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June 6, 2024
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Gorgias vs Gladly


When it comes to managing customer service efficiently, having the right ticketing tool can make a significant difference. Two prominent tools in this arena are Gorgias and Gladly. Gorgias is a helpdesk designed specifically for e-commerce stores, providing multichannel customer service from a single app. It increases productivity through automated responses to common requests. On the other hand, Gladly is a radically personal customer service platform built around people rather than cases or tickets. It provides a seamless, channel-independent conversation, empowering agents to build lasting connections and loyalty.

Choosing between these two tools requires a detailed comparison to determine which better fits your specific needs.

Gorgias Overview

Key Features

  • Unified Multichannel Support: Gorgias integrates all customer communication channels—email, social media, live chat, SMS, and phone—into a single dashboard, allowing for seamless management of customer interactions.
  • Automation and Macros: Automation rules and macros help to streamline responses to common questions, reducing the time agents spend on repetitive tasks.
  • E-commerce Integration: Deep integration with e-commerce platforms like Shopify, Magento, and BigCommerce. This integration allows Gorgias to pull in relevant order data to assist in resolving customer issues quickly.
  • Robust Reporting and Analytics: Provides insights into team performance, productivity, and customer satisfaction.
  • Self-service Portals: Customers can find answers to common questions without the need to contact support directly.
  • Personalized Responses: Leverages customer data to personalize responses, enhancing the overall customer experience.

Gladly Overview

Key Features

  • People-Centric Approach: Unlike traditional ticketing systems, Gladly organizes customer interactions by person rather than ticket, providing a continuous conversation history regardless of the channel.
  • Unified Conversations: Supports all communication channels including voice, email, SMS, chat, social media, and in-app messaging within a single thread, offering a consistent experience.
  • Agent Empowerment: Designed to make agents’ jobs easier with features such as easy access to customer history, context, and preferences.
  • Personalized Engagement: Allows for rich customer profiles, giving agents the ability to interact more personally and effectively.
  • Integration with Popular Tools: Integrates seamlessly with widely used CRM systems, loyalty programs, and e-commerce platforms, ensuring data consistency across the board.
  • Actionable Insights: Provides detailed analytics and reports on customer service metrics, helping managers assess performance and make data-driven decisions.


Gorgias and Gladly share several key features that make them excellent choices for customer service management:

  • Multichannel Support: Both platforms support multiple communication channels, allowing agents to manage interactions from a single interface.
  • Automation: Each tool offers automated responses to manage frequent inquiries, enhancing efficiency.
  • Integration Capabilities: They integrate with major e-commerce platforms and CRMs, ensuring seamless data flow and context-rich customer interactions.
  • Analytics and Reporting: Both provide robust reporting features to track key performance metrics and optimize operations.
  • Customer Data Utilization: By leveraging customer data, both tools offer personalized responses, improving customer satisfaction.


While Gorgias and Gladly offer similar capabilities, several key differences might influence your decision:

  • Approach to Customer Interactions: Gorgias focuses on ticket-based interactions, which is effective for quick, transactional customer support. Gladly, however, organizes interactions around the customer, providing a more holistic and continuous conversation irrespective of the communication channel.
  • Ease of Use: Gorgias is tailored more specifically for e-commerce businesses and provides features that directly support e-commerce needs such as order management and sales conversion tracking. Gladly’s people-centric design may be more advantageous for companies looking to build deeper, long-term customer relationships.
  • User Interface and Experience: Gladly’s interface is designed to maintain context and continuity in customer interactions by focusing on the customer’s history across all channels, while Gorgias emphasizes efficiency and speed in resolving individual tickets.
  • Feature Scope: Gladly offers rich, customizable customer profiles and a greater degree of personalization in service compared to Gorgias, which is heavily optimized for e-commerce workflow automation.
  • Pricing Models: The pricing structures of each tool may vary significantly, with Gladly often being geared towards higher-end users with comprehensive customer engagement needs, whereas Gorgias offers pricing plans that might be more accessible for smaller e-commerce businesses.

Pros and Cons



  • Highly efficient for managing large volumes of customer inquiries.
  • Strong e-commerce platform integrations provide context-specific support.
  • Automation features save significant time on repetitive tasks.
  • User-friendly interface tailored for quick issue resolution.
  • Competitive pricing for small to medium-sized businesses.


  • Primarily optimized for e-commerce, which might not suit non-e-commerce businesses.
  • Focus on transactional interactions may limit the depth of customer relationship building.
  • May require some customization to fully leverage all automation features.



  • People-centric approach fosters deeper and more meaningful customer relationships.
  • Unified conversation history across all channels enhances agent effectiveness.
  • High level of personalization with rich customer profiles.
  • Seamless integration with various CRMs and business tools.
  • Ideal for businesses aiming to enhance customer loyalty and lifetime value.


  • Higher pricing plans may make it less accessible for smaller businesses.
  • The extensive feature set can have a steeper learning curve.
  • May offer more functionality than required for straightforward, transactional support needs.

Use Cases


Gorgias is ideal for:

  • E-commerce Businesses: Particularly those that handle a high volume of customer inquiries and require efficient order management.
  • Retailers: Looking to automate responses to common questions, such as order status or returns, thereby freeing up agent time for more complex issues.
  • Small to Medium-Sized Enterprises: That need a cost-effective solution with strong e-commerce integrations and automation features.



Gladly is best suited for:

  • Brands with Strong Customer Loyalty Focus: Companies like Ralph Lauren and Warby Parker that prioritize long-term customer relationships and brand loyalty.
  • Businesses with Diverse Communication Channels: Companies needing a seamless conversation history across multiple channels to provide personalized and consistent support.
  • Enterprises Seeking Rich Customer Profiles: That require a detailed and holistic view of their customers to offer tailor-made service experiences.


In the comparison between Gorgias and Gladly, the best choice largely depends on your business needs and goals. Gorgias excels in environments that demand efficient, transactional support with strong e-commerce integrations and automation capabilities. It is particularly well-suited for smaller to medium-sized e-commerce businesses looking for a cost-effective solution.

On the other hand, Gladly shines in scenarios where building deep, personal customer relationships is paramount. Its people-centric design and channel-independent conversation history make it perfect for enterprises aiming to enhance customer loyalty and provide consistently personalized support.

Ultimately, businesses seeking to automate e-commerce customer service and handle high volumes of inquiries might find Gorgias the better fit, while those looking to foster long-term customer relationships and leverage extensive customer data should lean towards Gladly.

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