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June 6, 2024
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Top Alternatives to Rippling


Rippling gives businesses one place to run HR, IT, and Finance—globally. It brings together all of the workforce systems that are normally scattered across a company, like payroll, expenses, benefits, and computers. For the first time ever, you can manage and automate every part of the employee lifecycle in a single system.

Rippling’s primary features include comprehensive HR management, IT setup, and financial oversight, all streamlined and automated to simplify workplace processes. However, selecting the right software solution is crucial to meeting the unique needs of your business. Therefore, it's essential to consider alternatives to ensure you're choosing the best fit.

Alternative 1: Gusto

Gusto is a popular HR and payroll service that focuses heavily on simplifying payroll, benefits, and HR management for small businesses.

Key features

  • Payroll Management: Automated payroll processing, tax filings, and compliance.
  • Benefits Administration: Health insurance, 401(k) plans, and other employee benefits.
  • HR Tools: Time tracking, hiring and onboarding functionalities, and employee directories.
  • Compliance: Tools to ensure adherence to state and federal regulations.

Similarities to Rippling

  • Payroll and Benefits Administration: Both Gusto and Rippling offer comprehensive payroll and benefits management solutions.
  • HR Capabilities: Both include essential HR tools like onboarding, offboarding, and employee record management.
  • Automation: Gusto, like Rippling, focuses on automating repetitive HR tasks to save time and reduce errors.

Differences and unique features

  • Focus on Small Businesses: While Rippling can cater to larger enterprises, Gusto is specifically tailored for small businesses.
  • User Interface: Gusto is known for its highly intuitive and user-friendly interface, making it easier for small business owners without HR backgrounds to use.
  • Pricing Model: Gusto often boasts a more straightforward and accessible pricing model for small businesses, whereas Rippling has a more scalable pricing structure.

Alternative 2: BambooHR

BambooHR offers an end-to-end HR software solution designed for small to medium-sized businesses, focusing on people management and HR automation.

Key features

  • Employee Information Management: Centralized database for all employee information.
  • Hiring and Onboarding: Applicant tracking system (ATS) and automated onboarding processes.
  • Performance Management: Features that allow you to set goals, manage performance reviews, and track employee performance.
  • Payroll: Integrated payroll services alongside their core HR functionalities.

Similarities to Rippling

  • HR Automation: Like Rippling, BambooHR automates numerous HR processes, including onboarding and performance management.
  • Comprehensive HR Solution: Both provide a holistic HR management system, offering tools for employee data management, performance tracking, and more.
  • User Experience: Both platforms emphasize user-friendly interfaces and efficient workflows to enhance the user experience.

Differences and unique features

  • Specialization: BambooHR is highly specialized in HR functionalities, whereas Rippling extends its capabilities to IT and finance management.
  • Culture and Employee Engagement Tools: BambooHR places a stronger emphasis on employee engagement and culture, offering unique tools to measure employee sentiment and improve HR loyalty.
  • Customer Support: BambooHR is often praised for its highly responsive customer support tailored to HR-specific needs.

Alternative 3: Zenefits

Zenefits is an all-in-one HR software designed to simplify the complexities of workforce management.

Key features

  • Integrated HR Management: Employee onboarding, benefits administration, and compliance.
  • Payroll: Seamless payroll processing integrated with their HR tools.
  • Time Tracking and Scheduling: Tools to manage employee hours, vacations, and schedules.
  • Wellness Programs: Employee wellness initiatives built into the platform.

Similarities to Rippling

  • Comprehensive HR Services: Both Zenefits and Rippling offer extensive HR management tools, including payroll, benefits, and compliance.
  • Automation: Both platforms leverage automation to streamline various HR processes, enhancing efficiency.
  • Integration: Both systems integrate with other software applications to provide a cohesive user experience across different business functions.

Differences and unique features

  • Focus on Wellness: Zenefits incorporates wellness programs into its offering, which is not a primary feature in Rippling.
  • Simplified Interface: Zenefits is known for its simple and clean user interface, which can be particularly appealing to small and medium-sized businesses.
  • Pricing Transparency: Zenefits offers clear and transparent pricing, providing various plans suited to different business sizes and requirements.
  • Prescriptive Compliance: Zenefits includes built-in compliance assistance, guiding users through compliance requirements for their specific location, a feature that is more generalized in Rippling.


Choosing the right HR software is critical to enhancing your company's efficiency and employee satisfaction. While Rippling offers a comprehensive solution that extends across HR, IT, and finance, alternatives like Gusto, BambooHR, and Zenefits provide distinct features and functionalities that may better suit specific needs, especially for small to medium-sized businesses.

Gusto excels in providing user-friendly payroll and benefits management for small businesses. BambooHR offers specialized HR functionalities with a strong emphasis on employee engagement and performance management. Zenefits combines comprehensive HR tools with unique wellness programs and simplified compliance assistance.

Understanding these alternatives will help you make an informed decision based on your company's size, industry, and specific HR requirements. Consider your unique needs and objectives when evaluating these options to find the best fit for your business.

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