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June 6, 2024
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Gusto vs UKG Pro


In the world of Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS), finding the right tool to meet your organization's unique needs is critical. Two popular HRIS tools are Gusto and UKG Pro. Gusto offers modern HR features like payroll, benefits, hiring, management resources, and more — all in one place. On the other hand, UKG Pro is a robust cloud-based Human Capital Management (HCM) solution designed for midsize and large organizations to help manage people's pay efficiently.

This comparison aims to provide an in-depth analysis of Gusto and UKG Pro, covering their key features, similarities, differences, pros and cons, and ideal use cases. By the end of this comparison, you should have a clear understanding of which tool might best suit your needs.

Gusto Overview

Gusto provides a comprehensive suite of modern HR features tailored to small and medium-sized businesses. It aims to simplify HR tasks by integrating payroll, benefits, hiring, and management resources under one platform.

Key Features

  • Payroll Services: Gusto automates payroll processing, calculates taxes, and handles filings. It supports all 50 states in the USA.
  • Benefits Administration: Offers health insurance, 401(k) plans, commuter benefits, and more. The platform automatically syncs benefits deductions with payroll.
  • Hiring and Onboarding: Streamline hiring with offer letters, e-signatures, new hire reporting, and onboarding checklists.
  • Time Tracking: Built-in time tracking integrates seamlessly with payroll, reducing manual entries.
  • HR Management Tools: Provides employee self-service, compliance support, and workforce management tools.
  • Employee Financial Tools: Features like Gusto Cashout, which allows employees to access earned wages ahead of payday.

UKG Pro Overview

UKG Pro, formerly known as UltiPro, is designed for larger organizations seeking a comprehensive HCM solution. It focuses on managing the entire employee lifecycle from recruitment to retirement, ensuring efficient and accurate payroll management.

Key Features

  • Payroll and Tax Management: Provides robust payroll processing, tax calculations, and filing capabilities. It supports global payroll needs.
  • Core HR and Benefits Administration: Manages employee data, benefits administration, and compliance across multiple locations.
  • Talent Acquisition and Onboarding: Offers advanced recruitment tools, automated workflows, candidate management, and effective onboarding processes.
  • Talent Management: Performance management, succession planning, and learning development tools support employee growth and retention.
  • Time and Labor Management: Advanced timekeeping, scheduling, and labor cost management features help streamline operations.
  • Business Intelligence: Provides deep analytics, custom reports, and dashboards to make informed decisions.


Both Gusto and UKG Pro are HRIS tools designed to streamline HR activities and improve organizational efficiency. Here are some key similarities:

  • Payroll Processing: Both platforms offer automated payroll services, ensuring accuracy and compliance with tax regulations.
  • Benefits Administration: Each tool includes features for managing employee benefits, simplifying the enrollment and administration processes.
  • Hiring and Onboarding: Gusto and UKG Pro provide tools to manage recruitment and streamline onboarding, helping new hires settle in quickly.
  • Time Tracking: Both have built-in time tracking capabilities that integrate with payroll to minimize manual data entry.
  • Employee Self-Service: Both platforms offer self-service portals where employees can manage their personal information, benefits, and other HR-related tasks.
  • Compliance Support: They offer tools and resources to help organizations stay compliant with labor laws and regulations.


While Gusto and UKG Pro share several similarities, they also have distinct differences:

  • Target Audience: Gusto is primarily aimed at small to medium-sized businesses, while UKG Pro is designed for midsize to large organizations.
  • Global Payroll: UKG Pro supports global payroll, making it suitable for multinational companies. Gusto, on the other hand, primarily focuses on payroll within the United States.
  • Talent Management: UKG Pro offers more advanced talent management features, including performance reviews, succession planning, and learning management solutions. Gusto's talent management capabilities are more basic.
  • Business Intelligence: UKG Pro provides more sophisticated analytics and reporting tools, offering deeper insights into HR data. Gusto's reporting is simpler and caters more to small business needs.
  • Customization and Flexibility: UKG Pro offers greater customization options to tailor the platform to an organization’s specific needs. Gusto offers a more standardized package with fewer customization options.
  • User Interface: Gusto provides a user-friendly, modern interface that is easy for small business owners and HR teams to navigate. UKG Pro has a more complex interface, reflecting its extensive functionalities.

Pros and Cons



  • User-friendly and intuitive interface
  • Comprehensive payroll and benefits administration
  • Seamless integration with other tools
  • Excellent customer support and resources
  • Affordable pricing for small to medium-sized businesses


  • Limited to payroll in the USA
  • Basic reporting and analytics
  • Fewer customization options



  • Comprehensive suite of HCM features
  • Global payroll support
  • Advanced talent management capabilities
  • Robust analytics and reporting tools
  • Highly customizable and flexible


  • Steeper learning curve due to extensive features
  • Higher cost, more suitable for larger organizations
  • More complex implementation and setup process

Use Cases


Gusto is ideal for small to medium-sized businesses looking for a user-friendly and comprehensive HRIS tool that simplifies payroll processing, benefits administration, and employee onboarding. It is particularly well-suited for businesses operating within the United States that need an affordable, all-in-one solution with excellent customer support.


UKG Pro is best suited for midsize to large organizations, especially those with a global presence, that require a robust HCM solution to manage their complex HR needs. Its advanced talent management, global payroll capabilities, and powerful analytics make it ideal for organizations seeking a highly customizable and scalable platform to support their diverse workforce.


Both Gusto and UKG Pro offer valuable HRIS solutions, but they cater to different types of organizations with varying needs. Gusto is perfect for small to medium-sized businesses seeking an easy-to-use, affordable HR tool with excellent customer support. Its modern interface and comprehensive features make it a great choice for businesses primarily based in the United States.

On the other hand, UKG Pro is designed for larger organizations, particularly those with a global footprint, that need a highly customizable and scalable HCM solution. Its advanced talent management, global payroll support, and robust analytics make it well-suited for organizations with complex HR requirements.

Ultimately, the choice between Gusto and UKG Pro depends on your organization's size, complexity, and specific HR needs. Small businesses may find Gusto to be the best fit, while larger organizations with more intricate HR demands may benefit from the extensive features offered by UKG Pro.

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