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Give your support team white gloves

Create amazing customer experiences by giving your support team everything they need to solve problems, up-sell, and keep your customers coming back for more.
30 day trial, no credit card required. Easy.
$14+ / user / month
You’ll be in very good company

The knowledge they need on the front lines

Give all of your reps what they need to answer questions quickly and accurately. Anywhere your customers can ask you a question, you can use Guru. Knowledge blessed by your experts delivered to your reps within their workflow.
"What sold it for me was how embedded into an agent’s workflow Guru is. Guru is used on 70% of our support tickets because they can continue working their ticket and just pop up knowledge using the browser extension in the context of their job."
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Dana Tessier, Director of Knowledge Management
"The product that we support is fairly complicated, and though we have great documentation, there are huge amounts of one-off questions which have answers that are only stored in our brains. Guru has enabled us to do a "brain dump" into its easily searchable interface. It allows us to curate that content and make sure it is always up to date."
Morgan Imel, Product Operations Analyst
"If we couldn't locate the information there, we would Slack the whole team until someone eventually answered. Now we can locate answers to questions within the same browser window we are already working in, which saves a lot of time."
Ashley Kuhn, Staffing Coordinator

Support so good, it helps the bottom line

Real time knowledge makes your reps so efficient that they have the time to go above and beyond solving problems—upsell, expand, or simply build meaningful relationships with your customers.
"With Guru, have decreased response time; bridged internal knowledge gaps; streamlined internal communications; and bolstered our external help center through the use of verification on mirrored knowledge in Guru."
Natalie Mercuri, Remote Supervisor & Learning & Development Manager
"Guru is THE tool for our Support team. It contains all of the information about our company that is required by our Support team to work quickly with our customers."
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Zack Kukosius, Merchant Success Manager

From new-hire to on 🔥

Give everyone access to the best and brightest in your organization and give your newest hires equal footing with your MVPs. On-boarding never felt so painless.
"As a relatively new employee, Guru has by far been my favorite resource for finding things out on my own without needing to ask a more tenured colleague."
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Zach Hauer, Design Systems Implementation Manager
"Guru eases the burden on tenured employees, managers, and trainers. New employees have to ask fewer questions."
Alison Port, Business Development Representative
"You can tell when someone’s been onboarded using Guru vs onboarded before we had Guru in place. There’s a very different mentality in terms of how they search. I think for the new hires who get started with Guru, they probably feel a lot more confident in terms of finding information."
Shalina Bhagat, Senior Content Strategist, Customer Success

The proof is in the pudding

And the pudding tastes like quantifiable results
reduction in time to first response
reduction in employee ramp time 
point increase in internal tool CSAT
reduction in time spent searching for knowledge

Give it a whirl

A 30-day whirl to be exact 🎯
30 day trial, no credit card required. Easy.
$14+ / user / month