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All systems,
a-know 🚀

Collaborate at scale and increase efficiency for your whole company. Your best and brightest can spend more time building and less time answering questions and searching for information.
30 day trial, no credit card required. Easy.
$14+ / user / month
You’ll be in very good company

Create a culture of knowledge sharing

Create a single source of truth that everyone has access to, no matter where they’re working.
"At Intercom, we’re growing fast, selling and supporting a number of products into a number of different verticals to increasingly larger and larger customers. Guru helps our sales and support teams quickly access this knowledge and empowers our entire revenue team to deliver amazing, personalized, and consistent experiences to our customers at every stage of the customer journey."
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Tom Foley, Associate Manager, Global Sales & Customer Support Enablement
"Because of Guru, our entire company is aligned— across the globe. We’ve reduced repeat questions and I can finally stop answering emails at 10pm every night."
Joe Gaspard, Head of Content Management
"Having a searchable database of our policies has done wonders for company communication. Not to mention, it's awesome to be reminded to validate cards as our company grows and information changes."
Salvatore Paternostro, Office Manager
"It's a no brainer for any sales team to use Guru, but it's also a great tool for other departments as well. Our engineering team uses Guru all the time so that they can track changes and new functionality on our site."
Brett Eskelson, Director of Sales

End expensive shoulder taps

Protect your most valuable employees time by giving everyone access to the best brains in the operation.
"This tool is a must-have for any company trying to scale internal knowledge across a growing team. People are wasting less time asking questions that have already been answered before."
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Ross Sheingold, CIO

Protect the workflow

People do their best work when they’re deep in the flow. 🙇 Imagine what your team could do if they didn’t have to break away to search for information.
"We're using Guru to maintain product knowledge for support, success, and sales teams. It's streamlined the process of checking documentation and asking questions."
Collin Cunninghame, Operations Support Lead
"We used the opinions of our team to judge if Guru was a success. Everyone liked Guru. No one liked wikis."
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Anthony Thomas, General Manager and Co-founder
"It's so powerful yet simple to use. I love having everything I need in one place and using the Chrome app I can access everything quickly while not needing to leave the page I am on."
Brett Eskelson, Director of Sales

The proof is in the pudding

And the pudding tastes like quantifiable results
reduction in repeat questions in Slack
reduction in employee ramp time 
point increase in internal tool CSAT
reduction in time spent searching for knowledge

Give it a whirl

A 30-day whirl to be exact 🎯
30 day trial, no credit card required. Easy.
$14+ / user / month