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Switching from Spekit to Guru gives your entire company a comprehensive, collaborative, powerful, in-workflow solution for knowledge management. Designed for teams of every discipline, Guru helps you empower your team with real-time knowledge from experts across every department, wherever you need it.

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Knowledge integration in Slack

All plans

Custom plan only 


All plans

Salesforce SSO only, not included in Lite plan

Designed for company-wide use

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Purpose-built for Sales teams

Verification of content

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Assign knowledge SME

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Microsoft Teams integration

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Pre-built templates

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Sales only


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No limit on users for any plan

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Advanced content structuring and organization

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Empower your entire team with in-workflow answers

Spekit’s enablement software is purpose-built to support sales teams, and specifically, Salesforce workflows. Guru empowers your entire company by bringing knowledge capture and retrieval right into the places your team already works, like Google Chrome, Slack, and Microsoft Teams—regardless of the tier you choose. And by integrating with every website, Guru helps your team access and share information beyond Salesforce, giving you faster answers wherever you need them.

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Trust the knowledge you find

Seeing a “last edited” field is not enough to instill confidence that the information you’re looking at is up-to-date and accurate. Guru’s verification engine ensures that knowledge is regularly checked and verified, updated, or archived. Workflow enablement systems have no checks and balances, leading to stale knowledge, distrust, and low company-wide usage.

See why Better.com switched to Guru

We've been able to drop time spent answering questions from 33% to 20%. Giving each of our managers about 1 ½ hours of their day back while onboarding over 1,000 people in sales was a very big moment.

David Hoops, Sales Resource Manager at Better.com
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Go beyond Salesforce training and create a knowledge-centered culture on your team

Spekit’s focus on tool adoption and Salesforce-specific trainings make it a good resource for step-by-step sales onboarding—but doesn’t foster ongoing, proactive knowledge sharing across your entire team. Guru democratizes the knowledge management process and empowers everyone to share their expertise with the company on an ongoing basis, leading to fewer interruptions, and more autonomy.

A beautiful, intuitive UI

Creating a culture of proactive knowledge sharing across your team is only possible when everyone feels comfortable using your platform. Guru’s simple, streamlined user interface makes documentation easy and natural, without feeling like a chore.

You'll be in very good company
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See the ROI when you switch from Spekit to Guru

When you make information simple to create, find, update, and trust, it becomes an indispensable part of your workflow. After powering up from limited workflow management solutions for Guru, our customers have realized:

  • Faster new employee onboarding time
  • Reductions in time spent looking for knowledge
  • Near universal adoption
  • High daily usage
  • Better company-wide internal communications

Here’s how Guru makes knowledge sharing easy:
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Integrate with every website

Don’t stop at Salesforce! Guru integrates with every website thanks to our browser extension. Plus, we have purpose-built integrations for many of the collaboration tools your team already uses. That means you can create, access, and update knowledge without leaving Jira, Trello, Slack, Microsoft Outlook, Google Drive, Salesforce, Intercom, and more.

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Capture knowledge from anywhere on the web

You shouldn’t have to leave what you’re doing to add an important piece of knowledge to your knowledge base. Guru’s browser extension allows you to easily capture information anywhere you’re learning and turn it into a bite-size Card, allowing you to instantly and painlessly update your single source of truth.

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Seamlessly import your existing information

Don’t start from scratch. Use Guru to import information and documentation you may have already captured in systems like Confluence, Jira, and Google Drive to get started without interrupting business.

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Give everyone access to the experts

With Guru’s expert verification, everyone in your organization has access to the person who knows best. You'll never worry that your knowledge is out-of-date or inaccurate because Guru regularly prompts experts to check and verify, update, or archive the knowledge they own.

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Quickly organize—or reorganize—your knowledge

Forget the rigid structure of traditional knowledge management software or wiki tools. Guru’s user-friendly setup uses modular Collections, Boards, Groups, and Cards so you can understand where knowledge is at a glance, or simply drag and drop to move it in a moment. You can even restrict access at any level to specific teams or team members.

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Serve the right knowledge every time

With Guru’s suite of AI-powered features like duplicate detection, in-workflow announcements and triggers, and intelligent tags, you can ensure that not only are there no conflicting pieces of similar knowledge, but that the right information is being shown to the right people, right when they need it.

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