various sizes, particularly those needing advanced time tracking and payroll solutions.
  3. Performance Management: Breathe offers detailed performance management and development tracking, while UKG Dimensions does not emphasize this aspect.
  4. Technology Integration: UKG Dimensions offers advanced biometric and mobile time tracking features, which are more sophisticated than Breathe's general employee management tools.
  5. Analytics: UKG Dimensions provides more advanced analytics and insights into workforce performance compared to Breathe's HR reporting.

Pros and Cons



  • Comprehensive HR management suite covering multiple areas such as performance and recruitment.
  • Intuitive and user-friendly interface simplifying HR tasks.
  • Specific focus on SMEs in the UK and Australia.
  • Strong document storage and compliance management features.


  • Limited advanced time tracking functionalities.
  • May not be suitable for larger organizations with complex HR requirements.
  • Lesser focus on payroll integration and accuracy.

UKG Dimensions


  • Robust time tracking and payroll accuracy features.
  • Advanced scheduling and absence management tools.
  • Suitable for businesses of various sizes.
  • Comprehensive analytics and reporting capabilities enhancing workforce management.


  • Less focus on performance management and recruitment processes.
  • More complex interface may require additional training.
  • Primarily targeted at organizations needing advanced time and attendance solutions.

Use Cases


Breathe is ideal for small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the UK and Australia looking to streamline their HR processes comprehensively. It is especially suitable for businesses that need robust employee management, performance tracking, recruitment, and training capabilities. Organizations aiming to enhance their HR operations without extensive timekeeping and payroll needs will find Breathe a fitting solution.

UKG Dimensions

UKG Dimensions is perfect for businesses of varying sizes that require precise timekeeping and payroll accuracy. It is particularly useful for organizations with complex workforce scheduling, extensive time tracking needs, and a focus on compliance. Companies needing advanced analytics and insights into workforce performance will benefit from UKG Dimensions' sophisticated tools.


In summary, both Breathe and UKG Dimensions offer valuable HRIS functionalities, but their focus areas and target audiences differ. Breathe is designed for SMEs in the UK and Australia, providing a comprehensive HR management suite with a strong emphasis on performance, recruitment, and training management. It is best suited for organizations that require a holistic HR solution without complex timekeeping needs.

On the other hand, UKG Dimensions excels in time tracking, payroll accuracy, and workforce scheduling. Its advanced features make it an ideal choice for businesses of various sizes needing precise time management and compliance with labor laws. The extensive analytics also provide valuable insights into employee performance and operational efficiency.

Ultimately, the choice between Breathe and UKG Dimensions depends on your organization's specific requirements. If you prioritize comprehensive HR management with an easy-to-use interface, Breathe is an excellent option. However, if your focus is on accurate timekeeping, payroll integration, and advanced analytics, UKG Dimensions will be the better fit.

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