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June 12, 2024
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The 7 Best AI Website Builders and Generators of 2024

If you want to create websites in a few minutes rather than weeks, then you need an artificial intelligence (AI) website builder. Which is exactly what this article is about. 

AI is here to stay due to its ability to simplify many repetitive tasks, such as writing text, generating images, and even building a website from scratch. 

Overall, a good AI website creator can make the website-building process easier. In a few simple steps, you can create the site’s design, organize the content, and even publish it. 

It’s becoming such a popular practice that the United States AI builder industry is predicted to be worth $5.09 billion by 2033. 

But it’s not without its downsides. Some AI-powered site builders fall short; so, you need to evaluate your options carefully. 

You’re in luck, though. Dive into this article to discover what an AI website builder is, the features you should look for, and the 7 best generators currently available. 

What is an AI Website Builder?

An AI website builder is a platform that uses the power of AI to generate professional websites without manually coding them. 

Instead of using drag-and-drop editors or pre-made templates to design the website, you simply write a prompt and the AI-powered tool will generate a functional website. 

For example, let’s say you want an e-commerce website. After answering some questions, such as “What’s your website about?,” the AI tool will create a ready-to-publish AI site, complete with layout, images, and copy. 

The tool inspires itself from the latest website trends, user preferences and behavior, and thousands of design elements. As a result, you get an AI-generated website tailored to your audience type. 

Now that you understand what an AI website builder is, let’s focus on the tool’s must-have features. 

What Features to Look For in AI Website Builders

To help you make the right decision faster, you should make a list of your top must-have features during the evaluation process. When it comes to AI site builders, look at the following functionalities: 

  • Intuitive editor: AI website builders should simplify what traditional site builders already do. So, look for user-friendly tools that are easy to understand and use, preferably with multiple customization options. 
  • Pre-made templates: If you’re out of ideas or you’d rather not spend too much time staring at a blank page, such templates help jumpstart the creation process. 
  • Top-notch security: Features such as built-in web hosting, CDN, and SSL certificates help keep your data secure from the risk of cyberattacks.  
  • AI-powered text generators: This feature allows you to create quality content for your content easily, including product descriptions, meta titles, blog posts, etc. 
  • SEO optimization: When looking for an AI site builder, don’t forget about SEO tools; they are super important for improving your online presence and gaining valuable insights about user behaviors. 

And that’s it! These are the most critical features an AI website generator should have. 

With this knowledge in mind, we can move on to the next section: the best AI website builders on the market. 

What are Some of the Best AI Website Builders?

According to this useful report, the website builder tool market enjoys a CAGR of 28% and is forecast to reach a valuation of around $44.3 billion in 2033. It’s a very profitable market that will spawn lots of good website builders that use powerful AI technology to create the websites of people’s dreams. 

For now, there are a few platforms that stand out from the crowd as being the best at what they do, such as: 

  1. Wix – Best overall AI website builder with plenty of customization options and features. 
  2. SITE123 – Best user-friendly AI website generator for beginners. 
  3. Hostinger – Best affordable AI website platform with copy and logo generation capabilities. 
  4. Framer – Best AI website builder tool that has simple processes. 
  5. WebWave – Best free AI website builder for generating, customizing, and publishing sites. 
  6. 10Web – Best AI-powered website builder for marketing agencies. 
  7. Elementor – Best website builder with AI technology for creating sites on WordPress. 

In the following section, we’ll go through each of these tools and describe them better, from what they do to their most valued features and use cases. 

1. Wix

Wix offers a user-friendly website builder for all kinds of websites, including portfolios, blogs, online stores, restaurants, etc. 

Source: G2

With a smart drag-and-drop editor and 900+ professional templates, you can use this tool to design your dream website — and take it to new heights. Wix also makes sure to keep your data safe and your website always running, through enterprise-grade security and reliable infrastructure. 

I’ve designed about two dozen websites for clients using Wix. Very easy to use. Templates are excellent. New features are cutting edge.” 

Top features

  • Domains and web hosting: Wix doesn’t leave you hanging — you’ll get a custom domain name and dependable web hosting if you decide to use this tool. 
  • Site themes: Wix makes it super easy to change site themes, meaning you can pick the fonts and colors to bring your creative vision to life. 
  • Layouts: With Wix’s AI, creating different structures is a piece of cake. Shuffle the layouts however you want to outline the website you’ve always envisioned. 

Use cases

Wix is a good option for agencies and freelancers, web developers, and large enterprises. 

Connect Wix with Guru and unlock a whole new world of possibilities. As a result, you’ll get access to your company knowledge wherever you work and enable more efficiency in your operations. 

2. SITE123

SITE123 is a free website builder with ready-made styles and layouts that will help you create custom websites optimized for all screen sizes and devices. 

Source: SITE123

What makes this tool special is that it is easy to use (even for beginners), handling everything from structuring the website to designing it in 3 simple steps.

All you need to do is select the type of website you want, upload the content, and publish a mobile-responsive website, all on the same day. Besides, it’s SEO-optimized, which helps drive traffic to your new site. 

SITE123 offers] tools that will spare us any _[prior design and coding experience and let us handle it without hiring a professional. Easy to use, no payment, no trial, no commitment._”  

Top features

  • 24/7 live support: If you encounter any issues or don’t know how to use the tool, SITE123 offers live chat support that helps you find answers to all your questions. 
  • Free hosting: SITE123 comes with its own cloud hosting, so you can rest assured that your website is always safe and secure. 
  • Online store: With this handy website builder, it’s easy to create your very own online store and start selling products after making a few configurations. 

Use cases

SITE123 is built to suit everyone, as it provides ready-made styles and layouts that require no coding or design experience. 

Use both Guru and SITE123 to streamline your workflows and get instant answers without leaving the tab or chat you’re working in.

3. Hostinger

Hostinger provides businesses of all sizes with a WordPress-optimized site. Through its intuitive and easy-to-understand website builder, you can get your new site up and running easily. 

Source: Capterra

To create a website with Hostinger, you first need to choose how to build it. This means letting the tool’s AI assistant generate a layout, but you can also use one of Hostinger’s templates. 

Then, start customizing! Add or remove any elements you like or don’t and play with different color schemes. 

When done, just select your domain name and go live. 

The Hostinger uptime is really great and the performance is the best one in the industry. There is no need for me to tell you about the pricing because everyone knows that Hostinger is famous for its low and competitive pricing point.” 

Top features

  • Templates: Hostinger offers 150 designer-made templates that suit any type of website, including landing pages, blogs, portfolios, etc. 
  • Customization tools: This website builder offers a suite of customization tools, such as drag-and-drop, smart grids, and more, so you can create the website you’ve always wanted. 
  • E-commerce features: If you want to build an e-commerce website, Hostinger has the tools to do so. You can also choose from 20+ payment methods to truly enhance customer experience. 

Use cases

Hostinger is suitable for any company that wants to build a site, including small businesses.

When it comes to plugins, the most important one is Hostinger + Guru. With these two, you can make retrieving information easy.

4. Framer

Framer is a tool many people use to create and publish websites. It allows you to draw, build layouts, and craft interactive designs via an interface similar to Figma. 

Source: Capterra

A feature not many website builders have is built-in CMS, site maintenance tools, and AI-powered localization. These features allow you to manage the content for your website easily, as well as tailor it to multiple languages and regions. 

Besides this, Framer makes sure to create SEO-optimized websites, which means that it works to increase your online presence and ranking in search engines. 

I can easily create and edit pages and publish them with a click of a button. [...] I can easily import and integrate my designs from Figma, and since it works like Figma [...], this makes the transition and learning super quick.” 

Top features

  • Layout: The tool’s design is very similar to Figma, so people already using Figma will find it familiar. 
  • Effects: Framer allows you to create interactive designs by adding effects that capture your audience’s attention. 
  • Navigation: If you want to see how your pages connect, Framer’s navigation tools let you link pages to one another, open modals, etc. 

Use cases

Framer is great for designers and web developers, allowing them to create and publish engaging websites. 

Guru also integrates with Framer, bringing a new level of innovation and productivity to your business.

5. WebWave

WebWave is a free drag-and-drop website builder that uses generative AI technology to build websites or online stores, without needing any coding skills. 

Source: G2

WebWave’s drag-and-drop feature is easy to use by beginners and pros alike, giving them the freedom to put website elements together wherever they want. 

You can either use a blank canvas to bring your design to life or customize one of WebWave’s templates. 

The wide range of templates and design options allows for endless creativity and customization. The platform also offers responsive design, ensuring that the website looks great on all devices...” 

Top features

  • Clear interface: WebWave’s interface will feel familiar, as it’s inspired by other popular graphic design tools. You can also adjust the editing interface to suit your preferences. 
  • Responsiveness: Every website you build is responsive, meaning that it fits every screen and automatically adjusts to every device. 
  • Interactions: WebWave has interactive elements that help you build an engaging website and prolong your visitors’ interest. 

Use cases

WebWave is a tool for users of all levels of experience. 

To create a single source of truth for both your company knowledge and website builder, you need the Guru + WebWave integration.

6. 10Web

10Web is an AI website and e-commerce store builder, bringing reliability, speed, and performance to every site you create. 

Source: G2

It works similarly to other tools on this list. You choose your business type and enter a few details about it. Then, you let the AI assistant generate your website, complete with customizable images and content. 

From here on, you're on your own. 10Web gives you the tools (drag-and-drop editor and widgets) to completely customize your site’s design. 

I really, really like 10Web support. Agents always are very kind and helpful. There’s no problem they can’t fix. Their speed optimizer AI is also very good.” 

Top features

  • Mobile-friendly: Every website the 10Web AI creates is optimized for every device, so your users can have a flawless experience. 
  • AI text and image generator: Aside from the intuitive drag-and-drop editor, you can modify your content via an AI-powered text and image generator, as well as add animations and interactions. 
  • AI background removal: The AI assistant can help you remove objects from your images and isolate subjects. 

Use cases

10Web is for everyone who needs to build websites and e-commerce stores quickly, due to its simple text and image generation capabilities. 

Maximize the productivity of your flows by integrating 10Web with Guru. What you get out of this deal is a single source of truth for all your knowledge.

7. Elementor

Elementor is a website-building platform for WordPress, offering AI features that allow you to generate images and high-quality text in the editor. 

Source: G2

Aside from the multiple integrations, widgets, and templates, Elementor has an AI assistant that generates code for you. Meaning you don’t need to be a master at coding to create awesome designs; the AI can generate custom code, HTML, or CSS directly in the editor through a simple text prompt. 

It’s adding AI to the mix, which allows [you] to weave functionality better, assist with code, and it also keeps adding plug-ins to assist with non-code additions like forms, navigation, blog articles, etc.” 

Top features

  • AI copilot: This is your designer sidekick, coming up with suggestions on layouts based on your own preferences, past work, and new trends. 
  • Image generation: Forget stock images; with Elementor’s AI, you can generate some pretty amazing images that you can edit however you want (without switching apps!). 
  • Text generation: The AI can write the text for you, such as headers, blog posts, or other types of text. It even offers suggestions for different areas of your design, so you can get inspired. 

Use cases

Elementor is useful for all kinds of websites, including business, portfolio, creative, e-commerce, events, etc. 

Get Guru and Elementor together for maximum productivity and efficiency.

What are the Benefits of Using an AI Website Generator?

You might be wondering, “Why do so many people use AI website builders? Is it really worth it?

The short answer is yes, it’s definitely worth it. Especially if you have the kind of site-building inexperience or lack of coding knowledge that is driving the adoption of website builder tools

Here’s why more and more people are drawn to AI website generators: 

  • Saving time: Probably the biggest advantage of a good AI website builder is that it saves you hours that would otherwise be lost coding the site from scratch. With a simple prompt, you can build a professional site, as well as get it up and running fast. 
  • Easy to use: An AI website builder should make your life easier, not harder. Their sole purpose is to simplify the site-building process to a few easy steps, so you can get a custom-made website in under a few minutes. 
  • Automating repetitive tasks: Building a site requires you to perform multiple mundane tasks such as choosing a font, setting up margins, writing the text, etc. Instead of spending time on repetitive activities, you let the AI website generator do the job for you. 
  • Boosting productivity: Since you automate plenty of redundant tasks and don’t have to involve your web developers, you and they are free to focus on other strategic initiatives and improving the quality of your work. So, your business will become more efficient and productive
  • Continuous improvement: An AI-powered tool will never stand still and will always improve its recommendations and suggestions based on current trends or user behavior data. As a result, you’ll always be able to build profitable and highly engaging websites. 

We’ve talked about the benefits, which hopefully persuaded you to invest in such a tool. 

Now let’s move on to the tips on how to select the best AI website builder for your business needs

How to Choose the Best AI Website Generator for Your Needs

How can you make sure you choose the right AI website generator that meets your goals and needs? During the evaluation process, consider the following criteria: 

  • Editor customization: A good AI website builder has an intuitive editor so you can easily customize the site however you want. This means you can add whatever elements you need to your website and make it yours. 
  • Customer reviews: Reading what users think about the tool is great for helping you make the final decision. Go on review sites such as TrustPilot, G2, or Capterra to gather info on how the tool really works and read real user experiences.
  • Scalability: The AI website builder of your choosing should continue to grow with your business and adapt to your developing needs. It’s vital to look for tools that are scalable and can keep up with growing demands. 
  • Integrations: Some AI site generators integrate with third-party tools, which is highly recommended if you want to streamline your workflows. Besides, it makes it easier to create sites without constantly switching between apps, which often causes disruptions. 
  • Pricing: Before you make any choices and start evaluating your options, it’s best to set up a budget. While there are tools with free plans, some helpful AI features come at a steeper price. And you need to carefully consider if it’s worth investing in a pricier tool or sticking with cheaper options. 
  • Mobile support: According to Statista, mobile devices generate 58.67% of global website traffic. Chances are you’re reading this article on your phone, which means mobile-responsive websites are a MUST. Select a website-building tool that provides this functionality for you. 

After thinking carefully about all the above, you’re ready to make the right choice. 

But it’s also time to say ‘Goodbye…’

The Bottom Line

Armed with all these tips, you’re ready to tackle this market and choose an AI website builder that fits you. 

While that’s great, you’re missing one thing: Guru

Guru is a tool that connects your company’s collective knowledge, so there’s no more manual back and forth between scattered info or apps. With Guru, you have everything you need in one place and get instant answers directly in your workflow. 

Want to try it out? Not a problem! Sign up for Guru today and get ready for a whole new world of innovation. 

Key takeaways 🔑🥡🍕

What types of websites can be created with AI website builders?

Here are the types of websites you can create with AI website builders: 

  • Personal websites (blogs) 
  • E-commerce stores
  • Informational websites
  • Business websites
  • Real estate websites
  • Educational websites

Can AI website builders generate websites for free?

Yes, there are a few AI website builders that allow you to create the site of your dreams for free, such as WebWave, Wix, and SITE123.

However, to get the most out of the tool and even publish the website, you might need to invest in paid subscriptions that offer advanced features that truly improve the process.

Can AI build a no-code website?

Yes, an AI tool can build no-code websites based on your business needs, so there’s no need to learn to code to use the builders. Plus, the AI platform can also generate images and text and allow you to edit them.

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