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June 6, 2024
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Breathe vs Freshteam


In today's competitive business landscape, Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS) are essential for streamlining HR processes, enhancing productivity, and ensuring seamless talent management. Two popular HRIS tools are Breathe and Freshteam, each offering unique features suited to various business needs.

Breathe is a multi-award-winning simple and secure people software designed to help SMEs in the UK and Australia move their core HR processes online. This enables businesses to save time, achieve peace of mind, and operate efficiently regardless of their geographical location.

Freshteam, on the other hand, is intelligent HR software for growing businesses. It provides comprehensive features for attracting, hiring, and onboarding new hires, managing employee information and time off - all in one platform. Freshteam focuses on sourcing top talent and efficiently managing employee lifecycle events.

Comparing these HRIS tools is crucial to understand which one best fits your business needs.

Breathe Overview

Key Features

  • Employee Management: Centralized database for maintaining employee records, personal details, emergency contacts, and job-related information.
  • Leave Management: Streamlined leave requests and approvals, an easy-to-use leave calendar, and automatic leave calculations.
  • Performance Management: Tools for setting goals, conducting performance reviews, and providing feedback.
  • Expense Management: Enables employees to submit expenses online, managers to approve them, and finance teams to process reimbursements seamlessly.
  • Document Management: Secure storage and management of employee documents with easy access controls.
  • Compliance and Reporting: Comprehensive compliance features and reporting tools to help ensure adherence to local regulations and provide insights into HR metrics.

Freshteam Overview 

Key Features

  • Applicant Tracking System (ATS): Attract, source, and manage candidates through customizable career sites, job board integrations, and social media channels.
  • Employee Onboarding: Pre-board new hires by managing forms, documents, and tasks before their start date. This includes creating onboarding task lists assigned to respective team members.
  • Employee Data and Directory: Maintain detailed employee profiles and create a comprehensive directory. Manage access permissions for sensitive employee information.
  • Time Off Management: Track and manage employee time off requests, approvals, and leave balances.
  • Recruitment Collaboration: Facilitate recruiter and hiring manager collaboration, including screening, interview scheduling, feedback sharing, and note-taking.
  • Offboarding: Manage the offboarding process efficiently, ensuring all necessary steps are followed and documented.


  • Core HR Functions: Both Breathe and Freshteam offer essential HR functionalities such as employee data management, leave management, and compliance reporting.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Both tools are designed with ease of use in mind, providing intuitive interfaces that require minimal training.
  • Document Management: Secure storage and management of critical employee documents are available in both systems.
  • Performance Tracking: Each tool provides capabilities for managing employee performance through reviews and goal setting.


  • Recruitment Features: Freshteam excels in recruitment with an advanced ATS, enabling businesses to attract and hire talent through various channels. Breathe does not specifically emphasize recruitment.
  • Onboarding Capabilities: Freshteam offers pre-boarding features, including document management and task assignments before the new hire's first day. Breathe focuses more on general leave and expense management.
  • Target Audience: Breathe targets small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the UK and Australia, whereas Freshteam is designed for growing businesses worldwide.
  • Compliance Focus: Breathe offers a strong focus on compliance features relevant to UK and Australian regulations, while Freshteam offers broader compliance tools suitable for international markets.
  • Employee Directory: Freshteam provides a more elaborate employee directory with extensive profile management capabilities compared to Breathe.

Pros and Cons



  • Ease of Use: Highly user-friendly with a simple, intuitive interface.
  • Focused Compliance: Strong compliance tools tailored for UK and Australia, ensuring local regulatory adherence.
  • Performance Management: Comprehensive tools for performance reviews and feedback.
  • Expense Management: Integrated system for managing employee expenses effectively.


  • Limited Recruitment Features: Does not offer robust recruitment capabilities like a dedicated ATS.
  • Geographic Limitation: Primarily designed for UK and Australian markets, which might limit its global appeal.



  • Advanced Recruitment Tools: Comprehensive ATS with features for attracting, managing, and hiring talent.
  • Pre-Boarding Features: Advanced onboarding capabilities that start before the new hire's first day.
  • Collaboration Options: Enhanced collaboration tools for recruiters and hiring managers.
  • Global Appeal: Suitable for growing businesses worldwide.
  • Employee Directory: Detailed profiles and permission-based access management.


  • Complexity: May require more setup and training due to its extensive features.
  • Higher Cost: Potentially higher cost for businesses needing advanced recruitment tools.

Use Cases

  • Breathe: Ideal for SMEs in the UK and Australia looking for user-friendly HR software to manage core HR processes, ensure compliance, and streamline performance and expense management. Examples include companies needing simple yet effective tools to move their HR processes online without extensive recruitment needs.

  • Freshteam: Best suited for growing businesses worldwide that require advanced recruitment capabilities and comprehensive employee lifecycle management from pre-boarding to offboarding. Examples include companies needing robust tools to attract and hire talent, manage employee data, and streamline onboarding and offboarding processes.


In comparing Breathe and Freshteam, it is clear that each HRIS tool has unique strengths catering to different business needs.

Breathe excels in providing user-friendly tools tailored for SMEs in the UK and Australia, with a strong focus on compliance, performance, and expense management. It is a great fit for businesses looking to streamline their core HR processes efficiently without the need for extensive recruitment capabilities.

Freshteam, conversely, stands out with its advanced recruitment features, making it ideal for growing businesses that need comprehensive tools for attracting, hiring, and managing employees. Its global appeal and robust pre-boarding and onboarding features make it a versatile choice for businesses looking to manage employee lifecycle events efficiently.

Choosing between Breathe and Freshteam ultimately depends on your specific business needs, whether you prioritize streamlined core HR processes with compliance focus or advanced recruitment and global HR management capabilities. By assessing your requirements and the unique features of each tool, you can make an informed decision on the best HRIS tool for your business.

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