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June 6, 2024
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SuccessFactors vs Freshteam


Choosing the right Human Resource Information System (HRIS) tool is crucial for any organization looking to enhance its HR processes and employee management. SAP SuccessFactors and Freshteam are two popular HRIS solutions that cater to different needs within the HR domain.

SAP SuccessFactors spans core HR/payroll, talent management, HR analytics/workforce planning, and individualized employee experiences. This comprehensive suite of features aims to help both employees and companies perform at their best.

Freshteam, on the other hand, is designed for growing businesses. Freshteam enables companies to attract, hire, onboard new hires, manage employee information, and handle time off, all from a single platform. Its focus is on streamlining HR processes and enhancing collaboration between recruiters and hiring managers.

Comparing these HRIS tools will help you determine which one best suits your organization's needs.

SAP SuccessFactors Overview

SAP SuccessFactors is an extensive Human Experience Management (HXM) suite. It offers a breadth of features designed to cover various HR needs from onboarding to payroll management. Its goal is to create a unified employee experience that helps organizations maximize their human capital potential.

Key Features

  • Core HR and Payroll: Automates essential HR and payroll functions, reducing manual tasks and ensuring compliance.
  • Talent Management: Focuses on recruiting, onboarding, performance management, and employee development.
  • HR Analytics and Workforce Planning: Offers advanced analytics capabilities to track key metrics and make informed decisions.
  • Employee Experience Management: Provides tools to gauge employee engagement, gather feedback, and improve workplace satisfaction.
  • Succession and Development: Facilitates career development and succession planning to retain top talent.
  • Comprehensive Reporting: Delivers detailed reports and dashboards for better insights and decision-making.

Freshteam Overview

Freshteam is a smart HR software specifically designed for growing businesses. It shines in its ability to streamline recruitment, onboarding, and employee management processes, making it easier for HR teams to perform their daily tasks efficiently.

Key Features

  • Applicant Tracking System (ATS): Simplifies the hiring process by allowing seamless job posting to multiple boards and social media channels.
  • Collaborative Hiring: Enables recruiters to collaborate with hiring managers, facilitating feedback sharing and interview coordination.
  • Onboarding Automation: Streamlines onboarding by handling form-filling, document signing, and task assignments.
  • Employee Information Management: Offers a centralized repository for employee information and automates access permissions.
  • Time-off Management: Manages employee time-off requests, approvals, and tracking seamlessly.
  • Customizable Career Site: Allows businesses to create a branded career site to attract talent.


Both SAP SuccessFactors and Freshteam are robust HRIS tools that offer several similar functionalities to improve HR operations:

  • Recruitment and Onboarding: Both systems provide comprehensive solutions for attracting, screening, and onboarding new hires.
  • Employee Management: Each tool includes features to manage employee information and track various HR metrics.
  • Collaboration: Both platforms enable collaborative processes within HR teams and between recruiters and hiring managers.
  • Compliance: Each tool ensures compliance with HR regulations and standards.
  • Analytics and Reporting: Both offer some level of analytics and reporting to provide insights into HR performance.


While both SAP SuccessFactors and Freshteam are valuable HRIS tools, they cater to different organizational needs and come with distinct differences:

  • Target Audience: SAP SuccessFactors is aimed at larger enterprises looking for a comprehensive HXM suite, whereas Freshteam is designed for small to medium-sized businesses with straightforward HR needs.
  • Core Functionality: SAP SuccessFactors offers a broader range of features, including advanced HR analytics, workforce planning, and succession management. Freshteam emphasizes recruitment, onboarding, and basic employee management.
  • Customizability: SuccessFactors allows extensive customization to suit complex organizational needs, while Freshteam is more plug-and-play with user-friendly setups.
  • User Experience: Freshteam focuses on ease of use and quick implementation, whereas SuccessFactors involves a steeper learning curve but provides deeper functionality.
  • Pricing: SAP SuccessFactors generally comes at a higher price point and can include multiple modules that may require separate purchases. Freshteam offers more cost-effective plans suitable for growing businesses.

Pros and Cons


SAP SuccessFactors


  • Comprehensive HXM suite with extensive features.
  • Advanced HR analytics and reporting for data-driven decision-making.
  • Scalable and customizable to meet complex HR needs.
  • Strong talent management and employee engagement tools.


  • Higher cost, which may be prohibitive for smaller businesses.
  • More complex implementation and setup process.
  • Steeper learning curve compared to more straightforward tools.



  • User-friendly interface and quick implementation.
  • Cost-effective with scalable plans for growing businesses.
  • Strong focus on recruitment and onboarding automation.
  • Collaborative features that enhance the hiring process.


  • Limited advanced HR analytics and reporting capabilities.
  • May not be as customizable as larger enterprise solutions like SuccessFactors.
  • Primarily aimed at small to medium-sized businesses, which may limit scalability.

Use Cases

SAP SuccessFactors

SAP SuccessFactors is ideal for larger enterprises that require a comprehensive HRIS with advanced features and customizability. It suits organizations looking to integrate their HR processes with extensive talent management, advanced analytics, and a robust employee experience management platform.


Freshteam is perfect for small and medium-sized businesses that need a user-friendly, cost-effective HRIS solution. It excels in simplifying recruitment and onboarding processes, making it ideal for growing businesses that want to streamline these core functions without the complexities of a more extensive system.


SAP SuccessFactors and Freshteam both offer valuable HRIS solutions, but they cater to different organizational needs.

SAP SuccessFactors is a powerful tool for larger enterprises seeking a comprehensive HXM suite. It provides advanced features for talent management, HR analytics, and employee experience, making it suitable for complex HR requirements and extensive customizability.

Freshteam, on the other hand, is tailored for small to medium-sized businesses looking for a straightforward and cost-effective HRIS. It excels in recruitment and onboarding automation, providing a user-friendly platform that simplifies these processes.

Ultimately, choosing between SAP SuccessFactors and Freshteam depends on your organization's size, budget, and specific HR needs. For comprehensive functionality and advanced analytics, SAP SuccessFactors is the way to go. If you prefer a more straightforward, affordable solution with a focus on recruitment and onboarding, Freshteam is an excellent choice.

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