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Guru is a knowledge management solution that brings support teams the right knowledge in the right places – all in real time. The best customer experiences are driven by humans, and with Guru, your agents can deliver delightful, white glove customer experiences at scale.

Guru for support
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Guru changes the way we manage knowledge. Our team previously relied on "hive mind" knowledge. The product that we support is fairly complicated, and though we have great documentation, there are huge amounts of one-off questions which have answers that are only stored in our brains. Guru has enabled us to do a "brain dump" into its easily searchable interface. It allows us to curate that content and make sure it is always up to date.

– Morgan Imel, Customer Support Analyst at Looker

Embeddable anywhere

Embed Guru in any ticketing, chat, or email tool. With Guru's AI Suggest - the knowledge your agents needs finds them - right where they need it.
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Scale white glove support

Empower your agents to focus on your customers, not on hunting down outdated knowledge. Drive "wow" moments for your brand with agents that can focus on what matters most - your customers.
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Onboard new agents rapidly

Reduce onboarding time by 62%. With Guru, new CSMs can start working with customers on day one.
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