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June 6, 2024
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IntelliHR vs Lano


In the realm of Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS), two prominent tools stand out: IntelliHR and Lano. These platforms cater to different aspects of HR management and present unique features tailored to diverse organizational needs.

IntelliHR, a Humanforce company, is an intelligent people platform revolutionizing human resources management. With a focus on fostering inclusive, engaging, high-performing, and aligned workplace cultures, intelliHR is designed for today’s hybrid work environment. It offers a cloud-based solution that enhances employee engagement, performance, and retention, and is easily implemented. Known for best-of-breed integrations and robust data-driven capabilities, intelliHR is trusted by hundreds of forward-thinking organizations and over 70,000 users globally.

On the other hand, Lano is a cloud-based compliance and payments platform providing a unified solution for hiring, managing, and paying employees and contractors in over 150 countries. Lano eliminates the need to set up a legal entity, ensuring full compliance across various jurisdictions. This particular focus on global workforce management differentiates Lano in the HRIS landscape.

Choosing the right HRIS tool is crucial for organizations aiming to optimize their HR processes, improve compliance, and enhance employee management. 

IntelliHR Overview

IntelliHR primarily focuses on creating a high-performance culture within the organization by integrating seamlessly into today’s hybrid work environments.

Key Features

  • Employee Engagement: IntelliHR’s pulse surveys and feedback tools ensure ongoing engagement diagnostics.
  • Performance Management: Continuous performance tracking with goal setting, performance reviews, and feedback loops.
  • Analytics and Reporting: Robust data-driven capabilities provide insights into workforce trends and performance metrics.
  • Integration Capabilities: Easily integrates with various tools such as Slack, Microsoft Teams, and more, enabling smooth workflows.
  • Ease of Implementation: User-friendly interface and simple setup process that minimizes disruptions.
  • Inclusive Culture Building: Tools to promote inclusivity and a collaborative work culture.
  • Compliance and Retention: Facilitates compliance with HR policies and tracks retention metrics to prevent turnover.

Lano Overview 

Lano is tailored for comprehensive global HR management, focusing on compliance and seamless payments across multiple jurisdictions.

Key Features

  • Global Compliance: Ensures compliance with local laws and regulations for hiring and payroll in over 150 countries.
  • Unified Payments Platform: Centralizes payroll and contractor payments, simplifying financial management across borders.
  • Employee and Contractor Management: Robust tools for onboarding, managing, and offboarding employees and contractors worldwide.
  • Tax Management: Handles global tax compliance, reducing the risk of legal complications.
  • Legal Entity Setup: No need for cumbersome legal entity setups for international operations.
  • Time Tracking and Project Management: Features that ensure accurate billing and project management across different locations.
  • Cost Transparency: Clear overview of costs associated with global workforce management.


Both IntelliHR and Lano serve crucial roles as HRIS tools with several overlapping features:

  • Cloud-Based Solutions: Both platforms offer cloud-based operations, ensuring accessibility and scalability.
  • Employee Management: Facilitate management of employees and contractors with easy onboarding and performance tracking features.
  • Data-Driven Insights: Provide data analytics to help organizations understand and optimize their HR functions.
  • Integrations: Both integrate with other tools and platforms to streamline HR operations.
  • Ease of Use: Designed with user-friendly interfaces that simplify complex HR processes.


Despite their similarities, IntelliHR and Lano cater to different aspects of HR management:

  • Core Focus: IntelliHR emphasizes employee engagement, performance management, and culture-building within organizations, whereas Lano focuses on global compliance and payments, particularly for international workforces.
  • Geographical Reach: While IntelliHR is designed for enhancing HR processes predominantly within existing legal frameworks, Lano facilitates hiring, managing, and paying workforce across 150 countries without setting up a legal entity.
  • Functionality Scope: IntelliHR’s functionalities are geared towards internal performance and engagement analytics, whereas Lano integrates financial management, tax compliance, and time tracking for remote and distributed teams.
  • Industry Suitability: IntelliHR is suited for organizations looking to enhance internal HR processes, while Lano is ideal for companies expanding globally and handling complex international compliance and payroll issues.

Pros and Cons



  • Intuitive user interface and easy implementation.
  • Robust tools for fostering engagement and performance.
  • Excellent integration capabilities with widely-used platforms.
  • Data-driven insights that inform better HR decisions.
  • Promotes inclusive workplace culture.


  • May require significant configuration for specific organizational needs.
  • Limited focus on global compliance and financial management.
  • Primarily targeted towards boosting domestic HR productivity.



  • Comprehensive global compliance management.
  • Streamlined payments platform for employees and contractors globally.
  • Simplifies tax and legal entity setup across jurisdictions.
  • Robust tools for managing remote and distributed teams.
  • Provides a unified solution for global workforce challenges.


  • Might be overkill for companies only operating domestically.
  • Less focused on employee engagement and performance management tools.
  • Potential complexity in initial setup for global operations.

Use Cases


  • SMEs and Enterprises: Organizations looking to boost internal employee engagement and performance.
  • HR Departments: HR departments needing powerful analytics to drive data-informed decisions.
  • Hybrid Work Environments: Companies navigating hybrid work environments and promoting inclusivity.
  • Culture Building: Organizations aiming to build a high-performance, inclusive workplace culture.
  • Intuitive Integration: Businesses seeking seamless integration with existing tools like Slack and Microsoft Teams.


  • Global Expansion: Organizations planning to expand their workforce internationally.
  • Remote Teams: Companies hiring and managing remote, distributed teams across different regions.
  • Financial Management: Businesses needing consolidated global payroll, compliance, and tax management.
  • Startups and Enterprises: Startups and enterprises that require a reliable platform for managing contractors and full-time employees worldwide.
  • Legal Compliance: Firms needing to comply with complex international hiring laws without setting up legal entities.


In comparing IntelliHR and Lano, it's clear that both platforms offer robust solutions in the HRIS domain, albeit with different focuses.

IntelliHR shines in optimizing internal HR processes, fostering engagement, and building a high-performance culture within organizations. It is best for companies prioritizing employee performance, engagement, and inclusivity.

Lano, on the other hand, excels in global workforce management, ensuring compliance, and streamlining payments across multiple jurisdictions. It is ideal for organizations with international aspirations or those managing remote and distributed teams needing unified global financial and compliance solutions.

Choosing between these two tools ultimately depends on your organization's specific needs. If enhancing internal HR processes and engagement is your priority, IntelliHR is the way to go. If managing a global workforce with compliance and streamlined payments is crucial, Lano is your best bet.

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