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June 6, 2024
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How to Use Gong Calls: A Comprehensive Guide


Gong is a leading revenue intelligence platform designed explicitly for sales teams of all sizes. By capturing and analyzing customer interactions, Gong provides actionable insights that elevate the sales process. Gong focuses on sales calls, delivering advanced call recording, transcription, and analysis features that empower sales professionals to understand customer needs, track deal progress, and identify coaching opportunities effectively.

In today's fast-paced world, where understanding customer sentiment and optimizing sales strategies are paramount, Gong’s role is crucial. By transforming raw interaction data into meaningful insights, Gong helps sales teams sharpen their practices, boost performance, and drive revenue growth.

Who is Gong for

Gong is tailored for sales professionals and teams who need to streamline their sales processes and improve revenue outcomes. Ideal users include:

  • Sales Representatives looking to optimize sales calls and improve deal closure rates.
  • Sales Managers aiming to gain deeper insights into team performance and sales effectiveness.
  • Sales Coaches seeking to provide targeted feedback and training to their teams.
  • Revenue Operations Specialists focused on aligning sales strategies with business goals.

Key features

Gong offers a comprehensive suite of features designed to enhance sales effectiveness:

Advanced Call Recording

Gong captures every call seamlessly, ensuring not a moment is lost. This feature allows users to revisit and review calls to identify valuable details and information that may have been missed.

Transcription and Analysis

Gong automatically transcribes calls, converting spoken words into precise text. The analysis engine then dissects the transcripts to highlight key themes, sentiments, and actionable insights.

Deal Tracking

Track the progress of deals through every stage of the sales pipeline. Gong’s analytics help identify where deals are stalling and provide recommendations for advancing them.

Conversation Trends

Monitor trends across multiple calls to detect patterns in customer conversations, helping anticipate customer needs and preferences.

Key Quote Extraction

Gong extracts crucial quotes from calls, making it easy to highlight and reference important customer statements. This feature is particularly useful for crafting targeted follow-ups and proposals.

Coaching Opportunities

Identify areas for improvement and tailor coaching strategies based on call performance. Gong’s analytics highlight which skills need development, enabling personalized training.

Best use cases

Gong excels in various scenarios across different teams and industries:

Sales Optimization

For sales teams, Gong’s ability to analyze call data helps optimize sales tactics. By understanding which approaches work best, sales reps can refine their techniques, ultimately driving higher conversion rates.

Customer Success Enhancement

Customer success teams can benefit from Gong's insights to better understand client concerns and satisfaction levels. The detailed call analysis helps in tailoring proactive solutions and improving customer relationships.

Market Understanding

Marketing teams can leverage call recordings and transcriptions to extract valuable customer feedback and sentiment. This information can inform marketing strategies and product development initiatives.

Training and Coaching

Sales managers and coaches can utilize Gong to identify specific areas where sales reps need improvement. Customized coaching plans can be developed based on concrete data from call analyses.

Revenue Forecasting

Revenue operations specialists can gain a clearer picture of deal progression and potential bottlenecks. Gong’s detailed insights help in making more accurate revenue forecasts and aligning sales strategies with business objectives.

Getting started

  1. Sign Up: Visit the Gong website and sign up for an account. Ensure all essential team members are included.
  2. Initial Setup: Follow the onboarding prompts to integrate Gong with your communication tools, such as your VoIP system.
  3. User Training: Conduct training sessions for your team to familiarize them with Gong’s features and functionalities.
  4. Call Recording: Start recording sales calls automatically by configuring the settings in Gong.
  5. Transcription and Analysis: Allow Gong to transcribe recorded calls and begin analyzing the data.
  6. Review Insights: Access and review the insights generated from call analyses. Utilize the dashboards to monitor key metrics and trends.
  7. Customize Settings: Customize settings to align with your team's specific needs and goals.

Tips and best practices

  • Regularly Review Dashboards: Make it a habit to check Gong’s dashboards regularly to stay on top of the latest insights and trends.
  • Incorporate Feedback: Use the extracted key quotes and insights to provide constructive feedback during coaching sessions.
  • Collaborate with Marketing: Share customer sentiments and feedback with your marketing team to help refine messaging and campaigns.
  • Monitor Deal Progress: Keep a close watch on deal stages and utilize Gong’s suggestions to move deals forward.
  • Stay Consistent: Ensure that all sales calls are recorded and analyzed for consistent data collection and insights.

Integration with Guru

Gong integrates seamlessly with Guru, offering numerous benefits that enhance productivity and effectiveness across the board. Guru’s AI search capabilities complement Gong’s insights by providing quick and reliable access to company information and resources.

Enhanced Knowledge Accessibility

With Guru, sales teams can access critical information quickly using AI-driven search functionalities. This ensures that they have the most relevant data at their fingertips during sales interactions.

Unified Source of Truth

By integrating Gong with Guru, all key customer insights and call analyses are stored in a single, unified platform. This reduces the redundancy of searching through various systems, improving workflow efficiency.

Proactive Answers

Guru’s AI-powered search can proactively deliver relevant answers derived from Gong’s insights, enabling sales representatives to respond swiftly and accurately to customer queries.


Gong is a powerful tool that transforms the sales process by capturing and analyzing customer interactions to provide actionable insights. Its advanced features—such as call recording, transcription, and deal tracking—make it an indispensable asset for sales teams aiming to optimize performance and drive revenue.

By integrating Gong with Guru, sales teams can leverage the best of both platforms, enhancing their ability to access and utilize critical information swiftly. Together, Gong and Guru provide a comprehensive solution for understanding and engaging customers effectively.

We encourage you to experience the transformative benefits of Gong and see how integrating it with Guru can propel your sales efforts to new heights.

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