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June 6, 2024
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Sesame vs UKG Dimensions


Choosing the right HRIS tool is vital for streamlining human resources processes, increasing efficiency, and enhancing employee experience. In this comparison, we will delve into two prominent HRIS tools: Sesame HR and UKG Dimensions.

Sesame HR is a robust software solution designed to help companies digitize routine HR processes, making them simpler and more automated. It is an invaluable tool for managers, executives, and HR professionals focusing on improving employee experience while saving time.

UKG Dimensions, a cloud-based timekeeping solution, assists businesses in streamlining their HR processes and ensuring payroll accuracy. Both tools serve essential roles in modern HR management but target somewhat different functions and feature sets.

Understanding the unique features, strengths, and weaknesses of these tools will help you determine which one aligns best with your organizational needs.

Sesame HR Overview

Sesame HR combines simplicity with automation, empowering companies to manage their HR functions more efficiently. Below is an outline of its key features.

Key Features

  • Employee Self-Service: Enables employees to access and manage their personal data, time-off requests, and attendance records.
  • Automated Time Tracking: Tracks employee hours, attendance, and time-off automatically, reducing manual errors.
  • Performance Management: Facilitates employee evaluations and goal-setting to foster continuous development.
  • Document Management: Centralizes document storage, making it easy to find, share, and manage important HR documentation.
  • Onboarding and Offboarding: Streamlines processes to welcome new employees or manage offboarding seamlessly.
  • Analytics and Reporting: Provides detailed reports and analytics to help HR managers make data-driven decisions.
  • Integration Capabilities: Easily integrates with other business software to provide a unified HR system.

UKG Dimensions Overview

UKG Dimensions excels in providing accurate timekeeping and payroll solutions within a cloud-based architecture. Here are its key features.

Key Features

  • Advanced Timekeeping: Offers precise time tracking to ensure payroll accuracy and compliance.
  • Scheduling Management: Facilitates efficient scheduling and shift planning, maximizing workforce effectiveness.
  • Payroll Integration: Integrates deeply with payroll systems to streamline pay processing.
  • Absence Management: Tracks and manages employee time-off and leave requests accurately.
  • Mobile Accessibility: Provides mobile capabilities, allowing employees to clock in/out, view schedules, and manage their time remotely.
  • Employee Self-Service: Empowers employees to manage their time and attendance autonomously.
  • Analytics and Insights: Delivers actionable workforce insights and analytics for better decision-making.


Both Sesame HR and UKG Dimensions share several similarities, despite their different focal points within the HRIS landscape.

  • Employee Self-Service: Both platforms offer self-service functionalities, enabling employees to access and manage their personal and attendance data.
  • Automated Time Tracking: Both tools automate the tracking of employee hours and attendance, reducing manual work and errors.
  • Integration Capabilities: Each tool supports integration with other business systems, fostering seamless data flow across the organization.
  • Analytics and Reporting: Both provide robust analytics and reporting features to help HR managers make informed decisions.
  • Mobile Accessibility: Both apps are accessible via mobile devices, allowing employees to interact with the systems on the go.


While Sesame HR and UKG Dimensions overlap in some areas, key differences set them apart.

  • Core Functionality: Sesame HR focuses on holistic HR management, including performance management and document management, whereas UKG Dimensions specializes in timekeeping and payroll accuracy.
  • Payroll Integration: UKG Dimensions offers deeper payroll integration, ideal for organizations looking to streamline their pay processing, which is less emphasized in Sesame HR.
  • Employee Onboarding and Offboarding: Sesame HR provides dedicated features for onboarding and offboarding employees, enhancing the overall employee lifecycle management.
  • Scheduling Management: UKG Dimensions includes advanced scheduling capabilities, which is not a core feature of Sesame HR.
  • Performance Management: Sesame HR offers tools for performance evaluations and goal setting, which are not primary features in UKG Dimensions.

Pros and Cons

Sesame HR


  • Comprehensive HR management features beyond just time tracking.
  • Effective document management system.
  • Streamlined onboarding and offboarding processes.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Advanced performance management capabilities.


  • Limited payroll integration compared to specialized solutions.
  • May have a steeper learning curve due to its broad feature set.
  • Higher upfront costs for full-feature access.

UKG Dimensions


  • Superior timekeeping accuracy.
  • Advanced scheduling and shift management.
  • Deep integration with payroll systems.
  • Excellent mobile capabilities.
  • Employee self-service for time and attendance management.


  • Narrower focus on timekeeping and payroll processes.
  • Limited performance management and document handling features.
  • Potential additional costs for integrating with other HR functionalities.

Use Cases

Sesame HR

  • Medium to large organizations: Companies needing a comprehensive HR management tool that covers everything from performance management to document storage.
  • HR departments with varied needs: Ideal for HR teams that require a versatile solution encompassing multiple HR functions.
  • Employee engagement-focused companies: Organizations emphasizing employee experience and continuous development will benefit from its performance and onboarding features.

UKG Dimensions

  • Organizations with complex scheduling needs: Ideal for businesses needing robust scheduling and shift planning capabilities.
  • Payroll-centric businesses: Companies prioritizing payroll accuracy and integration will find UKG Dimensions more suitable.
  • Mobile workforce: Businesses with remote or mobile employees needing reliable time tracking and self-service functionalities.


Comparing Sesame HR and UKG Dimensions reveals two powerful HRIS tools, each excelling in different areas.

Sesame HR stands out with its comprehensive HR management capabilities, making it ideal for companies looking for a multifaceted solution to manage various HR processes efficiently. Its robust performance management, onboarding/offboarding, and document management features ensure a well-rounded HR tool.

UKG Dimensions shines in its precise timekeeping and payroll integration, making it perfect for businesses needing accurate and efficient payroll processing. Its advanced scheduling and mobile capabilities further enhance its suitability for organizations with complex workforce management needs.

If your primary need is a holistic HR solution that encompasses various HR functions, Sesame HR is likely the better choice. However, if your focus is on improving timekeeping accuracy and integrating payroll processes seamlessly, UKG Dimensions should be your go-to solution.

Understanding your organization’s specific needs and priorities will determine the best fit between these two excellent HRIS tools.

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