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June 6, 2024
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IntelliHR vs Sapling


Choosing the right Human Resources Information System (HRIS) is crucial for managing employee data, streamlining HR processes, and enhancing workplace efficiency. This comparison will analyze IntelliHR and Sapling, two notable HRIS tools.

IntelliHR, a Humanforce company, is an intelligent people platform revolutionizing human resources management by empowering global HR leaders to foster inclusive, engaging, high-performing, and aligned workplace cultures. Designed for today's hybrid work environment, IntelliHR's cloud-based platform seamlessly enhances employee engagement, performance, and retention. With ease of implementation, best-of-breed integrations, and robust data-driven capabilities, IntelliHR is the preferred HR software for hundreds of forward-thinking organizations and 70,000 users globally.

Sapling, a Kallidus product, excels in onboarding, offboarding, core HR, and people operations. Sapling’s capabilities are further enhanced by Kallidus’ expertise in learning, performance, talent management, and content creation, making it a comprehensive tool for modern HR management.

Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of each tool can help businesses choose the best fit for their HR needs.

IntelliHR Overview

Key Features

IntelliHR offers a range of features designed to streamline HR processes and improve workplace culture.

Performance Management

  • Continuous feedback
  • Goal setting and tracking
  • Performance reviews
  • Customizable performance templates

Employee Engagement

  • Pulse surveys
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Employee recognition 
  • Engagement analytics

HR Analytics

  • Customizable dashboards
  • Predictive analytics
  • Employee lifecycle tracking
  • Data visualization tools

Compliance and Reporting

  • Automated compliance tracking
  • Custom reports
  • Audit trails
  • Data security features

Integration Capabilities

  • Seamless API integrations
  • Single sign-on (SSO)
  • Integration with major HR and productivity tools

Sapling Overview 

Key Features

Sapling offers robust onboarding, offboarding, and core HR functionalities built to improve people operations.

Onboarding and Offboarding

  • Automated workflows
  • Customizable onboarding/offboarding checklists
  • Welcome emails and task reminders
  • Offboarding surveys

Core HR

  • Centralized employee data
  • Custom fields
  • Organizational charts
  • PTO tracking

Employee Experience

  • Feedback forms
  • Employee self-service portal
  • Peer recognition
  • Training tracking

Analytics and Reporting

  • Workforce metrics
  • Customizable reports
  • Trend analysis
  • Data export options

Integration Capabilities

  • Native integrations with popular HR tools
  • Open API for custom integrations
  • Integration with payroll and benefits systems


Both IntelliHR and Sapling share several similarities, making them highly competitive HRIS tools.

Employee Data Management

Both platforms offer centralized repositories for managing employee data, ensuring data accuracy and easy access.

HR Process Automation

IntelliHR and Sapling provide automation for HR workflows, reducing manual tasks and improving efficiency.

Performance and Engagement

Both tools focus on boosting employee engagement and performance through feedback systems, goal tracking, and recognition programs.

Analytics and Reporting

Each software offers robust analytics and reporting capabilities, helping HR teams make data-driven decisions.


IntelliHR and Sapling support integrations with various HR, payroll, and productivity tools, enhancing their value within a tech ecosystem.


While IntelliHR and Sapling share core HR functionalities, they differ in several aspects.

User Focus

IntelliHR primarily focuses on enhancing workplace culture and performance through continuous feedback and engagement analytics. On the other hand, Sapling emphasizes seamless onboarding/offboarding experiences and core HR operations.


IntelliHR offers extensive customization options, from performance templates to analytics dashboards. Sapling provides less customization but focuses on predefined best practices to standardize HR processes.

Integration Breadth

IntelliHR provides a broader range of integrations with various productivity tools and HR systems, while Sapling's strengths lie in seamless onboarding and offboarding integrations.

Market Focus

IntelliHR is designed for organizations aiming to enhance employee engagement and performance in a hybrid work environment. Sapling focuses on companies looking for robust onboarding and offboarding processes alongside core HR functionalities.

Pros and Cons



  • Comprehensive performance and engagement tools
  • Highly customizable analytics and dashboards
  • Strong integration capabilities
  • User-friendly interface tailored for hybrid work


  • May require more time to set up and configure
  • Higher cost for advanced features
  • Some features can be overwhelming for small teams



  • Excellent onboarding and offboarding workflows
  • Simple and intuitive user experience
  • Strong focus on core HR operations
  • Efficient integration with payroll and benefits systems


  • Limited customization compared to IntelliHR
  • Fewer advanced performance management tools
  • May not fully meet the needs of large enterprises

Use Cases


Ideal Scenarios

  • Companies with a hybrid or remote workforce looking to enhance employee engagement and performance.
  • Organizations requiring extensive customization for performance reviews and analytics.
  • Businesses focusing on fostering an inclusive and high-performing workplace culture.


Ideal Scenarios

  • Mid-sized companies aiming to streamline onboarding and offboarding processes.
  • Organizations that prioritize core HR operations and efficient task automation.
  • Businesses needing seamless integration with payroll and benefits systems.


In comparing IntelliHR and Sapling, both tools offer valuable features but cater to different HR needs.

IntelliHR excels in performance management, employee engagement, and customizable analytics, making it ideal for companies focused on enhancing workplace culture and employee performance. However, it may come with a steeper learning curve and higher costs.

Sapling stands out with its robust onboarding/offboarding workflows and core HR functionalities, perfect for mid-sized companies looking for a straightforward and efficient HRIS solution. While it may lack advanced customization, its intuitive interface and focus on practical HR tasks make Sapling a strong contender.

Choosing between IntelliHR and Sapling depends on your organization’s specific HR needs:

  • If your priority is to enhance employee engagement and performance in a customizable, hybrid-friendly platform, IntelliHR is a suitable choice.
  • If you seek to streamline onboarding/offboarding and core HR processes with a user-friendly interface, Sapling would be the better fit.

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