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June 6, 2024
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UKG Dimensions vs Sapling


In the realm of Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS), UKG Dimensions and Sapling stand out as two prominent contenders. Both tools offer robust solutions for businesses looking to streamline their human resource processes and improve overall efficiency. UKG Dimensions is a cloud-based timekeeping solution aimed at helping businesses streamline their processes and improve payroll accuracy. In contrast, Sapling, a Kallidus product, excels in onboarding, offboarding, core HR, and people operations, further enriched by Kallidus’ expertise in learning, performance, talent management, and learning content.

Choosing the right HRIS tool is crucial for any organization as it directly impacts the efficiency of HR operations, employee satisfaction, and overall productivity. This comparison will delve into the features, similarities, differences, pros, cons, and ideal use cases of both UKG Dimensions and Sapling to help you make an informed decision.

UKG Dimensions Overview

UKG Dimensions is tailored to be a comprehensive timekeeping solution designed to assist businesses in managing their workforce more effectively. By leveraging cloud technology, it promises improved payroll accuracy and streamlined HR operations.

Key Features

  • Timekeeping and Attendance: Automates clock-in/out processes, reducing errors and ensuring accurate time tracking.
  • Advanced Scheduling: Facilitates shift planning, ensuring optimal workforce allocation.
  • Payroll Integration: Seamlessly syncs with payroll systems to ensure accurate and timely payments.
  • Mobile Access: Allows employees to clock in/out and manage their schedules via mobile devices.
  • Compliance Management: Helps businesses stay compliant with labor laws and regulations.
  • Analytics and Reporting: Provides insights into workforce data to drive informed decision-making.

Sapling Overview 

Sapling offers a comprehensive HRIS solution designed to elevate onboarding, offboarding, core HR, and people operations, buoyed by Kallidus' extensive experience in learning and talent management.

Key Features

  • Onboarding and Offboarding: Streamlines the processes to ensure smooth transitions for new hires and those leaving the company.
  • Core HR Functions: Manages employee records, benefits, and compliance with robust tracking and reporting features.
  • People Operations: Enhances employee lifecycle management through automation and intelligent workflows.
  • Learning and Development: Integrates with Kallidus' learning products to deliver a holistic talent development experience.
  • Performance Management: Assists in creating, tracking, and managing performance reviews and goals.
  • Employee Self-Service: Empowers employees to manage their personal information, benefits, and training through a self-service portal.
  • Integration Capabilities: Strong integration with other HR tech and platforms to ensure seamless data flow.


Both UKG Dimensions and Sapling share several similarities that make them effective HRIS tools:

  • Cloud-Based Solutions: Both platforms leverage cloud technology, ensuring accessibility, scalability, and security.
  • Employee Self-Service: Each offers self-service capabilities, empowering employees to manage aspects of their HR-related tasks.
  • Compliance Management: They both provide tools to help businesses comply with various labor laws and regulations.
  • Automation: Both solutions offer automation features that help reduce manual tasks and increase efficiency.
  • Mobile Accessibility: Both platforms provide mobile access, allowing employees to manage their time or HR information on the go.
  • Analytics and Reporting: Offer robust analytics and reporting features to provide insights into HR metrics and workforce data.


While both tools offer robust HRIS solutions, they cater to different aspects of human resource management, setting them apart in several ways:

  • Focus Areas: UKG Dimensions primarily focuses on timekeeping, attendance, and scheduling, whereas Sapling excels in comprehensive HR management, especially in onboarding, offboarding, and people operations.
  • Learning and Development: Sapling, through its integration with Kallidus, offers more advanced learning and development features, which UKG Dimensions does not accentuate.
  • Performance Management: Sapling includes tools for managing performance reviews and goal tracking, an area where UKG Dimensions does not provide similar functionalities.
  • Payroll Integration: While both offer integration, UKG Dimensions places a stronger emphasis on payroll accuracy through its timekeeping and attendance functions.

Pros and Cons

UKG Dimensions


  • Specializes in timekeeping and attendance, ensuring accurate payroll.
  • Advanced scheduling features enhance workforce management.
  • Easy-to-use mobile app for employee and manager access.
  • Robust compliance management tools.
  • Insightful analytics and reporting capabilities.


  • Limited functionalities in areas like onboarding, performance management, and learning and development.
  • May be less suitable for businesses looking for a comprehensive HR management tool.



  • Comprehensive onboarding and offboarding processes.
  • Strong capabilities in learning, performance, and talent management through Kallidus integration.
  • Robust core HR functions.
  • Employee self-service features enhance user experience.
  • Excellent integration capabilities with other HR platforms.


  • Might be overwhelming for businesses only needing basic HR functions.
  • Could require more time to implement and train staff due to its comprehensive features.

Use Cases

  • Ideal Scenarios for UKG Dimensions
  • Businesses that require precise timekeeping and attendance tracking.
  • Organizations needing advanced scheduling and payroll integration.
  • Companies looking to ensure compliance with labor laws and regulations.
  • Firms with a high degree of shift work or large hourly workforce.

  • Ideal Scenarios for Sapling:
  • Companies focused on improving onboarding and offboarding experiences.
  • Organizations looking to integrate learning and development with their HRIS.
  • Businesses that need comprehensive people operations management.
  • Firms that value performance management and employee development.


Both UKG Dimensions and Sapling offer robust HRIS solutions tailored to different aspects of human resource management. UKG Dimensions excels in timekeeping, attendance, and scheduling, making it ideal for businesses heavily reliant on accurate payroll processing and compliance management. On the other hand, Sapling stands out with its comprehensive approach to onboarding, offboarding, core HR functions, and integration with Kallidus’ learning and performance management tools.

When deciding between UKG Dimensions and Sapling, consider the specific needs of your organization. If precise time tracking and payroll accuracy are your top priorities, UKG Dimensions could be the better fit. However, if you are looking for a more holistic HR solution that includes onboarding, people operations, and robust learning and performance management, Sapling may be the right choice for you.

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