Unified Support Knowledge for the Omnichannel Team.

Guru unifies your internal and external knowledge, automatically keeping it up-to-date and trusted.

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Scale Your Knowledge Efforts

Accessing and updating internal and external knowledge in multiple places is painful. With Guru, bring all of your collective knowledge into one solution. Maintain all of your knowledge through the Guru web app, filtering by attribute or category and performing bulk actions when necessary.

Scale your knowledge efforts

Up-to-date and Trusted Knowledge

Products and services change all the time. Knowing what is up-to-date and what needs to be updated is a constant challenge for support teams. That’s why Guru built a verification workflow to automatically remind you when to update your knowledge. Instill confidence in your agents, as they can see the trust status of each piece of knowledge.

Up to date and trusted knowledge
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Actionable Data for Meaningful Insight

Guru’s analytics allows you to get insight into how your knowledge base is performing. See what knowledge is being used the most and by whom, as well as identify trends in high volume searches. Fill gaps in your knowledge strategy by seeing what searches aren’t producing results.

Actionable data for meaningful insight

Infinitely Accessible

Your team works in a ton of places. Your knowledge should, too. Guru supports your agents by placing documentation and product knowledge directly in agent’s workflow. With our web application, browser extension and Slack bot, Guru lives everywhere your omnichannel team does.

Infinitely accessible

Flexible and Nimble

Guru provides you with two flexible options when it comes to publishing your help center knowledge. Publishing via Guru's API allows you to power your own external sites with your knowledge in Guru. Alternatively, you can use Guru’s turn-key help center that allows you to create your branded external site with a push of a button. With Guru, you can maintain one single source of truth, instead of multiple knowledge management systems.

Flexible and nimble

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"Guru is a simple but powerful knowledge base that allows us to share knowledge and information across our team. The Chrome or Slack add-ons are accessible and useful, especially the Slack Emoji reactions to look up content, or to create content right from a Slack message. It's an insanely great idea."

Steven Grady

Support Specialist @ Trello

Steven Grady
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