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April 15, 2024
April 4, 2024
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20 Best Slack Apps & Integrations to Know in 2024

Want to get more out of Slack and make collaboration as smooth as butter? Then, start reading to discover the best Slack apps that’ll drive your team toward success, without switching tabs anymore. 

In recent years, Slack (standing for Searchable Log of All Conversation and Knowledge) has experienced a huge boom in users. It says so itself. According to its data, more than 100,000 organizations use Slack to boost collaboration among team members. 

No wonder. This communication platform has chats, channels, threads, and video calls that keep your coworkers connected.

But what if it could do more using integrations? Slack connects with plenty of third-party apps that streamline your workspace further when it comes to time tracking, knowledge sharing, project management, etc. 

In this guide, we’ll talk about some of the best Slack apps that you can use today, highlighting their top features and who they’re good for. 

Disclaimer: This blog post was last updated on April 3, 2024. 

Best Slack Apps by Use Case

Those who use Slack experience a boost in their return on investment (ROI) of nearly 340%, enhancing productivity and automating everyday tasks. But this is only possible if you integrate all your favorite tools with it.

So, which are the best Slack apps around? We’ve made a convenient list you can peruse at your leisure, complete with each add-on’s use case. 

  1. Guru — Best knowledge base and search tool. 
  2. Polly Best tool for creating polls and surveys. 
  3. Google Drive Best for sharing and editing documents. 
  4. Dropbox Best for file sharing and document storage. 
  5. Box — Best cloud storage for file management and collaboration.
  6. Zoom — Best video and team communication tool. 
  7. Asana — Best project management tool for creating tasks.
  8. Zapier — Best automation tool for streamlining workflows.
  9. Loom — Best video messaging tool for recording short videos. 
  10. GitHub — Best web development platform for creating products. 
  11. Donut — Best virtual water cooler for a fun chat. 
  12. Giphy — Best storehouse for animated GIFs. 
  13. Calendly — Best tool for scheduling meetings. 
  14. Workast — Best project management platform for assigning tasks. 
  15. LucidSpark — Best virtual whiteboard for brainstorming. 
  16. Deel — Best team collaboration and employee recognition tool. 
  17. Wrike — Best integrated project management to team productivity. 
  18. Toggl — Best time tracking software for all workflows. 
  19. Standuply — Best tool for standups and retro meetings. 
  20. Favro — Best collaborative planning software for creating roadmaps. 

Phew, that’s a long list. 😮‍💨 But it’s definitely worth looking at each app. You can either jump to the tool that interests you the most. Or go through all of them. 

We promise it’s worth your time! 

So, let’s start with…

1. Guru

Guru is an Enterprise AI Search tool that connects all your team’s knowledge, including conversations. But it does more than that — it also delivers the answers you need without leaving Slack. 

Guru and Slack work perfectly together, like burgers and fries. They unlock a better way for your teams to collaborate by easily capturing and categorizing key information from your chats. And transforming it into content that you can later use.

See how well the two can simplify your life by taking a look at this video: 

Guru + Slack 

In addition, Guru uses artificial intelligence to suggest answers to questions in Slack channels, without the need for context switch. 

It is fantastically easy to understand and use. We love the deep integration with Slack, which makes a huge difference.” 

Top features

  • Message shortcuts: Guru has message shortcuts available in the More actions menu that allow you to quickly create tasks in Slack. 
  • Automatically identifies trending topics: With Guru’s Slack integration, you can easily find knowledge gaps and bridge them effortlessly. 
  • Content sharing: You can easily share content from all your existing tools directly in Slack via an advanced search. Plus, Guru lets you read and preview content directly in Slack. 

Best for

Guru is best for teams of any size, no matter the industry. Try Guru for Slack today! 

2. Polly

Polly doesn’t want a cracker. But it does want to help you create engaging and simple polls and surveys without hassle, right where you are. 

This tool has multiple real-time feedback features, including Q&A, templates, trivia, single- and multi-question polls, and more. Together, they keep your team strong and connected, regardless of where they work. 

Source: Slack App Directory

If you’re not feeling inspired, Polly has pre-built templates with ready-to-go questions for all your needs. You can also see the results in real time, which allows you to analyze feedback in depth and identify new patterns.

Love that it integrates so seamlessly with Slack. [...] The options for questions are great, making surveys as complete as possible in order to get the most feedback.” 

Top features

  • Social games: Polly offers plenty of interactive, live games that enable better collaboration and productivity. And it bridges the social distance gap between remote teams. 
  • Immediate response: Since Polly lets your teams answer polls without switching tabs, you’ll get responses faster. Which means you can act quickly and make better data-driven decisions. 
  • Automate repetitive workflows: Polly automates routine tasks, such as new-employee onboarding and team meeting agendas. So, you can schedule recurring polls for weekly check-ins, daily standups, etc. 

Best for

Polly is good for IT, product, internal comms, and people ops teams. 

3. Google Drive

Google Drive is a popular cloud storage and file-sharing platform that keeps your files safe and secure. 

Source: Google

With this tool, you can easily store, share, and collaborate on files and folders from wherever you are. Including Slack, of course. You can use this add-on to get notifications if someone makes changes to Google Drive files. Plus, you can reply directly to comments directly from within Slack. And it posts them to the file. 

You can also share existing documents from Drive to a channel or direct message. And search for the right file within Slack, making it easier for your teams to collaborate. 

I can access all of my files wherever I am. [...] It syncs with a variety of other frequently used software, such as the rest of the Google Suite, Slack, etc., and has lots of options for sharing or hiding access to files.” 

Top features

  • Built-in protection: Drive provides encrypted and secure access to all your documents. Moreover, it scans and removes spam, ransomware, and malware, minimizing the risk of losing valuable data. 
  • AI-powered search: Google Drive has advanced search features that let you find files fast. But it also emphasizes giving you the most relevant documents. 
  • New document creation: You can create new documents, slides, and sheets directly from Slack. 

Best for

Google Drive is best for personal use, but also for businesses of all shapes and sizes. 

4. Dropbox

Dropbox is another popular file-sharing and document-storage solution that streamlines your team’s work and collaboration. 

Source: Slack App Directory

Dropbox seamlessly integrates with Slack and enhances your collaboration, helping you move projects forward faster. You can share Dropbox files directly to Slack channels or DMs. 

Moreover, each file has an activity feed, allowing you to see an update and a link to the Slack channel where it was shared. As a result, people will always be aware if someone leaves feedback on the document. 

The platform’s compatibility with other tools, such as Slack and Zoom, further optimizes my workflow, minimizing the need to juggle between apps.” 

Top features

  • Content preview: You can see a preview of the shared file directly in Slack and even access the latest version. 
  • Access levels: You can control who sees and accesses your documents, so you make sure only the right people can make edits to files. 
  • Advanced search: Need a specific file quickly? You can easily locate Dropbox documents through the search bar in Slack. 

Best for

Dropbox is suitable for sales, marketing, and HR teams in multiple industries, such as manufacturing, construction, and technology. 

5. Box

Box provides teams of all sizes with a secure place to communicate, share files, and collaborate, without jumping from app to app. 

You can easily access your Box content from within Slack, as well as import or share documents. This powerful integration eliminates the need to always switch apps and backtrack, saving you time. 

Source: Slack App Directory

Moreover, you can rest assured that your data is secured. Box for Slack gives you granular control over who can edit, access, or view your files. You can tailor these settings to fit your every need. 

With Box, I am able to share my files through Slack and easily do any backups through the desktop app. [...] makes my communication easier by being able to access and share data anytime.” 

Top features

  • In-channel sharing: Need a file ASAP? You can instantly bring your Box content into your Slack messages. Plus, it automatically updates whenever someone makes a change, so you’ll always access the latest version. 
  • Rich previews: Content previews, which include file name, author, and a thumbnail image, allow you to speed up the feedback and review process. Plus, you can display or hide previews. 
  • Slash commands: With a simple command, you can complete your tasks easily. 

Best for

Box is great for businesses of all sizes. 

6. Zoom

Zoom, our savior during the coronavirus pandemic, is a cloud-based video conferencing tool for simple online meetings. 

With this integration, it’s easy to jump on a video or audio call whenever you need it, from any Slack channel, direct message, or private group. You just have to type /zoom — and voila

Source: Slack App Directory

With one click, you can do instant private meetings or group calls. 

Plus, you get the full array of collaboration features, including screen sharing, whiteboard, and annotation tools. You can also record your sessions so you can easily share them later. 

I connect to users in a jiffy from Slack using a quick shortcut to create Zoom Meetings in an instant.

Top features

  • Manage your Zoom meetings: Before joining a meeting, you can see the call details, such as who’s in it, elapsed time, etc. 
  • High-quality video and audio calls: Zoom doesn’t compromise on quality and offers HD video and audio, as well as MP4 and M4A recordings. 
  • Collaboration features: You get all of Zoom’s collaboration features, like annotation tools, whiteboard, notes, clips, etc. 

Best for

Zoom is best for sales, customer care, and marketing since you can easily create webinars, sessions, and events. 

7. Asana

Asana is a work management platform that helps companies connect and manage their workflows better. 

With this Slack integration, you can turn ideas, conversations, and requests into new tasks and projects in Asana directly from Slack. In addition, you can change assignees and the deadline, and add new teammates to the project. 

Source: Slack App Directory

You’ll also receive updates whenever someone makes a change or leaves comments. What’s great about this integration is that you can comment on the task or mark it as complete without leaving Slack. 

Asana’s intuitive interface makes it easy to use, and the tool integrates with several other platforms like Slack, Dropbox, and Google Drive, making it easy to collaborate with team members.” 

Top features

  • AI summaries: Use AI to summarize Asana tasks without leaving your Slack workspace. Why is this helpful? Because you can easily see the project’s progress and status without having to send lengthy emails. 
  • Rule adding: This feature helps you automate your process, which significantly reduces the manual work you do. You just need to add a trigger and it’ll automatically send a message to a Slack channel. 
  • Notifications: Whenever something’s happening to the projects related to you, you’ll receive instant alerts on Slack.  

Best for

Asana is great for operations, marketing, and IT teams. 

8. Zapier

Zapier is a workflow automation tool that enhances the efficiency and productivity of your teams. 

By integrating with Slack, you can move information from Zapier to a Slack conversation easily. But Zapier also integrates with other popular apps, such as Gmail, HubSpot, and more. As a result, you’ll easily centralize all your info, such as calendar events, new leads, and mentions, on Slack. 

Source: Slack App Directory

What else can you do with Zapier? Well, you can create homemade chatbots and automatically send messages to a Slack channel when someone makes changes in another app. 

We use Zapier to connect Dubsado to Mailchimp, Slack, Asana, Cardly. We have been able to streamline so many processes and it has saved us a lot of time.” 

Top features

  • Triggers and actions: Zapier offers different Slack triggers and actions, such as when someone posts a new message or file. 
  • To-do lists: This feature lets you create to-do lists based on saved Slack messages. 
  • New orders: Do you employ an e-commerce app? Well, you can easily post details of a new order into a Slack channel to offer visibility into the process. 

Best for

Zapier is great for lead management, sales pipeline, marketing campaigns, etc. It’s also great for marketing, IT, sales, and customer support teams. 

9. Loom

Loom is a messaging tool that lets you get your ideas across through short videos, perfect for asynchronous remote work.

Source: Slack App Directory

This integration is helpful because you can keep track of all your Looms directly in Slack, without having to switch apps constantly. Plus, by using the /loom command, you can start a Loom recording from Slack, making it easy to explain ideas or share feedback. 

You can also watch all your Looms directly in public or private Slack channels or DMs. 

Seamless integration with various platforms, including communication tools such as Slack and Gmail, makes it easy to share video content with colleagues, customers, or friends.” 

Top features

  • Quick edits: Edit a Loom using the tools provided directly in the browser or mobile app. 
  • Screen captures: You can record your Looms on MacOS, Windows, and Chrome easily, and enjoy them on every iOS or Android device. 
  • Slack notifications: You get a notification each time someone views, comments, or reacts to your Loom, making it easy to keep the conversation going. 

Best for

Loom is best for individuals and teams that work in sales, marketing, design, engineering, and product management. 

10. GitHub

GitHub is an AI-powered developer platform that many web developers use to build software.

Source: Slack App Directory

With this Slack integration, you’ll stay up to date with all that’s happening on GitHub, without switching apps. You can receive notifications about different activities like new issues, comments, code reviews, etc. every time you need them. 

In addition, you can see details about these activities, such as issues, code snippets, and more. And turn your conversations into actionable steps with a single slash command. 

Integrations with Slack, Jira, etc., are colossal productivity time savers.” 

Top features

  • Notification customization: You can set what notifications you want to see so you don’t get flooded with unrelated alerts. Subscribe to the activity relevant to the channel you’re in. 
  • Take action: Since you no longer have to switch apps to create new tasks or solve issues, you can do so directly in Slack. 
  • Scheduled reminders: Slack will automatically send you reminders at a specific time. This means your team will always be aware of any upcoming deadlines. 

Best for

GitHub is suitable for enterprises, teams, and startups in the DevOps or DevSecOps industries. 

11. Donut

Donut is not a delicious sugary treat, but a tool for forging bonds across departments and strengthening relationships through coffee meetings, job shadowing, mentorship programs, etc. 

Source: Slack App Directory

Donut levels up your company by building engaging people programs, from onboarding to internships. In a nutshell, Donut personalizes the journey of every employee, which helps you build a culture of retention. 

How exactly does it do that? Through social programs like coffee meetups, celebrating milestones like birthdays and anniversaries, or watercooler chats. 

And you can do all of these directly in Slack! This integration offers a variety of interactions that foster a sense of community and craft a stronger company culture. In a few minutes, you’re able to introduce new teammates via direct message. 

The app is easy to use as a Slack installation and provides prompts to set up a meeting/interaction with another co-worker.” 

Top features

  • HRIS integration: Donut integrates with your HRIS tool, so you can easily import employee anniversaries, new hire details, etc. Which helps you build a stronger team culture.
  • Watercooler: Let your people debate on Slack through lively chats and friendly banter in a channel of your choosing. It sparks creativity and breaks down barriers. 
  • Celebrations: Increase your team’s morale and employee engagement by never forgetting about their birthdays. Donut offers automated and customizable celebrations that’ll make anyone feel special. 

Best for

Donut is best for remote teams of all sizes, depending on your needs. 

12. Giphy

Giphy is a good online source — and the world’s largest library — of animated GIFs. 

Whether you pronounce GIFs as giffs or jiffs, we can all agree that they’re pretty useful. 

Source: Slack

Doesn’t it feel nice when someone says something and you have the perfect reaction GIF? You just type what you want — and Giphy will provide you with the appropriate options. 

In Slack, you just have to type /giphy and the search command will pop up. 

The best part? It’s free! Just install it. And you can instantly benefit from this huge database of animated images that express our feelings so well.  

Top features

  • GIF creation tools: Giphy allows you to create your own GIFs by using its editing tool. You just have to record footage with your camera and upload it to the site. 
  • Wide collection of GIFs: Giphy offers the most comprehensive array of GIFs around, for all occasions and feelings. 
  • Save your GIFs: If you sign up for an account (which is free!) you can save your favorite GIFs, making it easier to select them when you need them most. 

Best for

Giphy is best for anyone who’s looking to create a fun environment. 

13. Calendly

Calendly is a simple scheduling automation tool that eliminates back-and-forth emails and streamlines collaboration. 

Source: Slack App Directory

Of course, with the Slack integration, you can access your Calendly events directly in Slack, without leaving the app. It’s also easy to share the links by using the /calendly shortcut in the Slack channels or messages. 

This way, you give people from different time zones (if applicable) all the most important details about the meetings. So they’re always aware of what’s to come. 

Integration with Slack and Google Calendar/Meet has become very convenient.” 

Top features

  • Enhanced link experience: With Calendly’s integration to Slack, you’re able to see all the details about your event without leaving the convo. 
  • Integrations: Calendly also integrates with other tools to automate your workflows, including video conferencing tools, billing platforms, or your CRM. 
  • Analytics and trends: It’s easy to access your meeting analytics and discover new popular trends, like top performers, in-demand meeting types, etc. 

Best for

Calendly is for enterprises of all sizes in industries like technology and financial services. 

14. Workast

Workast provides a project management app that helps your team organize and manage projects directly in Slack. 

Source: Slack App Directory

Moreover, you can create tasks and to-do lists, set up due dates, and assign work to the right people without leaving the conversation. Simply use the /todo command or the shortcut to make any message into a Workast task.

You can also view all tasks in a Slack channel since they’re all automatically synced with Workast. Plus, Workast will send you no emails. All notifications you’ll receive will be on Slack, so you never have to switch apps when getting updates. 

I love the integration that I have when working in Workast and being able to create the proper channels/spaces in Slack to further discuss the tasks needing to be solved.

Top features

  • Two-way calendar sync: You can sync Workast with tools such as Outlook, MS Exchange, iCloud, Office 365, etc. 
  • Customizability: Workast in Slack offers plenty of personalization features, like the ability to create custom forms or customize daily reminders for all your tasks. 
  • Checklist: You have an easy-to-use checklist to see all the tasks your team still needs to complete. As a result, everyone stays up to date with the project’s progress. 

Best for

Workast is suitable for creative work, customer support, HR departments, and event planning and meetings. 

15. LucidSpark

LucidSpark is every company’s favorite virtual whiteboard for brainstorming ideas and collaborating as a team in real time, regardless of where its people are. 

With this Slack integration, you can bring your ideas to life AND make team communication more clear and effective. It’s easy to share all your Lucid files with your colleagues, so you can start mapping out ideas and brainstorming almost immediately after installation. 

Source: Slack App Directory

You have plenty of features to use, including sticky notes, templates, timers, voting boards, and freehand drawing. LucidSpark’s infinite canvas allows you to develop workflows and improve your collaboration, while also being able to make the feedback process easier to handle. 

Team collaboration in LucidSpark makes it extremely seamless. This tool is a must for enterprises and teams who would need collaboration across other members.” 

Top features

  • Notifications: You’re never out of the loop. You’ll easily keep track of all updates with Slack notifications for all LucidSpark and LucidChart files. 
  • Preview thumbnails: Whenever you share links to the documents in Slack, you’ll see a preview thumbnail with all the details. 
  • Permissions: You can control who views, access, and edits your files. Plus, it’s easier to share ideas quickly and grant permission. 

Best for

LucidSpark is ideal for anyone needing to ideate, mostly UX/UI designers, CX researchers, developers, and product managers. 

16. Deel

Deel is an all-in-one HR platform that lets you handle all HR tasks related to hiring, onboarding, and paying employees. 

Source: Slack App Directory

With this integration, you can unlock the power of HR automation across the board, significantly reducing content switching. You’ll receive alerts when you need to sign off a new hire’s contract or approve expenses. Plus, you can keep whomever you like in the loop, ensuring only the right people get notifications. 

Deel also has a handy AI that you can chat with. You’ll get instant answers to all your inquiries, so you can streamline your workflows further. 

The features and integration with other tools like Slack and Personio for instance are beneficial and save a lot of time for us.” 

Top features

  • Invoice confirmation: Through a channel or direct message, you’ll get instant notification when an invoice needs approval. 
  • HR information access: For any HR-related query, you can call upon Deel AI. No more searching through various documents and tools for reliable information — it’s now at your fingertips. 
  • Expenses approval: Tired of having an inbox full of expense reports? When someone needs to approve a request, you can send an alert directly to them through a DM or Slack channel. 

Best for

Deel is great for startups and enterprises, but also for finance and legal teams, and hiring managers. 

17. Wrike

Wrike offers a project management platform that allows your teams to do more than just work; it enables them to easily collaborate on projects. 

Source: Slack App Directory

This integration makes collaboration more effective and efficient but it also structures your work better. What it allows you to do is create new tasks very quickly, as well as manage, track, and report on them. 

Plus, you enable better work collaboration by displaying task details in a preview. As a result, everyone stays informed. The notifications also help keep your team updated on the project’s progress. 

The biggest game changer for our agency has been the approvals process in Wrike, allowing us to integrate with Adobe and Slack and easily leave notes and changes that can also be referred back to quickly.” 

Top features

  • Create new tasks: Just use /wriketask to open a popup where you can easily enter your task details. This way, you can stay on top of all your tasks and manage them quickly. 
  • Notifications: Whenever there’s a change, your team is immediately notified. As a result, you respond to these notifications quickly and stay informed. 
  • Task previews: You can see all the details of your Wrike projects while staying in your Slack conversations. 

Best for

Wrike is great for marketing, professional services, and creative teams. You can use it for project, resource, and task management. 

18. Toggl

Toggl is online time-tracking software that also offers ways to plan your multiple projects better. 

Source: Toggl

By integrating Toggl with Slack, you can stay up to date with all the latest changes in your team calendar or tasks. So, if someone’s upcoming vacation is due, you’ll be notified early. 

This way, you enhance collaboration between your team and get a bird’s eye view of your tasks and workday.

Moreover, you receive notifications when someone makes changes to the doc (and what was changed) which is extremely useful when trying to stay on track with everything. 

There is literally zero learning curve for basic functionalities. And Slack integration is very useful as a reminder.” 

Top features

  • Offline tracking: You can track your employees’ time either in real time or offline. So, you can add the time as you go or sync it all later. 
  • Project dashboard: You’ll have one dashboard where you can see everything related to your task, including important data like timelines or budgets. 
  • Team member audits: Through filters, you can easily find who’s slacking off and who tracked too much. 

Best for

Toggl is great for consultants, creative agencies, design teams, software and IT experts, lawyers, and accountants.

19. Standuply

Standuply is a Slack bot useful for daily async chats, meaning it’s capable of automatically running standup meetings.  

Source: Slack App Directory

With this bot, you can manage personal to-dos by quickly turning messages into tasks. You can also set deadlines and receive reminders. But what this bot does great is tracking work progress, business metrics, and bottlenecks. 

24/7, mind you. 

Moreover, to improve your company culture, Standuply lets you customize questions using your language. And allow your remote team to answer them via text, voice, or video messages. 

This tool takes the monotony out of recurring meetings by pushing them to Slack — great tools and features make it an excellent experience for all.” 

Top features

  • Daily scrum: Make your daily meetings more entertaining with Standuply. You have predefined templates to ask your questions; plus, you can run multiple reports either asynchronously or on a schedule. 
  • Retrospective events: In these retro meetings, you can gather feedback from your team. And keep a record of what they like or dislike. 
  • Team polls: Need to vote on the next project? Start a Slack poll with the /poll-standuply command. They’re fully customizable, so you can create them for any situation. 

Best for

Standuply is built for remote teams.

20. Favro

Favro is a cloud-based collaboration platform that teams can use to manage their work and organize it according to their preferences. 

Source: Favro

Favro lets companies and teams of all sizes track their tasks — and it scales with you, without getting complex. Favro will remain simple to use, no matter how big your company grows. 

You can configure the app to meet your needs, so it’ll only show notifications that you’re interested in. Favro will post them in the channels you choose so you’ll never be flooded with too many alerts. 

Not only does it lend itself particularly [well] to SMBs which are used to Slack, but it also gives you an easy and intuitive experience, which needs no introduction or long implementation.” 

Top features

  • Link unfurling: Through Slack, you can unfurl your Favro boards, cards, and link collections easily. 
  • Roadmaps: You’ll have company dashboards (or build them from scratch) where you can see your team’s roadmap in a single viewing board. 
  • Databases: You can add columns, hierarchies, and calculations to break huge chunks of data into smaller pieces. 

Best for

Fabro is useful for the gaming, agile enterprise, and Software-as-a-Service industries. 

How Do I Install Slack Apps?

You found a Slack app that you want to install but you have no clue how to do that. 

Don’t worry. We can take you through the steps: 

  1. Select the Apps option from the left sidebar of Slack’s desktop app. 
  2. Search for the add-on you want. Once you’ve found the right one, it’ll take you to the Slack app directory. 
  3. Click on the Install button. It’ll prompt you to complete the installation process.

That’s it! Super easy. Once installed, you and your company can use the new plugin instantly. Make sure you have permission to install the app, otherwise you might need to submit an app request. 

So, are you ready to join the 85% of users who say Slack has improved their communication? Then choose the one Slack app that’ll take your business to new levels…

Over to You

What do you think of our list of the best Slack apps of 2024? Have you found your soulmate yet?

And is it Guru? 🤭

If yes, hooray! Guru is the right choice for you, as it connects all your apps, docs, and chats in a single place. With Guru’s enterprise AI search, you can get instant answers without lifting a finger. Or leaving your beloved Slack. 

Try it today — you won’t regret it. 

Key takeaways 🔑🥡🍕

What do Slack apps do?

Slack apps can do a lot of things if the tools on our list are anything to go by. Moreover, you can easily personalize all of Slack’s 2,500+ apps

Examples of Slack apps include: Knowledge management tools, project management tools, file sharing and document storage tools, meeting scheduling tools, and time tracking tools.

Are there free Slack apps?

There are a few free Slack apps, including: Zapier, Trello, Zoom, Giphy, Standuply, and LucidChart.

Can I create my own Slack apps?

Yes, you can build your own Slack apps. Follow these simple steps:

  1. Access the Slack App directory.
  2. Select the Build option.
  3. Enter the app name. 
  4. Select the Slack workspace you’ll be developing your app in.
  5. Click on Create App

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