Take the guesswork out of your content strategy.

With Guru, you can learn what your sales reps – and their prospects – are talking about. Develop marketing content around these insights and measure their effectiveness on opportunities throughout the buyer's journey.

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Analytics to Inform Your Content Strategy

Guru doesn't just store your content, but all of your sales knowledge as well, including internal content like your sales playbook. Our analytics reveal what sales knowledge your reps use most while interacting with prospects. Leverage that data to identify trends and the gaps in your content strategy to inform future initiatives. As your reps send out your content to prospects, you'll be able to track its performance by each stage of your sales cycle to see what content moves deals forward.

Analytics to inform your content strategy

Put Your Content In Front of Reps Everywhere They Work

Guru lives everywhere your reps do, so your content does too. Between our web app, browser extension, and Slack bot, your content will find your sales reps everywhere they need it. From there, they can grab trackable links to send through any email client or automation tool and ensure you are getting the kind of data quality that can inform your asset strategy.

Content for reps
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Predictively Surface Relevant Marketing Content for Each Sales Scenario

Keep your reps consistent and on-message by surfacing approved sales knowledge & marketing assets directly in the apps they are working in. For example, based on the industry field in an opportunity record Guru will present the appropriate case studies. With Context, newly onboarded reps can immediately sell with confidence like the most seasoned reps on your team.

Predictively surface relevant content

Reduce Shoulder Taps and Instill Confidence in Your Team

Your product, buyers, and competitors are constantly changing, so Guru built a verification workflow to ensure all of your sales knowledge stays up-to-date and trusted. Reps have increased confidence on calls because they trust their knowledge base is accurate, while your team receives less shoulder taps and repeat questions. That's a win-win.

Reduce shoulder taps

Simple, Searchable and Scalable

Easily segment sales knowledge & marketing between your distinct teams to ensure each rep can find what they need as quickly as possible. Organize your knowledge by categories and optimize your rep's search experience with tags. Continually grow your knowledge base organically by capturing answers to common questions with our slack bot or Q&A workflow.

Simple searchable and scalable

"I appreciate that Guru gives us that control over our marketing assets so we feel more comfortable and confident that we have unified and aligned messaging across the company."

Charity Stebbins

Senior Product Marketing Manager @ Conductor

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