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June 6, 2024
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Justworks vs IntelliHR


When it comes to choosing the right Human Resource Information System (HRIS), options like Justworks and IntelliHR stand out among the myriad of choices available. Justworks is a multi-product solution offering global payroll, benefits, compliance support, time tracking, HR tools, and more, backed by award-winning support from HR-certified experts. IntelliHR, a Humanforce company, is an intelligent people platform designed to revolutionize human resources management. It focuses on fostering inclusive, engaging, high-performing, and aligned workplace cultures, especially tailored for the hybrid work environment. This in-depth comparison aims to provide a clear understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of each tool, helping you to find the best HRIS for your organizational needs.

Justworks Overview

Justworks simplifies the complex world of HR, payroll, and benefits, making it easier for businesses to manage their workforce efficiently.

Key Features

  • Global Payroll: Justworks supports comprehensive payroll solutions for businesses operating across different regions.
  • Benefits Administration: Easy setup and management of employee benefits, including health insurance and retirement plans.
  • Compliance Support: Ensures that your business stays compliant with labor laws and industry regulations.
  • Time Tracking: Integrates seamlessly with payroll and other HR functions to track working hours.
  • HR Tools: Comprehensive tools for employee management, onboarding, and performance tracking.
  • Award-Winning Support: Access to HR-certified experts for guidance and support.
  • Document Management: Secure storage and easy access to essential employee records.

IntelliHR Overview 

IntelliHR aims to empower HR leaders with the tools they need to create an engaging, high-performing workplace culture.

Key Features

  • Employee Engagement: Tools designed to enhance employee feedback, recognition, and morale.
  • Performance Management: Advanced functionalities for tracking employee performance and development.
  • Data-Driven Insights: Robust analytics to help make informed HR decisions.
  • Cultural Alignment: Features to ensure employees align with the company’s core values and goals.
  • Hybrid Work Environment: Seamlessly integrates for both in-office and remote work scenarios.
  • Cloud-Based Platform: Accessibility and ease of implementation with best-of-breed integrations.
  • Global Reach: Used by hundreds of organizations and 70,000 users worldwide.


Both Justworks and IntelliHR are robust HRIS tools designed to enhance HR functionalities within organizations. They offer solutions that cover payroll management, benefits administration, and compliance support. Additionally, both platforms provide tools to improve employee engagement and performance management. They are designed to streamline HR processes while ensuring ease of use and integration with existing systems.


  • Focus Area: Justworks focuses more on comprehensive administrative support, including global payroll and compliance. IntelliHR, on the other hand, emphasizes enhancing employee engagement, performance, and cultural alignment.
  • Support Type: Justworks offers award-winning support from HR-certified experts, which can be crucial for businesses needing compliance guidance. IntelliHR provides robust data-driven insights and analytics to help HR leaders make informed decisions.
  • Implementation: IntelliHR is designed to support modern hybrid work environments seamlessly, making it ideal for organizations with remote working policies. Justworks offers more traditional HR tools with a strong emphasis on administrative ease.
  • User Base: Justworks primarily targets small to medium-sized businesses, whereas IntelliHR caters to global organizations with a focus on fostering inclusive and high-performing cultures.

Pros and Cons



  • Comprehensive global payroll solutions.
  • Excellent compliance support and guidance.
  • Easy integration of benefits administration.
  • Time tracking and HR tools integrated with payroll.
  • Award-winning customer support.


  • May be more oriented toward administrative tasks rather than employee engagement.
  • Less focus on data-driven insights compared to IntelliHR.
  • Could be overwhelming for very small businesses not in need of extensive payroll and compliance features.



  • Strong focus on enhancing employee engagement and performance.
  • Advanced data-driven insights for HR decision-making.
  • Designed for hybrid work environments.
  • Easy cloud-based implementation.
  • Cultural alignment tools to foster workplace inclusivity.


  • May lack some detailed administrative functionalities found in Justworks.
  • Could be more expensive due to advanced performance and engagement tools.
  • Best suited for larger organizations with a focus on high-performing cultures.

Use Cases

  • Justworks: Ideal for small to medium-sized businesses that need comprehensive HR administrative support, global payroll management, and compliance guidance. Companies looking for an all-in-one solution to handle HR, payroll, and benefits with excellent customer support will benefit greatly from Justworks.
  • IntelliHR: Best for larger organizations or those aiming to improve employee engagement and performance in a hybrid work environment. Businesses focused on using data-driven insights to make informed HR decisions and foster an inclusive, high-performing culture should consider IntelliHR. 


Choosing between Justworks and IntelliHR depends largely on your organization's specific needs. Justworks is perfect for businesses that require robust administrative HR solutions, comprehensive payroll, and excellent compliance support. On the other hand, IntelliHR excels in enhancing employee engagement, performance management, and adapting to modern hybrid work environments with its data-driven approach.

If your primary focus is on streamlining HR administrative tasks, managing global payroll, and ensuring compliance, Justworks is the clear choice. For organizations that prioritize employee engagement, performance, and cultural alignment, particularly in a hybrid work setting, IntelliHR stands out as the better solution. Evaluate your company's current needs, future goals, and the specific functionalities of each platform to make an informed decision that will drive your business forward.

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