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Infinitely accessible

Never worry about switching tabs to access Confluence again. Our browser extension, Slack bot, and web app allow your team to stay in their workflow and spend less time searching for the knowledge they need to do their jobs—up to 200% less time.
"If you use Confluence for your internal wiki you’re doing it wrong. Guru provides trusted content that’s accessible in an instant. Our team adoption was incredibly quick. I’ve looked at a million CMS solutions and this is my favorite"
John Ley, Head of Sales Enablement

Empower your team with trusted content

Even when your team finds information in Confluence, how do they know it’s still accurate? Your products, competitors, and processes are changing all the time, so we built a verification workflow that shows when knowledge was last updated and who on your team updated it so they always trust the accuracy of knowledge in Guru. Find out more about Guru's features.

Actionable data for meaningful insight

Sure, there are other programs similar to Confluence. But Guru stands out with analytics that give you insight into how your knowledge base is performing. See what knowledge is being used the most, who's using it, and identify search trends. Fill gaps in your knowledge strategy by seeing what searches aren’t producing results.
"Coming from no understanding of how our content was being interacted with or even used in Confluence, we didn’t really know what to focus on to improve our knowledge base. With Guru, having the dashboard of usage and activity gives us tangible metrics and a baseline to look at to try to improve upon."
Ben MacAskill, VP of Operations

A knowledge base built for scalability

The way we work is changing—that's why we built Guru to bring you the knowledge you need, when and where you need it. Guru is more than just an alternative to Confluence. It's a real-time knowledge management solution that integrates with the tools you already use most.
"We used the opinions of our team to judge if Guru was a success. Everyone liked Guru. No one liked wikis."
Anthony Thomas, General Manager and Co-founder

Don’t Want To Choose? Use Guru and Confluence Together

No more knowledge silos. It's easy to sync or migrate Confluence pages to Guru cards and get a trusted knowledge network with everything your team needs to know, all in one place.

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